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  1. Looking good, Joe. What is the length of your splitter from the body? Seems a bit big in a few places for the rules.
  2. Nice job, Sam. Brake a little bit later and trail into big bend and little bend more and you should pick up a good bit more time as you can carry that high speed longer. Really nice run through Ricochet.
  3. 1. Have the motor last the entire season 2. End the endless upgrades to the car 3. Break the TT4 record at every NASA event I attend this year 4. Focus on other areas of life that have been neglected the last few years
  4. Although it's probably fine NA, your oil cooler efficiency would increase dramatically if you created ducting to force air through it rather than allowing it to go around. Right now you are just forcing air through the radiator
  5. My tomie was not coated. I never had any overheating issues while NA. The tomie comes with a substantial reflective pad that goes over the oil pan to reflect heat.
  6. If you really want to save money, just gut the cat in the stock header and put an OFT tune on it. It will get you 80-90% of the performance gains of an aftermarket header at a fraction of the cost. Also, the difference between the Tomie/Gruppe S versus the Ace is pretty small for the price premium. And if you ever move to forced induction, there is no difference between them (according to a very reputable tuner who would never say that publicly).
  7. MSR-C 1.7 CCW Date: 11/23/18 Lap time: 1:16.896 (AIM) Car: 2013 Scion FR-S setup to NASA TT4 Total vehicle weight with driver: ~2770 lbs w/ driver and fuel load of this run Wheel horsepower: 230WHP AVG Tire size and model: 245/40/17 Hoosier R7s (12th heat cycle) Estimated ambient temperature: 55 degrees, windy https://youtu.be/lMPXoFVYhUw
  8. They typically take some driving skill to be appreciated. Also, highlighted portions.
  9. JBJones

    Holley Hydramat

    What I always wanted to do but needed a solution quickly and didn't pursue, is running a fuel pump in the passenger side basket that feeds the driver side basket. I have heard of several others doing this but was never able to get details from them. This keeps everything in the tank, which is nice from a safety perspective, but not sure how challenging it is to implement. With your love of tinkering, might be something to explore. You are also welcome to come check out my surge system to see how GSPeed set it up.
  10. I have the Tomie EL headers, Perrin OP, Tomie TI test pipe and Tomie type 80. My car is now a supercharged, track only time trial machine so I was focused on power and lightweight only; it is very loud and obnoxious. The header is by far the most important part and the rest of the exhaust nets almost no power difference, it's pretty amazing. The ace header is considered the best and if you were really focused on staying NA and max power, it is the king. However, its very expensive and the Tomie EL or UEL is a fraction of the cost and is within a couple of WHP, which is what made my decision. Zach from Delicious is excellent and that is who has tuned my car now (detuning one of these motors with a supercharger is very hard and time consuming). Steven Kan from PRT Performance in Lewisville is also an excellent tuner and is who I would use in your shoes as he can tune it on the dyno. My car with the Tomie on 93 made 191WHP on his dyno with him tuning (204 on E85) when NA.
  11. I missed this thread. Welcome to the club. Feel free to ask any questions, I have upgraded everything on the car three times at least.. The Jackson Racing oil cooler is my favorite and what I run. It's simple plug and play and works very well. As Code Monkey suggested, probably better to avoid the dual radiator/oil cooler as its just not necessary and better to have them separate. Oil cooler, tires, pads, front crash bolts and brake fluid make this a potent little car right away. A header and E85 really wake it up but fuel starvation becomes an issue (can be mitigated with some simple solutions if staying NA). If you plan on adding power ever, Ecutek is a much better tuning platform than the OFT but the OFT is generally ok for simple things. Header is the only exhaust component that makes any real power (most other things are just for sound changes or weight loss).
  12. JBJones

    Holley Hydramat

    I believe their plan was to use some really strong magnets but I don't think they ever found an epoxy to affix the magnets to the mat they thought could withstand long term use in E85.
  13. JBJones

    Holley Hydramat

    GSpeed was going to try a Hydramat in Dave's car but didn't think it would be useful without having a way to secure the hydramat in the bottom of the tank. After a good bit of research, they ended up abandoning the idea and going with a different solution.
  14. Video of the record session. Man I want to go back and drive that track again already! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tXwHIgh3u8&t
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