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  1. Alright, good deal Solo!! Here's to being race car rich LOL!! 🍻
  2. There ya go! Jump into the Gladiator Ring! Feed the addiction!! Come awwwwww Junkies! Take that next step.......
  3. Y'all put too much effort into the "thinking" part! LOL...just buy a race car and get your butts on track!! You'll never regret it! Sure, you'll be poor like me...but it's worth it in the end! I'm race car rich, bitches!! While all of the rich folks are going to exotic destinations I'm slumming it at Homestead...seriously, if you've ever been there, it's not glamorous...but it's FUN!
  4. LOL! Part of COTA will be testing a team mate's BRAND NEW TA / GT1 car...as in an 850++HP fire-breathing monster...whoo hoo!! At least that's the plan, if it's finished in time... Pretty much all of our cars are stripped down to the bare tube at this point, I saw a pic of mine this morning from the crew, it's got some new skin going on, but other wise, pretty naked....Sebring beats the crap out of cars!
  5. I believe it’s being moved into the other car in a very hurried effort - due to COTA here in two weeks.
  6. Lobster....this is the pro car, it's based in Minneapolis...
  7. Most likely going with this for my Monte Carlo too...especially fitting for that one!! Plan to debut it at COTA SCCA Super Tour this Feb 7-9.
  8. There's also a lot of stuff that they "forget" to fix on the newest models...I think we've got the MXG in my TA2...took almost a WHOLE season to be able to get the MPH to show on the Smarty Cam video....and this is working with the AIM folks! LOL Oh, you want a rearview Smarty Cam too? Sure, that's $1K....um, no, um, sorry, we can't get it all to sync for you....ugh....so anyway, my new/never used rear not so smarty cam is going to another team mate....LOL.
  9. If you brake correctly (threshold braking followed by trail braking) ABS is not an issue...brake hardest first and then trail off right as you are turning in, even with some overlap depending on the car, corner, etc. What I drive (TA2 and ASA/GTA cars) has manual brakes..I left foot brake and JAM/MASH on the pedal (900-1,200 psi is normal for a HARD brake)...you don't get a lock up at 150, 160, 170++.....
  10. Around the paddock, AIM = Another Italian Mistake LOL!
  11. True comfort comes from sipping champagne and tasting the best morsels of the sea at the rarified air of level 40 in your private jet whilst on the way to many a various world-class track knowing that your one-off ride is cradled in the arms of a dedicated transport...carefully unloaded while the crew wears gloves as soft as a baby's backside....hey, I can dream, right? So, one of my team mates (un-named for this) has the choice of at least three private jets available most of the time...however, he did have to fly commercial to check out his latest track toy, a bad to the bone Merc GT3....it was sort of the "condolence prize" of the bunch though...I swear, I'm not making this stuff up...I only fly commercial, first class, but always commercial...I "suffer" through it...then again...I've been flying a loooooong time...and still have a looooong time to go (fingers crossed LOL).
  12. It does look pretty cool...don't hold me to it, as I'm probably mistaken...but I thought I read that you actually never take possession of the car...that would be a deal killer for me...ie - it's an arrive n drive that you own...but you only get to use it during race weekends...hope I'm totally mistaken...as it does look like a fun track toy. The wifey has been considering a Formula Mazda as a track toy - the downside to that is that *if* you were wanting to do HPDE only then you'd probably be SOL...however, no issues for us at ECR (and at other tracks where folks are members) as there are dedicated formula car sessions. Parts / consumables are CHEAP.
  13. Sam - go wrap yourself in bubble wrap...LOL...you shouldn't need it...but it's nice to have...
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