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  1. Jose - that is awesome!! First race for you, right?!?!??? Get it!!!!!!
  2. Craaaaap!!! Ian was telling me about the incident last night - glad all involved are OK!!! Cars can be replaced....yeah, hurst financially but walking away is the main thing!!!
  3. Karen at EA followed up with me to see how the rest of the event went - I appreciate that. We all learn from feedback (especially ME with my driving!).
  4. You were HUSTLIN' that car!! One heck of a "go kart!" Yes, that's a compliment!
  5. Wife and I are staying at the "poverty" RV section (Geico Hilltop Campaing) on top of the Esses....load-in Thursday, saying until Sunday afternoon....drop me a PM....will actually be doing some "work" with Team Penske and then Finspeed for some articles....gotta love "work!!"
  6. I'm on bias ply slicks - literally the "worst" racing tires ever...especially in the cold...fast hands...accelerate hard, brake hard - straight line - that's what we do on the pace lap leading up to race start....do some sliding....that's how you put heat into tires....I get it....first lap....putt putt putt parade lap around....but then the 2nd, the 3rd, etc....my beast bucks, snorts, pops, snarls at anything below 45 mph....so basically I was in neutral through most corners....learned my lesson....again, not complaining, just stating.
  7. Ian - when I signed up for this event there were very specific instructions on experience level and lap times....I signed up for Very Advanced, stupid number of events / 2:30 and less - which is apparently the White group.
  8. I'll be speaking German next week...well, at least "Prost!"....when in Rome....er, Stuttgart!!
  9. Crap!! That brings the suck!! All the way around.... BTW - a bruised tailbone is a horrible thing....bruised mine 30 years ago in a motorcycle wreck and it still bothers me... WX was definitely great! So - my "pull no punches review".....first time to run with EA at COTA (other than when EA "administered" the SCCA Test Day at COTA for the Super Tour, that's a totally different animal)....I was in the fastest run group (White, at least that's what they kept on telling me)....so, first off...a LOT of really cool cars, I mean a LOT....almost like a Cars n Coffee type of event....however, my not at all humble opinion...the cool cars did not translate into talent on the track....first session Saturday morning was nothing but parade laps...no, I'm NOT kidding...parade lap central....myself and a Ferrari Challenge car both pulled in to Hot Pit to separate from that nonsense (listen, I get it, first lap of the first session...sure...but THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE FASTEST RUN GROUP - you are supposed to know how to drop the hammer....right?????)....well, we both chill a bit and go back out....and catch right back up to them....pull in again....separate....same thing..... Ferrari Challenge guy has a chat with EA staff....as do I...."well, you know this is DE, right?" Um, sure....but that's the fastest run group, right? Yes, I came in an separated....sure, I'll make sure to grid up first....BTW, I mentioned to them my experience out there running with Chin and the expectation level set with Chin in the fastest group - your hand should be pointing before the passer ever has to slow down.....I also mentioned that with Chin it was seriously hammer down time...the WHOLE time....sure, someone will maybe be a tad late on a point but very, very rare..... Alright - so I go out the 2nd session....I roll up early, 12 minutes or so early....so early the grid gatekeeper looks at my sticker and my wristband...says "you know your group isn't up yet, right?" - um, yeah, that's why I'm here....to be the first LOL....so, she got it....I roll up and see my buddy Dave running grid....as soon as it's time I'm GONE....as in G O N E.....the Ferrari Challenge? He's behind me....we are both G O N E.....when he starts pushing I point him around and we've got GLORIOUS open track....so glorious...well, until a few laps....then we run into a somewhat faster parade lap group....no, not as horrible as the first session....but seriously, some folks that should no way in heck be out there in this group....you are asked what your lap times and experience are when you sign up with EA for COTA....it's very clear that either folks did not put down the right answer....or else were mis-grouped....you could tell by their erratic driving....the "oh crap" when they realized that you were behind them.....there were a few that I'd pull my nose up along side their driver window....trust me....they know I'm there, you can both HEAR and FEEL me (the car)....anyway....LOL....it is what it is..... 3rd session was much the same, first up, with a Radical and the Ferrari Challenge behind me....we all hammer down and get it....then eventually run into folks who were rolling chicanes.....all in all I had fun though. Ended up having some mechanical issues so we only got those three sessions in, ended up enjoying Austin. So, that's my experience, this is NOT a "bash EA" post at all, just giving my experience with it - there are those (the majority) that had a BLAST!! I should have prefaced my post with this: I am not a fan of DE....I came out to COTA as testing for racing there in June with my Monte Carlo - trying to decide whether to run this one or the Camaro....I think I've got more pace with the Camaro.....so, I'm really bummed about not being able to make the Chin COTA event, heading out of town that weekend. Chin is really my preferred track day group, when I run track days....yes, I'm an a-hole....I know that. I just set my expectation level REALLY high.
  10. Good deal - see you there!! BTW - the garages are looking event better at ECR....dropped off my stuff last night....
  11. Tomorrow / Tuesday night: Cigars n Racecars at Tap In on Main St in Grapevine (March 19). Come awwwwwwn! @Clay @dunhamr1 @CBraden @BRZ4Science @Ukrbmw
  12. At COTA this weekend. I think we are running MSR Houston over Memorial Day...will you be there?!
  13. All loaded up and ready to head out tomorrow!! Anyone else staying at the Hilton Austin Airport? If so, I'm sure I'll see you at the bar....LOL
  14. Picked up the Full Monte Carlo today....from Concierge at ECR. The track is looking BEAUTIFUL!! Progress is being made on the new garages (the previous covered paddock)....
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