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Group Travel to MSR

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I'll be there in March for the NASA race.  And remember, NASA also has DE groups.


I have only run one NASA DE event, but it was by far the worst event I've been to in terms of instructors and general organization. Rules did not apply (my instructor was actively telling me to pass folks who had clearly not given a pass signal, for example) and every time to the grid I was told random new things, some of which were not even accurate per the rule book (I was forced to go and buy gloves, which I don't really mind owning or using, but they're not required and I did not want to buy them at the track). I don't normally complain, but I actually sought out an event organizer at one point and gave them my thoughts, which I don't think he cared for.


That said, there were only a handful of DE entries, so the track was quite empty, which was really nice. I'll probably be going back at some point, perhaps to Hallett in June as an excuse to see my brother who lives near there.


I hate to sound so rigid, but if one makes up rules, they ought to be followed consistently. Especially when dealing with folks new to the game.



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