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  1. Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway 2.7 Italian Canyon - April 25, 2020 Lap Time: 2:03.56 (AiM Solo) unfortunately my gopro battery died so no video 😞 Ambient temperature: 70 degrees F Car: 2007 GT3 Estimated weight with driver: ~3450 lbs Estimated whp: ~370 RWHP Tires 235/305 Pirelli DH scrubs
  2. Thank you. Not much as far as mods mostly just safety items. Recaro SPG seats, Harness, Clubsport roll cage, Hawk DTC70 pads, Motul RBF600, GMG center muffler delete (mostly sound). Stock suspension, stock engine.
  3. Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway 2.75 Full Track - December 14, 2019 Lap Time: 2:04.42 (AIM Solo2) Ambient temperature: 60 degrees F Car: 2007 GT3 Estimated weight with driver: 3450 lbs + 150 pound passenger Estimated whp: 370 rwhp Tires: 235/315 Pirelli DH scrubs, corded this session
  4. If you're running a faster time on RS4 than 71's those 71's were beyond dead
  5. No idea who was in the right seat, I believe the camera car is a newer GT3.
  6. Go drink a few more beers! A-stars is more of a euro cut but you're probably going to have to get custom or get the waist taken in. Sparco can do alterations in their CA HQ for a reasonable fee. I had them take in my waist and belt a little bit.
  7. I should have brought some popcorn to watch this show.
  8. Yep, the problem is a lot of these folks were driving like this with fully warmed up tires about 4 laps into the green flag. I don't feel safe driving in the red group with people like that on track. They shouldn't be instructing, they should be in blue with an instructor in the right seat. I'd guess i'm not the only one that feels this way from our group on Sat.
  9. I love the angry tirade in this video, there were some REALLY bad drivers in the instructors group that shouldn't be out there, I feel this guy's pain. Off the top of my head: GT-R girl - holding up a train of sub 200 hp cars and then blasting down the straights with 600+ hp Old vintage race car thing that went out the first few sessions putting along blocking the whole track and then lost a wheel A guy in a Miata tracked out to the left edge on T5 and pointed me left (into the grass) and then pulled to the middle of the track and pointed me over his roof to the right. Some other really slow cars that just generally had no awareness of faster traffic. BRZ4Science and a few others did a great job watching mirrors and pointing by as needed.
  10. I did the first 2 sessions on some really old street tires and I thought the grip was pretty decent and consistent around the whole track. I was worried it would be good on the short track and people would go flying off in the new section but that wasn't the case.
  11. Yep I think there is about another 1-2 seconds out there for me, I had a 170 pound passenger on my fast lap of the day. I think it will get do to around 9-9.5 seconds delta in the end depending on how daring you are in T6-7. I almost crapped myself looking down between T6/7 and my speedo said 102. If I can get down to 2:04 on fresh tires I'll be happy.
  12. Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway 2.75 Full Track - November 17, 2019 Lap Time: 2:07.39 (AIM Solo2) Ambient temperature: 60 degrees F Car: 2007 GT3 Estimated weight with driver: 3450 lbs + 170 pound passenger Estimated whp: 370 rwhp Tires: 245/315 Pirelli DH scrubs, nearly dead
  13. Track is a blast, very smooth and lots of grip everywhere. The new sections feature 2 butt clenching turns T6/T7 that are over 100 mph. Overall I found the lengthened layout to be about 10-11 seconds longer than the old config. I ran a 2:07 on the new config vs. 1:56 on the old bumpy config.
  14. How many cycles, did you buy them new or as scrubs? I think I pay 50 a tire for scrubs normally and they have 3-4 sessions, I run them another 4-5 and toss em.
  15. Interested in the tires, I have the exact same set of wheels.
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