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ECR Personal Best Times

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33 minutes ago, El_Tortuga said:

Thanks Brad. Good seeing you too. Fronts are non-adjustable unfortunately. I'm gonna have to be better at dragging brake more to the apex. 

You could also try a tad softer front spring...that might upset the overall balance too much though. My TA2 car is sprung very soft, there is a lot of movement on the platform, it's all about the weight transfer...

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On 10/21/2020 at 7:54 PM, El_Tortuga said:

New ECR is not as hard on the brakes as old ECR, which I thought was ridiculous. E.g. as PCA yellow driver I took .160-.180" of REAR brake pads off in one day with my very nose heavy Mustang.

Yes, its still hard on brakes, but not nearly like  old beast. New 6-7-8-9-10 are fantastic experience and are a big relief for the brakes, but its not a track to take chances or stretch wear. E,g, back straight is nearly as long as COTAs. Good news that its is so easy on the tires. In 2020, I've driven ECR mostly, and my brake bill exceeds my tire bill. Good deal. 


I just visited the new ECR last weekend.....I like the flow.

How many seconds will this new layout add compare old PB?  I venture to say 8s-10s slower ?

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On 3/9/2021 at 9:18 AM, Captain Buddha said:

5-7 seconds from what I've seen, on the pointy end.

I'd say 6-7 is about right.  I was a 1:56 on old config and 2:04 on new but had much more seat time on old config so thinking same setup I can get to 2:02-2:03.

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Participated at the TDE event on Saturday only.  Was able to put together a nice lap for the last session of the day, even using my backup wheels/tires.  I actually had a predictive time of 2:08.75 on the next lap but hit traffic on the straight after turn 14... was really bummed.

Lap Time: 2.09.95 (AIM solo)
Ambient temperature: 70 and overcast
Car: 2009 Porsche Cayman S PDK
Weight with driver: 3100 lbs
Whp: 285 I think
Tires: Federal FZ201 about 8 HC's

No video... GoPro crapped out.

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First time to ECR was interesting. There is some rule if you drop 2 wheels off that you have to stop and get flat bed towed off. I was worried about that since I didn't want to the "that guy". Also first session was wet and there was the threat of having to wear a pink tank top. So the first session can be described as extremely cautious. Didn't really push too hard. Ran into some reliability issues during the 4th session. 

Feels like unfinished business but happy I got under 2:10 by the 3rd session. Confident I can be into the 2:02-2:03 range with a full weekend under my belt.

Lap Time: 2.09.982
Ambient temperature: 70 and overcast
Car: 04 BMW M3
Weight with driver: 2900 lbs
Whp: 311
Tires: 275 NT01s

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Due to all the rain...a LOT of rain....that's why the rule was implemented....there's a lot of clay / mud that we don't want to be brought back on to the surface, if at all possible...Looks like you had fun and did great! Welcome to ECR!

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Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway 2.7 Italian Canyon - May 23, 2021
Lap Time: 2:11.7 (AIM Solo2)
Ambient temperature: 70 degrees F
Car: 2014 Subaru BRZ
Estimated weight with driver: 2900 lb
Estimated whp: 178 RWHP
Tires: 255/40-17 Yokohama AO52

The Yoko's are a pretty fast 200tw tire but they get hot and greasy after 3-4 hot laps.



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Loved ECR clockwise this month. 

2020 cayman GT4, 6 speed manual transmission 

Stock power:360 at wheel 

weight: 3400 with driver and half tank of gas 

Good year eagle f1 SC3 R tires

track alignment (rear toe links and front caster pucks)

best lap: 2.09.93


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