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  1. I get sound out of both my helmet speaker cups and my ear molds, both sides.
  2. Welcome! Nice Vettes! I used to have a Centennial GS, a beauty of a car!
  3. So, I actually find this stuff HUGELY funny! Some of the comments from folks that will NEVER ever see a racetrack, let alone get a racing license or a pro license...they make some of the stupidest comments...pretty funny stuff...I actually thought about replying...but, why feed the trolls? I mean, I've got Matt here as it is! LOL! Love ya Matt!! BTW - I followed up with Andy Lally ---> "That's wasn't me being brave...that was me losing brakes..."
  4. I could show you the pic, but for your eyeball's sake...I won't...my wife took a pic of me after my day was done...I was BRUISED from top to BOTTOM on my back / backside...they've now turned from Black/Blue to dark red...it seriously looks like I've been whipped for being naughty...LOL...the real culprit was the top / halo of my seat...if it wasn't for that...it would've been MUCH better....that and the little plastic window on the front of the window....one of the NASCAR tech officials looked at me and said "better you than me! I'm not knocking you, because I know I couldn't do it...but wow,
  5. LOL at the Mom sticker.... The whole 55 gallon barrel....LOL! My crew chief, in the pic, to the right, is a very skinny/small person...it was tight for him, he admitted to it being a PITA for HIM!!!
  6. I've got the Trac Com...it works very well as a portable setup...I've got mine plugged into one of my old racing helmets using the built-in comms and then the slip-in/on headset for the student. I've got v1...and it would be nice to have a little more volume.
  7. Pix of the seat and then my in the truck...when you compare me in the truck to most, it looks like I'm a giant...a lot of drivers can barely see over the dash LOL!!
  8. Thank you! It's amazing what you can "will" the vehicle to do when you need too!
  9. First time for me to have a 7-point belt as well. Crazy!
  10. I'd rather back it in any day....BTW - have you taken a look at the NASCAR SFI 39.1 Carbon Seats (All Belts to Seat)....that's what I've got, will I use it again? I dunno...going to be a great souvenir though LOL!! I could put it in my TA2 car...but my RaceTech is AWESOME, very comfortable and safe!
  11. Remember...turning is braking...I say this all the time...when in doubt....TURN!!!! You don't want to hit the wall head-on!!! Most welcome! I'm just glad to be here!!
  12. That's funny, Matt! I've gotta tell you...I REALLY appreciate my TA2 car now...that thing is like a LUXURY race car compared to what I had!! LOL
  13. One of my Trans Am TA2 / SCCA GT2 racing buddies (actually two of them, the Reuse brothers) both race NASCAR part-time and that's where the spark came from along with the introduction. I went from being a spectator to a racer (and then back to a spectator LOL!!). Thank you! It was fun while it lasted! The whole experience was CRAZY! I think the coolest part was when Brett Bodine called me and said "You're approved!" That was a big moment for me. And then there was the OH CRAP moment my custom suit (2 months wait - from a fancy suit company) that was supposed to be SFI 3.4/5 (NASCAR s
  14. According to my Crew Chief in Life (my wife)...this was a one-time thing...hey, I still have my Hendrick Carbon Fiber seat with the custom-molded seat insert, my NASCAR patched suit, the fancy Hans Ultra Pro, etc... LOL...she has other bigger plans for me, so she says...I actually would prefer to try XFINITY....but yeah, a one-timer....
  15. My first-hand review of my "not so great" NASCAR Debut at COTA! NASCAR at COTA Review Friday Practice: I got sent out late due to issues then on my first lap the track went FCY (Full Course Yellow) then Red Flagged due to a stalled truck (my buddy Roger Reuse in the #3 “I ❤️ Mac n Cheese” truck)...I pulled into pit lane, once released I went out that lap and started to get up to speed…I had to make up for lost time and QUICK!! I noticed the brakes were a little off in the hard braking zones in Turns 11 and 12 and I swung wide in both corners…, OK, back up the brake zones a bit…t
  16. Due to all the rain...a LOT of rain....that's why the rule was implemented....there's a lot of clay / mud that we don't want to be brought back on to the surface, if at all possible...Looks like you had fun and did great! Welcome to ECR!
  17. Thank you...more infamous than anything LOL...come to Tap In tonight!!
  18. Got the call Friday from Brett Bodine that I'm approved to race in the Truck series for road courses, woo hoo!!! My license application/paperwork and application check are all taken care of too....guessing I've got to do a concussion baseline test. Livery/wrap is almost finalized... I'll have t-shirts too...yahoo!
  19. Affordable compared to what? LOL...Local tracks have a much more affordable initiation / membership fee...along with a lower monthly...and they are existing. I seriously do wish LG well on it though. We were talking at Sebring last year, he said he had $12M in funding from the SBA...and that the SBA gave a completed evaluation of ~$27M... More tracks are *always* better!
  20. Good deal!!! Yeah...I hope it's open and folks have access! Heck, it'd be nice if my wife could be there too...hopefully we can have pit passes, etc...not sure how it's going to work for this race.
  21. I know Nick, he's a great guy!! Man, it could've been so much worse! Glad that *you* are ok!! In the end, that's what matters! Well, you AND the Nick!!! Yeah...ball joints...even "unbreakable" Howe Ball Joints break...ugh....so yes, replace in pairs!!
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