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  1. Hmmmm....I used to race with a Charles Barns....hopefully not the same gentleman!! Very cool history on the car!!
  2. I listen to the sweet noise of God’s chariot and squeeling Pirellis...
  3. VERY nice!! Time to go vintage racing!! Tell us more about it, some under the hood pix too!!
  4. Matt - I'd imagine that your arm was sore from waving the blue flag so much LOL!
  5. We race there February 7-9 (SCCA Super Tour) - the Polar Prix - and let me tell you about the weather this year - CCCCCOLD and RAINY - will be fun, that's fore sure!!! So, it could be that...or it could be nice...you never know...
  6. Yes, WX looks very nice! The first session or two - that track is going to be cold/green...but I've got some Pirelli rubber to put down LOL!! Testing the TA2 Pirelli slicks on the Full Monte Carlo, fingers crossed for an improvement over the Hoosier Bias Ply tires that we've been running...should be able to figure out the setup over the course of the weekend...
  7. Welcome, Darren! Like cigars n whisky!?!? Lagavulin? Ardbeg? Laphroaig?
  8. Tomorrow / Tuesday night: Cigars n Racecars at Tap In on Main St in Grapevine (December 3 - yeah, that came quick!). Come awwwwwwn!
  9. Alright, just signed up, bringing the Full Monte Carlo out to play!!
  10. You might look into inline brushless motor fans to also help - they really help on short tracks - ie the Canyon 1.65 at ECR, the short MSR tracks, etc...longer straightaways mean more cooling but when you don't have that and you are on the brakes a BUNCH then those fans can help. I run them on my cars.
  11. Planning on it, if the wx is good! Chin events have an INSANE amount of track time - the HAPPY HOUR is epic!
  12. Tomorrow / Tuesday night: Cigars n Racecars at Tap In on Main St in Grapevine (November 26). Come awwwwwwn!
  13. Some footage of the Daytona TA2 Race: https://vimeo.com/374533391 https://vimeo.com/373843032
  14. Heading down there in an hour or so - going to be FUN!!
  15. BTW - the instructor issue was addressed.
  16. Gotcha...thank you, Matt. It's really up to the team/crew as they are going to be the ones using them...that's above my pay grade...I just drive (barely)... LOL 😝 I figure though - anything that can make their life easier / setup more precise, the better. They are used to using them from their Indycar days - they had built in load cells, pretty cool setup!
  17. Matt: your thoughts on this please: https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/drag-racing/4178860-csm-performance-llc-precision-hub-stands-2.html The full set-up with the laser kit, the good, the bad, etc....I've been approached about working with them....
  18. I'm thinking I'd really like one of these.... https://www.fastspeed.us yeah, I've got a RZR Turbo...it's a bad beast...but something like that...oh so much fun! ECR is working on it's off road track...my RZR is stored out there patiently awaiting its debut!!
  19. I remember the Lone Star Corvette Club Memorial Day Classic - track day at TMS Infield a few years back...a father and son collided, one driving a C7, the other a C6...one of them was totaled, I think it was the C7...ooooooops....
  20. If I had one less race car I'd probably schedule a test...
  21. It does look like fun! I will be seeing it at PRI.
  22. I tend to agree with the above.... I look at it this way...if you're going to instruct at a track then you really better know that track...at speed, online, offline, etc....whether you're in a shitbox or an F1...whatever it is...you should be driving it HARD! Just my take.
  23. That was hard to watch...I was taught early on (once I decided that I wanted to go w2w) that you've gotta HIT IT n GIT IT once you are on track...you don't WAIT for tires to come to you...you MAKE them come to you! Get used to sliding around.... So - that said - if you ever have issues, go talk to Flack and have him do a little education to the offending party for you.
  24. Look at Lobstah stirring the pot of chowdah!! LOL!
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