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  1. Track: ECR 2.7 CCW - May 20, 2020 Open Track Day. Very close to pulling the trigger on ECR membership. Lap Time: 2:06:57 - last several laps in 2:06s. Still chasing Blake's time in the 2:04s with similar car and setup Ambient Temp: 80s F Car: 2012 E92 M3 with MCS singles and Stoptech Trophy brakes - otherwise my stock DD Estimated weight with driver: 3800 lbs Estimated WHP: 360 RWHP Tires: spent scrubs - 285/645/18 Pirelli DHs
  2. Sorry for late response, but I agree, I'm not riding right seat at this time. That said, I'll be there on May 31st - weather looks good!
  3. Never mind - just had to sign in. Thanks!
  4. Would you mind reattaching the map for 2.7 and 1.65 if you have it. This attachment is no longer working. Thanks!
  5. I am a dumbass and can’t figure out how to download the new configurations to my Smartycam.
  6. Too bad we're not running both directions, but that's a lot to learn for folks in one weekend. Looking forward to sitting in your right seat...or left!
  7. Innnnnnnnnnnnnn…..structing! Both directions on the new section - dang!
  8. I’m doing the BMW event at Hallett the week before. I swear I went to the ECR site twice looking for this track day. Thanks for the info and link, guys!
  9. Yo Dave, What's the event on 11/16? Is it members only?
  10. Who's in? This should be a great event with lots of open time on Friday then DE format on the weekend. Does anyone coming from Dallas have room for a couple of unmounted tires?
  11. Is there any video out there of the short configuration run at speed?
  12. Who’s in for the Driver’s Edge event on Sept 7-8? Any specific area for instructor parking? Can’t wait!
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