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  1. Any track that Lobstah is on.....well, it's the best track to be on!! Seriously though - any track your on, no matter how much you may dislike it compared to your "dream" track....well, that's the BEST track to be on at that given moment! I will tell you that my two least favorite tracks are: TMS Infield....boring....but the closes to my house MSR Houston....well, it's Houston....total PITA to get there....flat as a pancake....oh wait...it's got that little launchpad thingie....so sure LOL...I know, I've probably PO'ed the folks here that are members there...don't take it as bashing....due to the before mentioned PITA to get there....that's my main gripe....hauling 73' of "fun" through and/or around Houston definitely brings the suck! I'm sure you Houston guys feel the same about having to go through DFW to get to ECR and Hallett, I get it! I'll post of my list sometime soon...
  2. It's all Lobstah's fault....it always is....he's always getting his claws into someone's craw....dad.... 🤣
  3. Jose - try Daytona....not knocking TWS, but the banking was quite minimal compared to Daytona.....even Homestead-Miami....it's crazy when you can smell / feel your splitter getting chewed up at speed while you are dialing in car setup! It's like a sweet incense burning smell that you are trying to quantify....at speed....with some vibration (from it chewing up)...LOL!!! Oh....and holding the throttle to the floor while concentrating on NOT hitting the wall! Wheeeeeee!!!
  4. I race with his son, Simon - we are on the same team, really nice guy!
  5. Definitely not a new idea....totally aware of that....that's the funny thing whenever I post an article like this folks are like "hey, well, you know _____ did this as well...."...yep.....hate the black eye it gives our sport!
  6. It's going to be AWESOME!! And a great test of your cool shirt system... LOL!!! Think of all the weight I'll lose....
  7. Hard to beat outdoor karting!!! DKC is a blast! It's that driving through Dallas part that brings the suck to it (for me)....for you...you are close!! I'm looking forward to checking out Cresson's new Kart Track!
  8. Interesting read...did not know he was a racer...seems he has now brought shame to the racing world...allegedly... https://jalopnik.com/high-profile-lawyer-michael-avenatti-allegedly-funded-h-1834034064?utm_medium=sharefromsite&utm_source=jalopnik_copy&utm_campaign=top
  9. well dayum....never realized that CS had different blower CFM ratings LOL!! I have a feeling that the blower rating only matters while stopped / low speed...all my stuff has a NACA duct directing air into it....next time I have a free moment on the back straight at COTA I'll switch off the blower fan and see how much air is going through. So, the blowers are just boat bilge blowers...just like the pumps are boat bilge pumps! Check out the Maglock when you get a chance too!
  10. Daytona, Daytona, Daytona....hands-down my favorite track so far...so much so that I still dream about it....the banking, the full throttle, the banking....the bus stop....the speed....the walls everywhere (see video below - I hit an oil slick on my first practice....about crapped my pants!)....the history....yeah, I've raced Indy....and I got over the "cool factor" after the first lap - it was still cool though!! I've got Road America coming up for the June Sprints and Trans Am this summer so I know that will probably be my #2 track. Daytona-1stTurnOilSlick.mov
  11. A tad cheaper at Pegasus....these guys are real racers (not saying the link you posted is not)....Pegasus has EVERYTHING for racing.... https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productdetails.asp?RecId=5749&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=CS209&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwt3For3S4QIVmbjACh3a-A9_EAQYASABEgLgSfD_BwE I'd recommend enough tubing to also get it to your cooler and through then to the blower then to your helmet. You can also get an insulated blower line wrap for the hose from the blower to your helmet. It makes a difference, at least in a REALLY hot car, i.e. - tube frame.
  12. Not my track and I don't have any input...but for those who do - maybe put a bug in Jack's ear about these....?
  13. LOL!!! Funny to hear folks finally voicing this....it's pretty smooth to me....after a race weekend at Sebring anything is smooth LOL!!
  14. Tomorrow / Tuesday night: Cigars n Racecars at Tap In on Main St in Grapevine (April 16). Come awwwwwwn! Last one for a month or so....more beatings....I mean, meetings....yeah, that's it....out of town meetings, not beatings.... LOL! 🤣 @Clay @dunhamr1 @CBraden @BRZ4Science @Ukrbmw
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