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  1. Slow motion of the full track https://youtu.be/2edUo5CdHDU
  2. Cannot delete now, it's turned golden
  3. There was action behind me. Up front, Trevor (McCallion) drove bobble free Sat / Sun and was never under any pressure from me (luckily Chris (Haldeman) was occupied with his Honda adventures. Would have been very interesting to see what type of times he would have laid down) (And thanks for the simple YT tip!)
  4. Overall thumbs up! Less sway on turn in, car feels more planted and level, doesn't "roll" to take a set, less nose-drive on braking. For my driving style, I was dealing with understeer on entry and mid corner. Tire pressures and rear sway bar adjustments helped, but I still felt like there was pace to be found in set-up. Tire wear indicated the car could use more camber.
  5. 1.7 CCW: 1:24.344 (SCCA SM Track Record) 27-Jan-2019, ~4pm, SCCA Winter Festival Majors Race 1999 Spec Miata (Penske shocks) Spec wt: 2400 lbs (est actual wt ~2435 lbs) RWHP: ~125 Hoosier SM7 205/50/15, heat cycle #4 Ambient temp ~60°F (SCCA only count race laps for track records. Others have gone faster in SM. Trevor McCallion did a 1:24.311 in Sun qual. Data showed 1:23:8x was possible. Reger did a 1:24.0x a few years at a NASA event)
  6. Date code 19-18. Heat cycled by Phil's Tire Service. Only two 7 lap (COTA) sessions . DFW area pick-up preferred.
  7. Porter (14) moved slightly to the left, seemed like it glued our cars together. Bummed that it happened, it could have turned out worse. (I really didn't know what happened until I saw my video and Drago's rear video). https://youtu.be/H8PMbupKbZk?t=25m21s
  8. #13 BRZ4Science Posted Today, 07:30 AM Those are the markers for the passing zones for the other groups. They don't trust the novice and intermediate groups to remember where they can pass (there is no instruction). Not a bad idea for novices, heck even for all groups at DEs.
  9. Actual order deadline is Tue Sep 4 for the required Toyo tires for Saturday's SM Feature race (and Sunday's SM Deux race). 83 SM entries as of Aug 31, under the track limit of 85, wonder if this will change the plan...
  10. CANCELLED: SWRRC Race At Eagles Canyon Nov 10-11 2018 Unfortunately we have decided to cancel the scheduled event at Eagles Canyon Raceway on Nov 10-11 2018. This event was slated to be a Double Regional SWRRC Points earning race for 2018 on Saturday, and a Regional SWRRC Points earning race for 2019 on Sunday. I felt it was important to get this notice to all members as soon as possible. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding this cancellation at my email address below. We do plan to have a race event at Eagles Canyon on the 2019 Schedule, but I will not anno
  11. The stands didn't make it to COTA, but Stellman is going to look at them in a few weeks when he is in DFW. (I can bring them NASA COTA Champs too) Bought these in 2014, there were 5x4.5 available back then. Made camber / caster easier, but setting the toe was a challenge. Keep in mind, the measurements on stands will be different once the car goes on the ground. (I would take measurements on the ground, then put the car on stands to determine the off-set).
  12. I have an earlier version of these I don't use since I have X-Factor Racing doing my set-ups these days. I'll be at COTA Aug 24-26 for the Chin event. If you're welcome to stop by take them and try them out for a few weeks. If they don't work out, bring them back to me when I return to COTA for the NASA Champs. Let me know! https://www.flyinmiata.com/hub-stands.html
  13. 91 SM entries as of Mon, Aug 13. (If you paid in two payments, you show up twice, so you have to filter them out. IMO, more likely for the entries to go down than up before the event). "Championship" set of tires will only be available the morning of the Main event. While this have everyone on the same tire for the Main, doubt it will change the pecking order since you can run any "flavor" of RR for the other sessions (i.e. shaved).
  14. SCCA SW Div announced ECR, Nov 10-11. http://sowdivscca.com/
  15. Calling Selin Rollan a rookie is like calling Alonso a rookie at Indy last year He started at the back because the crew was "working on the car" after the clear the grid signal was given (don't the exact rules, but probably 1 min).
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