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  1. Stopped counting after 10x in one year with my rock crawler Jeep....used to roll it just for fun LOL!!
  2. Congratulations on the new ride, Jose!! Looks very nice!!
  3. My new TA2 car has the spec Wildwood brake package. We had done front rotor cracking issues after debut at TA2 November COTA last year. They made it right. That’s much better than s lot of other folks do!!
  4. I'm all for having an open discussion! Like I tell my students - be able to articulate your screw up, own up to it, take your lumps, don't argue...the longer your argue, the longer you stay....the clock does NOT stop ticking....you are just screwing yourself.... Oh, the number of excuses we heard all day...."wasn't me....." - "well, if I did, where did I do that? You owe it to me...." Multiple passes under local or FCY....then running the BF for multiple traps trying to get them in....so the offenses just kept on piling up....sometimes it would be 30 minutes or more between infraction and the black flag visit - mainly due to the number of folks we had to chat with...sometimes because they kept on missing the BF - eventually we'd send a pit lane marshall to their box and have them called in...no, you don't get a pit stop first, you get to come straight to BF.... Our standard response was: You've been called on it (and maybe it was one of your co-drivers due to a driver change), it was witnessed by a corner worker and then verified on camera by race control - there are cameras here EVERYWHERE....if you'd like to view the infraction you are welcome to pull way on over and go view in the control room.... However, those that had the shortest time fessed up to it, apologized, and served their time penalty very quickly.
  5. What a douchenozzle!! This is my handiwork from working BF at WRL COTA....this is what happens to you when you pass multiple cars under FCY....you get to "learn" what a yellow is...to really reflect and have a few minutes, to, well, fully EMBRACE the yellow....be one with the yellow.....learn the yellow, live the yellow....well, you get the idea! 😎
  6. I’m noodling around a dirt track test in a Late Model...embracing my inner redneck!! LOL
  7. Sounds good Matt! Memorial Day weekend is looking good...!
  8. Reserved paddock parking is a must at certain events...also...who you know makes a huge difference...especially if you’re pulling in with a transporter and have five cars parked garage style....I still owe the paddock Marshall a bottle of whiskey, we never crossed paths that weekend. Leverage your relationships - work things out so it’s all good! At COTA we were way off in the corner by grid, perfect for us but really out of the way for everyone else!
  9. Any track that Lobstah is on.....well, it's the best track to be on!! Seriously though - any track your on, no matter how much you may dislike it compared to your "dream" track....well, that's the BEST track to be on at that given moment! I will tell you that my two least favorite tracks are: TMS Infield....boring....but the closes to my house MSR Houston....well, it's Houston....total PITA to get there....flat as a pancake....oh wait...it's got that little launchpad thingie....so sure LOL...I know, I've probably PO'ed the folks here that are members there...don't take it as bashing....due to the before mentioned PITA to get there....that's my main gripe....hauling 73' of "fun" through and/or around Houston definitely brings the suck! I'm sure you Houston guys feel the same about having to go through DFW to get to ECR and Hallett, I get it! I'll post of my list sometime soon...
  10. It's all Lobstah's fault....it always is....he's always getting his claws into someone's craw....dad.... 🤣
  11. Jose - try Daytona....not knocking TWS, but the banking was quite minimal compared to Daytona.....even Homestead-Miami....it's crazy when you can smell / feel your splitter getting chewed up at speed while you are dialing in car setup! It's like a sweet incense burning smell that you are trying to quantify....at speed....with some vibration (from it chewing up)...LOL!!! Oh....and holding the throttle to the floor while concentrating on NOT hitting the wall! Wheeeeeee!!!
  12. I race with his son, Simon - we are on the same team, really nice guy!
  13. Definitely not a new idea....totally aware of that....that's the funny thing whenever I post an article like this folks are like "hey, well, you know _____ did this as well...."...yep.....hate the black eye it gives our sport!
  14. It's going to be AWESOME!! And a great test of your cool shirt system... LOL!!! Think of all the weight I'll lose....
  15. Hard to beat outdoor karting!!! DKC is a blast! It's that driving through Dallas part that brings the suck to it (for me)....for you...you are close!! I'm looking forward to checking out Cresson's new Kart Track!
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