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  1. @Max....I just gotta laugh...."hopefully our machines can meet up" on a thread titled "Penis Extension"....well, LOL...write your own joke....!
  2. Me three! The struggle is real...I've gained the Covid 20...or more... LOL
  3. Nice, yeah, that RF is probably giving you the finger the whole time LOL!!
  4. Tobey - LOL @ Sparky!! Love it!! What kind of tire pressure do you run - curious about that?
  5. Very nice, Tobey! Your practice definitely paid off!! That sun though - right in your eyes! And so cool having fans watching!! Can you run asphalt slicks in your class? I'm guessing not...but that would be fun to try!
  6. To settle the matter regarding reciprocity with ECR and other tracks (and vice-versa), straight from the owner: "We have no reciprocal agreements, period." Back to me, Brad - if you look on the Harris Hill website under Membership - they state that they have reciprocal memberships with ECR as well as other tracks. The part about having a reciprocal membership with ECR is incorrect. Regarding the other tracks? You'd have to ask the other tracks.
  7. Siked - Schroth is top of the line stuff...it's what I run in both of my cars. I won't run anything else. Fiddle with your adjustments in the car...first, get the crotch / sub belt set....that should go just high enough that it places your lap belts EXACTLY where they need to be. Like hornet said - that's what keeps your laps in place - it's set's them where they need to be...then work on your lap belts...the last thing you mess with is your shoulder belts. Try to get it set up / perfectly fitted where the only adjustment you are making is to your shoulder belts - it will really save time on getting in - and you will be perfectly spot on. Hope this helps.
  8. What Matt said. Also, check this guide, it is really good: https://www.schroth.com/en/segments/racing/service/installation-instructions.html?file=files/schroth/pdf/installation-instructions/racing/eas-ab-2019/ea_8-2-qg_2019-10.pdf I set up my harnesses so that the sub and both lap belts are perfect when I strap in (meaning that I am NOT adjusting them at all when getting in the car). All I adjust is the shoulder belts, after clipping in, of course.4
  9. Good luck Tobey!! Post some in-car video!!
  10. @mjanmohammad - check this thread out about reciprocity with Texas tracks...
  11. If you need power - get a garage, a generator or else reserve one of the premium RV spots up top (full hookup - 50 amp, water, sewer). Genny's are not that expensive.
  12. Yes - you can bring guests to ECR. I believe that guests get a total of two outings after that - it's membership time. ECR does not have reciprocal memberships. I do not believe that MSR has reciprocal memberships either - I could be wrong about that - I remembered always hearing about that...but never saw any proof (it might have been Harris Hill that had a reciprocal membership with another track?).
  13. Nice. Change of plans...heading to Hidden Falls in the morning - looks like too much fun! Have not been to TexPlex yet, it does look fun from what I've seen.
  14. LOL - I may be out there tomorrow morning as well...gotta see how the dyno run of my car goes today (troubleshooting any potential issues before getting it on track). However, the RZR is at Hidden Falls Off Road Park this weekend, my parents wanted to borrow it. Dad got a new Rubicon Gladiator. I might head down there later as well....have been wanting to go there...the RZR should be back out at ECR next weekend...
  15. Very nice!! Regarding pulling the trigger on ECR membership...reference my post on the current special:
  16. I believe it's more focused on SxS / UTV machines....we will see though! This could be in part to a certain person leaving a bad to the bone RZR Turbo there for the owner and staff to have at their disposal...cough cough cough.... LOL The layout I've seen is AWESOME!
  17. Dale lives!!! Dale-LS3-1stRun.mov
  18. ....coming soon!! Livio and I went out for a spirited RZR ride this past Saturday...should be this Summer...going to be fun!!!
  19. I think you'll see more "official - we are running _________ this day, _____ that day" etc....once there are brake zone markers for CW direction....once the crossover is done, etc....ECR is amazing as it is...but it is still a work in progress.
  20. Dave - I appreciate it!! I can give you Brad Flack's email / cell if you're ready to jump - he's going to ask you to fill out the member application on the website too, of course.... 1 - yes, members can run the ECR Open Track Days at no cost...Flack can give you better answers on "ALL HPDE's"...I know that ECR has subsidized the cost for members to run with other track groups that have rented the track for the weekend... 2 - yes for adding a family member later at $150 per month 3 - typically the track runs the full configuration. it's really up to the members to decide which way to run. I ran out there in the rain a few weeks ago - after running the full layout I talked to Flack about running the 1.65.....presto chango...a few minutes later the full track was coned off and we ran the short track. Just like that. Ask and ye shall receive! As long as every member agrees....
  21. Nah...your engine internals were just wanting to social distance...the Monte's did the same...it's painful...
  22. LOL at the above....me too!!
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