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  1. Palms are getting a little hairy (er) and vision is going slightly....not sure why? LOL Working...going home...drinking heavily...sometimes...sometimes on the sim...sometimes walking around the neighborhood...licking windows and such...
  2. Sounds like a catchy B-movie title....write your own joke....go ahead....
  3. Likewise - it will be fun! I mean, heck, Matt and I even get along! LOL
  4. That's why you keep your car at the track and fly under the radar...I know, I know...sounds horrible...yes, I'm a horrible person...
  5. Awesome! It's back open to members, with some changes / social distancing. Even has the blessing from Wise County! Planning to run the Monte this Saturday.
  6. Bring it big boy!!! LOL I'm just amazed that you spelled it right! LOL I know, I know...you copied / pasted... LOL
  7. That was awesome! Watched it until the end. Looks like a BLAST!!
  8. Latest update - things are on hold for the time being.... ---email update to members--- Is a track a Shelter ? We'll have to find out... Yup… it’s us again. We hope you and your family and loved ones are healthy and safe. Life at ECR is generally not boring – but recent events are taking it to a whole new level, for all of us. We have been able to operate member and open track days until now -- and even had a visit from the Sherrif’s office Saturday to verify what we are up to. Happy to report that they were impressed with our social distancing efforts and they now understand that driving, at its core, is a very individual activity. They sent the local paper to document – complete with Member interview (thank you John Shofner for representing) Many of you have written to encourage us to stay open. We have turned our protocol upside down – and turned ECR into close to a ”drive through”. Unfortunately – most counties in DFW (including Wise county) now have a ‘shelter in place’ order. We have requested a specific opinion from Wise county to confirm that we qualify as an acceptable, safe, outdoor activity. Our opinion is there is a protocol for a member to register for a day, show up to the Paddock and Grid and just Drive or Ride. It makes the experience ‘touchless’ and super safe from infection. We think we have a fair shot with Wise county but cannot speak to how it interacts with the many other Counties you live in. It is hard to understand if it is acceptable to commute to an approved and safe activity. It passes the common sense rule but that’s not the legal standard. So – we are cancelling the schedule for Tomorrow March 24th and Thursday March 25th. For those of you that signed up – we are sorry, but you cannot drive/ride. We are currently trying to keep Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the schedule as member days (with strict new rules to be safe from infection), We are hoping we get a favorable answer from Wise county. We hope to know tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates. Crazy times! Your Friends at ECR !!
  9. Every village needs an idiot...just saying...not that you're the village idiot...I do a pretty good job of that one...but yeah, you're "our" idiot...Matt just has a certain je ne sais quois with words, non? 😂
  10. There you go, Jeff! I was planning to run tomorrow but the guys found a fouled-up fuel pump during prep - the spare (a used one) backup had a leak, so rather than send the guys on a goose chase for one, I'll run another day / time.
  11. The big girl dances well! You look comfortably uncomfortable! That's a great thing...those tires were screaming for MERCY...and you gave them no quarter! I like it!!! Keep it up!
  12. No guests...hence the reason to join up!!
  13. If you are not a member, NOW is the time!! WHY?!?!? Even MORE track time...the latest update: ---latest email update (3/19/2020)--- If we were not used to being out of control in our cars and bikes all the time … this COVID thing might intimidate ECR Members! The world has changed, again, since out last letter. And it is our collective and individual responsibility to do everything in our power to minimize the COVID 19 risk to each and every one of us -- and to our friends and family. We control risk through behavior; we can do specific things to reduce and mitigate it. Some Good News: You are not a Pro Driver… otherwise you’d be very dazed and confused on weekends. The core activity in Driving is an individual and essentially (when you are in your car) quarantined activity. We can be Safe (at least from COVID – we can’t protect you from your driving) by being rigorous about social interaction. So – in answer to many of your questions: ECR will not only continue to operate, but we will add track time during the week. Consider it Adult Day care ! This week we will add (and advise week to week): Tuesday March 24th: 9:30 – 1:30 Wednesday March 25th: 9:30 – 1:30 We are keeping regular hours for the other calendar Member days. We are Running our open track days with much smaller number of attendees Cancellations of larger Events (PCA – NASA) = More member track time. Let us when you will Drive/Ride – short notice is ok. [email protected] Text or Call: (951) – 283 5680 We MUST control the risk. More track time with reduced amount of guests means any social interaction can be well under the CDC guidelines. · We are evaluating other Member activities – including advanced clinics with a small number of drivers, that can be safely conducted at the track. This will also mitigate another risk – Poor Driving Technique. Stay tuned. We are changing our behavior and Member Day format: Smaller Groups – No more than 8 people in any clubhouse areas. We are moving furniture to account for that. Social Distancing – More than 6 feet apart – 10 Feet better. Just Do it – you might end up liking it. Don’t Shake Hands !!! That is probably the single most significant behavior change. Just Don’t Do it. And follow other CDC guidelines. Protective Gear – You are welcome to wear Masks and Latex Gloves: we will offer them in the clubhouse based on availability. Shake and Bake – Closed. B/Y/O lunch please. We will provide Water / Coffee and very limited, pre-packaged snacks. Guests – It pains us deeply, but we cannot accommodate spectators or guests. If you want a family member to come along, we have to limit it to 1 Family member per driver and we need prior notice ([email protected]). We may have to turn them down if we are above our limit. Any family member will be briefed and need to follow ECR guidelines. We will continue the process of ‘hyper-care’ in disinfecting all surfaces several times a day and washing table cloths (wash cycle kills virus – so as effective on whole surface as thorough wiping). Disinfectant Wipes and Spray will be available in multiple locations. The Bottom Line: If we work together, we can get a bunch of seat time, and develop a safe ‘new’ normal. Help us protect your access to driving at the track! And stay tuned as we continue to explore ways to get through this. Best, Your Friends at ECR. P.S. As always – questions and feedback welcome!
  14. NASA just cancelled/postponed (TBA) its April 3-5 ECR race....
  15. The ECR Open Track Day for this Saturday, March 21, is still on, as of last night. It's a smaller group than normal, on purpose, less instructors as well, on purpose. You can always join up and run on Member Days too!
  16. Tap In just confirmed that they are open - St Paddy's Day food and drink specials all day!!
  17. The other Happy Hour was great too! LOL
  18. Yes, still open...as of now! If anything changes, will revert to Plan B...my garage / patio. And order some pizza or something...
  19. Call me socially irresponsible, but here goes....it's St. Patty's Day!! Cigars n Racecars this Tuesday/tomorrow, March 17 - at Tap In on Main St, Grapevine. Come awwwwwn! 5 pm'ish until late!! Let me know if you’re going to make it so I can reserve enough tables. Thank you! 🍷🍺🥃🏁
  20. Interesting. My student for the March 21 ECR OTD is buying a Trac Com headset to plug into the box, I told him that I would not want him using mine - and then for another student...so, there's that solution. If I have another student then it'll probably just be pointing / grunting...LOL...
  21. I see a possible throw down coming... "In this corner....the Skismeister....in this corner...with the red carapace...the Lobstah!!!!! Welcome to the Death Race 5000! Rules? No rules...just cross the finish line first....!"
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