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H2R members day (TXMC event #5) Oct. 9th

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Hey - why don't you come out Sunday and bring your gear? I know you're a Nikon guy but my car's still not running right so I'll just be out shooting and I'm gonna bring some cool toys. Like an 800 mm prime :)


PS - If Spoolin' will get me a TXMC logo (high res) I'll do some prints for the event...


Thanks for the offer Geezer, that is really tempting. It's a long drive from Houston to not drive the track though. I think I'll defer until next time (will you be there next weekend shooting?)


How did you come across an F mount 800mm? That's some serious glass - aren't you a Canon guy? :lol:

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NSFW after 9 min mark, spoolin2bars, itrack, ravynx, hustler, wags, subyshufflin, carthusiast, etc, crap talking



I am going to load a balloon with flatulent and send it to my girlfriend LOL


Some say that his natural gases are a vast untapped energy resource, and when fed to the intake manifold are the secret to his speed. All we know is, he is called The Hustler.

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Where are the times listed at from yesterday? I'm curious to see both CCW and CW for mine. John, also make sure I'm in the Modified class and not street. Don't want someone to lose out on a trophy. :D

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Very nice indeed! That shallow DOF is awesome - is that the 800mm at work?


No, it's actually my 100-400 at a pretty mid-range aperture (f11) I just shot it super close. On the whole, the base shot was more luck than skill, I have to say :)

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Sounds like a good time was had by all. By the time I shook off my post-Bathurst hangover and cleaned up after the party, it was too late to head over for the afternoon. Maybe next time.

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Photos up over here!


*If you would like a print* a couple things - These ain't cheap but for TXMC and H2R I'll provide one signed 13x19 (or approximate depending on the crop) free if you were a participant this time - it's a thanks for Spoolin', H2R and all of us in the Miata/Texas track community. If you'd like a print, drop me a PM and I'll get it out to you in a week or so (I'm out of town much of this week). If you just wanna snake one of these for FB or your desktop or whatever, I can't stop you, but if you do it'd be really cool if you would "Like" my wife's nonprofit organization, Austin Involved and maybe give me a shout out as the photographer :)


Thanks, and great seeing y'all :)

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