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*Official H2R Lap Times*

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Track: Harris Hill Road CW
Location: San Marcos, Texas
Best Lap Time: 1:26.76
Weather: 90 degrees, sunny

Car: 1990 Honda Civic
Aero: Custom front splitter/airdam, APR GTC-200 wing
Engine: B16 swap and turbo - 305hp
Brakes: Wilwood 11.75" with Hawk DTC60 front, Stoptech performance rear, SS lines, RBF 600 fluid
Suspension: Tired Tein SS coilovers, ST Rear sway bar, a mix of ES urathane and PCI spherical bushings.
Wheels & Tires: 15x9 with 245/40/15 Front / 15x7 205/50/15 Rear Maxxis RC1

New PB for me.

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Nice driving, that car has some scoot! When I use a phone lap timer it seems to have a lower time posted just before I cross S/F and then it goes up by a second or so. I am using a 10HZ external GPS to try and get as accurate a time as possible. With the 1HZ phone GPS, I have seen my laps times show over a second faster on the phone than my TraqDash. 

On your video I noticed the opposite, it shows 127.6 just before S/F then drops back by a second. Very curious. Either time is blistering compared to the 130's in my NC Miata.


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