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  1. Turn out varies from event to event. At Cresson in March we had 6 in TT3. Thundermoose runs TT3. Maybe if we are lucky he will grace us with his presence at Hallett.
  2. Anyone else find it interesting the instructor is wearing a HANs with a three point seat belt?
  3. https://nasatx.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/COTA-Friday-Schedule-2019.pdf https://nasatx.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/2019-COTA-Schedule-V1.pdf The schedules are usually posted on the event page at nasaproracing.com. Be sure to double check as we get closer to the event because sometimes there are last minute changes.
  4. If you are willing to pay for a spot, the closer you look to Lake Ray Hubbard you will find some boat / trailer storage places with more reasonable prices. This place shouldn't be too far and could get a spot for $70. http://lonestarselfstorage.com/location/rowlett/ If you looked in Dallas you would probably end up spending >$100 for storage.
  5. What part of Dallas do you live in so I know to avoid that part of town?
  6. This is the rule: 3) Single flat, horizontal front splitter that protrudes no greater than 4” from where it intersects with the fascia or air dam. Along the entire splitter, there must be at least 1” of fascia or air dam material above/superior to where the splitter intersects the fascia/air dam, including at any air intake region. I was interpreting that as requiring the splitter to be flat.
  7. Also, assuming we are talking TT4 rules, I don't think the splitter diffusers are legal.
  8. Are those Titan 7 wheels? I just found out about them a few days ago, they look pretty awesome.
  9. There is a PCA DE event on the 3.1 at Cresson 2/23-2/24. The 3.1 config is AWESOME!. Maybe check that out if you are willing to make the drive. http://mav.pca.org/Events/DE/#Schedule https://clubregistration.net/events/signUp.cfm/event/9543
  10. Can you still get memberships at the old initiation fee until Jan 1, 2019?
  11. Bummer, I am planning to run in ST3 next year.
  12. +1 for this. Totally worth it, No more: forgetting to charge camera, forgetting to turn camera on at start of your run, wasting hours trying to overlay / sync / render videos with data. Once you have it set up, it is pretty much effortless. As others have pointed out, you can just get in the car and drive.
  13. Don't forget to add roll cage padding (if you had not already planned for it), that will eat into your helmet to cage clearance as well.
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