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  1. Is there any video out there of the short configuration run at speed?
  2. Who’s in for the Driver’s Edge event on Sept 7-8? Any specific area for instructor parking? Can’t wait!
  3. I'm racing with Code Brown Racing #322 Porsche Boxter running in GP1. We ran clockwise last year. I don't know which direction we will run next month. Running CW last year, we were displacing the boundary at the end of the Carousel by over a car's width so we could straighten out the turn before the wall - the bump get's bigger the farther you go to the left of that final turn. I thought CCW was more difficult to learn than CW. Scarier building speed and correct line into the Sweeper, Gut Check, the Launch and Diamond's Edge. My buddy is running a 1:44 in a similar set-up. I got into the 1:46s on spent RS-4s. Also, I like the data and feedback in this thread regarding the line(s) into Sugar and Spice. I'm still displacing the first Apex a bit, but my steering angle is about the same through the entire complex. Gotta love sliding and staying on the throttle as you approach the wall! Good times!
  4. Funnest session of the weekend meeting and chasing Cliff! This was my first time running CCW and your lines, or lack thereof, really helped! I like how you came on through with me between the Focus and the Miata after the Launch. My Blue student was watching you drift through thr carousel before I pointed you by. Good prep for WRL next month. https://youtu.be/y4H10XOWA10
  5. Hitting the road from Dallas at noon with my buddy Greg who got me into this mess 10 years ago. Excited although Sunday looks to be wet - good times ahead!
  6. Damn, guys - very nice! Someone needs to give Rick some pointers! I've raced in Houston, but we always had a garage. I'm sure it's too late, but can you rent garages? Please come by and say hi. Beers at 5?! I miss my Houston peeps after the glue that held many of us together died (TWS RIP). I'm in a Silverstone e92 M3 - #187. Cheers, -Daniel
  7. First time there with TDE. Where is agood place to park? Do instructors have a designated spot like at Cresson?
  8. Feeling a little nostalgic today...
  9. Great hanging with you guys last weekend! Mark is a great student and even gave me some pointers when he rode with me. Pardon my prolific profanity when you reported your 2:21 time which was 3 seconds better than my 2:24:05.....DAMN YOU stock Camaro 1LE (not a ZL1)!!!!!! I'd blame the RS-4s, but that wasn't too far off my PB. https://youtu.be/FSSJQxRk74c
  10. Weather looks great, too. Hopefully, my new Stilo arrives today. See you there.
  11. I'm sorry that I missed you, Dave. I would've give you a ride in the m3 to convince you to come back in that car!
  12. In for Test and tune and both races in the #322 Code Brown Racing Boxter. Does anyone know which direction we will run? Who's in? Love Hallett!
  13. Looks like 90% chance of thunderstorms on Saturday now. Less prep time now since the streets will stay on.
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