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MSR 3.1 Lap Times

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You are not thinking clearly.


In my mind, if I'm faster by any margin at all then I'm "way faster". Now I can be trailing someone "by only 2-3 seconds" and we are virtually heads up. :)


Naw, you need to apply contact time to the equation here. If one of you are faster, I only have to hear about it now and then if I log in.


But if it’s my wife thats even a tenth of a second faster, I’ve gotta hear about it 24/7 until the next DE.

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Date: 4/01/19

Car:  1990 Honda Civic (turbo)

Track name: MotorSport Ranch 3.1
Track location: Cresson, TX
Lap time: 2:29.045 (Track Addict)

Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 2400 With Driver
Estimated wheel horsepower: 305
Tire size and model: 245/40/15 F/ 205/50/15 R Maxxis RC-1

Estimated ambient temperature: 55

Over 2 years since I've run Cresson. Final session of the day and wasn't driving like this was going to be my fastest lap of the day. Guess that means I need try less and not overdrive my car.




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