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  1. No reciprocity - it's something that I always hear though - not a member at either place. Most tracks are more than happy to take your money to come out and run on a members day, just my experience - it may not be your experience. Some tracks (ECR) let a guest run with a member for one time at no charge - other tracks still charge for the guest to run, even if its the first time.
  2. I gave up on the "toolbox shuffle" a few years ago - I was lucky enough that the previous shop owner set up my pit box (which stays in the Full Monte Trailer) with every conceivable tool for an ASA/GTA car...along with spares. Separate box for Garage Mahal, separate box for trailer - makes my life easier. You can never have too many tools! I spend lonesome Saturdays just walking around the tool aisles...
  3. Yeah - that is very nicely done cordless tool storage! So....a few years ago when I moved into the Garage Mahal I got a smoking deal on this, it's got a drawer dedicated just for cordless tools, also has various electrical plugs, etc. It's a nice setup: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Milwaukee-46-in-16-Drawer-Steel-Tool-Chest-and-Rolling-Cabinet-Set-Textured-Red-and-Black-Matte-48-22-8510-8520/306136151
  4. Shuka makes a very good point - so, ask yourself this - if someone else was driving your car and you were behind your car - would you feel safe with the setup? Meaning - is it safe for everyone else?
  5. "Hey, you've been 'VolunTOLD' to do this...."
  6. Very nice, well done!! https://nasaspeed.news/columns/gopro-move-of-the-month/new-track-record-at-nasa-texas-season-opener/
  7. We've got a nice beer fridge, TV, and a bunch of camp chairs...it's nice to have a race on when hanging in the garage...used to have two nice leather recliners but then my crew chief said they "had to go"...my favorite hangout time was watching LeMans for the whole 24 hours...well, except that awkward falling asleep at 4 am and getting up at 8 am...the red bull/vokda worked until a certain point and then it didn't....
  8. Looks fabulous! Nah - just put a cot in the corner, or a recliner or two...sponge bath from the water fountain...you'll be A-OK! Race cars don't mind if you have an "aura"....others may, but race cars don't mind! LOL!
  9. Shoot...zip ties, duct tape, bailing wire...you ain't got a hair on your....just teasing...don't do any of that...do it right! Ever seen the pic of what a flying piece of ballast does to a windshield...and then a helmet visor? Yeah, I like to wear my helmet visor down when at all possible... https://jalopnik.com/wayward-metal-ballast-gives-nascar-driver-the-biggest-c-1704951092
  10. That's a *very* sharp looking car! Love that blue - it really pops! And blown away that it's totally streetable (other than changing the tires), that is too cool!
  11. And driver moddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd! The most important part of the equation! A smoking fast lap!!
  12. Lobstah - you need to make it to the PRI Show this next year. Always a very good time - great for networking too!
  13. Dude, my wife would just lift the bed up.... LOL!
  14. Cigars n Racecars this Tuesday/tomorrow, February 18 - at Tap In on Main St, Grapevine. Come awwwwwn! 5 pm'ish until late!! Let me know if you’re going to make it so I can reserve enough tables. Thank you! 🍷🍺πŸ₯ƒπŸ
  15. Captain Buddha


    Hoping to watch tonight!
  16. You actually, for once, wrote several cogent paragraphs...in a row! LOL Without insulting anyone! You feeling ok???? Butt seriously - nice review - and you make the correct point of an auto in a sports car...it's great if you're going to just drag race all day long...or maybe do a horrible commute and you have no driver skill...butt what do I know? LOL!
  17. That looks like a garage full of FUN and PAIN! LOL I had a "poor man's Ducati" back in '98 or so, the Suzuki TL1000S - that things was a BLAST!! I had a Monster 1000 a few years ago, it was fun too! I always thought of the Ducs as having an L-Twin (90 degrees) versus a V-Twin (less than 90 degrees). Either way - nothing like the grunt of a Twin!! Thump Thump Thump!
  18. "Country Dale" (aka the Full Monte Carlo) is getting prepped for its transformation!!
  19. Y'all are cute - may I suggest a single bed at the love nest across the street from MSR? LOL! Ryan - you are laying down some very nice laps!!
  20. Years ago, literally 20 years ago...I used to drag race...it was pretty fun! Picking up the front wheels a bit, keeping it straight...but the waiting....and the waiting...for a few seconds of fun....then waiting for an hour or two, or more...that zaps the fun right out of it! It is a blast to watch - especially the top fuel / funny cars...oh my! One of the coolest things I've done in my working career was to be on the "Island" between the Top Fuel cars at the 2005 NHRA Vegas Nationals...WOW...it takes your breath away!!
  21. If money isn't the problem then GO fast and get your butt to the track! You could probably hire Charlie V everyday at MSRH and you'd have a BLAST!! BTW - we have this option at ECR too...private instruction is *always* available.
  22. That has "bungee jump" written all over it! LOL!
  23. Note that he said "used" to do...he had a few falls...now he's a bit shorter...he kind of makes weird facial expressions every now and then...but he's OK...keep feeding him beer, he'll be fine.... LOL!
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