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Kill Switch Installation Advice

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From the NASA CCR
Master Switch
An electrical master switch is recommended on all cars, and required on some, as listed in the class rules. It
should be mounted so that it is easily accessible from the outside. If mounted outside the cockpit, it should be
mounted in an area where it is least likely to be damaged(e.g. cowling near wipers).  The switch shouldshut off
the motor and cut all power except to the on-board fire system and any other life support / medical device. The
switch location must be clearly marked.


NASA tech pretty much just checks to make sure the car shuts off as well.  Having said that, most people have their switches wired up in a way that causes the alternator cable to always be hot.

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This is how Longacre says to wire the switch up.


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For the S2000, I had to reroute how it was wired under the hood and use a single pole, single throw kill switch. Mine looks like the bottom 1/2 of the pic in the first post. 


I installed the switch on a tab I installed on my roll cage. If I was to do this again, I would install it like the image below. Maybe not on a down sized battery, but closer to the battery and use remote pulls. This is how a factory GT3 cup car is done. 



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That's sweet!


Sometimes I wonder how many of us use the switch only to interrupt the battery cables. I know that dummy alternator wires will usually pass tech.


Edit: (I probably shouldn't have said that).

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