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Chris S

Guest Pass Fee Increase

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Hi everyone, I was just notified that guest pass fees have gone up. Half day passes are now $150.00 ($162.38 with tax) and the full day pass is $250.00 ($270.63 with tax). All the more reason to join - you can enjoy a full month of nearly unlimited access as a member for less than the cost of one guest day!

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Well yeah I'd say that is pretty disappointing. Damn, I may have been the last one to slip in under the old rules as I was out there with Scott. Or maybe because I was out there, they realized they needed to raise the admission fee to keep out the riff-raff. :^(

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Probably makes great business sense for them now that the track isn't bumpy. Honestly, it doesn't hurt us all *THAT* much...


The track is still bumpy, just a little smoother in places.


The driving is just part of the reason to join. H2R is a great atmosphere to hang out, I look at it as my country club since I don't golf.


The best deal I have heard of is doing a corporate membership and have 5 guys split the initial fee.

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Yes, $180 + tax. PM Heyitsryan if you're interested, I know he's been orchestrating a group corp membership but not sure how many commitments he has yet.

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Correct. It would prob. be a good idea to call in advance, just to ensure it will be a normal member day and that they have you on record as being an H2R member.

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