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  1. Looking for a cheap SFI fire suit (race/crew) for pit stops in WRL so I don't mess up my driving suit. I'm 5'11" 150 lbs, as long as it fits, protects me and is cheap I'm interested. I'm in DFW, TX but willing to pay for shipping. [email protected] if you have an old/retired one laying around. Thanks
  2. I was just reading an article about mp4s vs the new conti extreme tire testing on grassroots Motorsports and it has mention of testing and lap times at tws. Article is dated Sept 2018.
  3. Good program I instructed a few years ago with BMWCCA, the kids were mostly grumpy in the AM and almost all of them had huge smiles and learned a lot by the end of the day. One student was driving a E30 BMW that was older than her. The power steering failed mid day and she toughed it out with a manual steering rack the rest of the day, it was awesome.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, prob won't go through the hassle of checking in then. See you all at the track!
  5. I am being dead serious, never been to Nola but I’m not fond of getting caught in a random gangbang shootout on a Friday night passing through some bad part of town. If all the sketchy stuff is in New Orleans proper and the track and Airport are ok I probably won’t bother checking my gun
  6. Possible but trying not to inconvenience anyone else. Not too worried about the cost, just safety.
  7. Guess I’ll bring the cz p10c with 17+1 mags and aplc
  8. I'm going to the WRL race in Sept, flying in from DAL landing around 10 PM on a Friday night. Is it safe to take an uber from the airport straight to the track or better to rent a car and drive myself. I read NOLA is the 4th most dangerous city in the US, debating whether I need to check my G43 since LA has reciprocity with TX LTC.
  9. Car definitely looks better in a dark color. If you think that torque is good drive a 6 cyl turbo BMW with a tune, low end torque is so much fun on the street.
  10. I'm interested in a set if you're ever in DFW
  11. Oh my god I'd bring a crappy old Miata to an event just to get in it and punt that guy off the track ;)
  12. Pretty dumb rule, TW rating is not universal between manufacturers. Little to no difference in grip between the top tier ST autocross tires and NT01, R888 etc. Now if we're talking a green student with sticker R7's, that's a different story.
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