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h2r challange / sell the porsche and buy a miata?

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How many of yall compete in the h2r challange? whats your thoughts on it?


I've got the porsche here in my avatar that I use as my track car. Its a pretty tricked out 944 turbo. Stupid fast and handles great. The thing is, that I want to race. Track days and DE's are fun, but racing is a blast. I have more fun racing a 944NA in chumps then I do driving the faster, better handling turbo. I've been going to PCA DE's and will hopefully qualify for club racing for the march TWS race, but even then ill be running in the gt3 field, which is pretty small, and im pretty out gunned (both in car, and in skill). I addition, I'd realistically only ever be able to race 1 weekend out of the year.


I was talking to several people at the chump race about the h2r challange, and it seems like being a member, there is no better, cheaper way to race often with a bunch of friends than to join the h2rc.


So what are the races like? is there room for more racers? What is the specs on the car? If I were to switch I'd like to buy and already prepped car. Does a spec miata qualify?


The down side is that I have been sorting out this porsche for almost a year, and its finally come together to be a little dragon slayer. I have a hard time parting with it just now. The benefits of going mitata are cheaper running cost, and more racing.


I'd love to get peoples input.




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H2R Challenge is low key fun with people that will become your friends. SM does not qualify, too fast. I know there are some Miatas being built to be rentals for this series, contact Philip at the track, or PM me, to get more info. Another option is to share a car before getting your own, a few guys do that to save costs. Regarding Racing vs. DE, Porsche vs. Miata...you already know the answers. The #5 Miata at Chumpcar that podiumed this weekend is also a H2R Challenge car, more options for track time. Come out to the race on Saturday, we draw cards for starting positions for race 1, then run CCW and reverse grid for race 2. I think entry fees are now $40 to help cover on site EMS.

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I started racing in it last month. That was my first race ever.


Last month, there were 12 Miatas in the first race and 11 in the second. I think that's the largest group so far, so there is plenty of room for more cars. Most of the cars are pretty close in performance. At the finish of the 1st race, the top 10 cars were on the same lap, with about 40 seconds between 1st and 10th after 45 minutes.


I think the races are either $45 each or $45 for the pair. Either way, it's really inexpensive.


There has been some contact between cars in some of the races, but I think it's all been relatively minor. Everyone seems to be well behaved. Most of the people know each other, so that probably helps. Based on what I've been told by others, overly aggressive drivers aren't welcome. However, they are accepting of novices. I know there are at least two other drivers who ran the H2R challenge as their first race, too.


There are 2 classes - Porsche 914 and Miata. The rules are at http://www.hamiltonclassics.com/H2RChallenge.htm


The rules for Miatas are essentially stock 90-93 cars with the exceptions (aside from safety equipment) being you can use up 15x7 wheels with 205/50R15 tires with a treadwear of 190 or higher (Dunlop Star Specs are popular) and you can replace the shocks and springs with KYB GR-2 shocks and Racing Beat springs (that change isn't in the published rules). You should be able to build a Miata for about $5000, less if you build the cage or get a really good deal on a car:


There are races this Saturday - 10AM and 1PM. Come out and watch, talk to the drivers.

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I also have been looking at building a car to run in this series. It looks like a good option. The issue I am having is finding a good donor car. The cars out their right now either require a lot of work to get running and are too expensive to make this into a low cost series.


I plan to be there to watch the races this weekend.

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