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  1. NASA has a Factory Five Challenge class for their Cobra Roadester knockoff. I've seen some videos of them racing, with NASA, don't recall any in SCCA that I've seen though.
  2. That's the issue - I have the space, the dedication, the tools, probably the skills, time though - time spent on that is time I should be at the track - I'm under the weather today and the last few days so I can't / don't feel like driving (or the sim) so my mind is wandering....a buddy of mine who is MAJORLY skilled - and an engineer - he went to build school...for the Cobra knockoff (MkIV?)...three years later he had not completed it, too much of a perfectionist, he'd constantly re-engineer things. A mutual friend saw that and said "screw that" and he went out and bought a completed one - that's probably what I'd do...I must admit, it would be fun to do! Yes and yes. I think they are probably bigger in NASA as I've never seen them in my time with SCCA - that doesn't mean that they are not there, I just haven't seen them. It would be a track toy for me - then again, I've got that, the Monte. I would love to hook around in one of these or the Cobra knockoff....
  3. I think I'm having race car withdrawals right now...but my wife brought this up a few weeks ago and has since not wanted to go any further...but once my gears start turning...uh oh...so, PLEASE TALK ME OUT OF THIS....or any of the other available builds here: https://www.factoryfive.com/type-65-coupe-r/
  4. Whew! Lots of work to be done on the Vette - but, boy oh boy, it's going to be sweet! The Eldo looks GREAT!!
  5. As a fellow TrackJunkie...and a member at ECR...I'm more than happy to host folks as a guest at ECR, provided that I am out there.
  6. No reciprocity - it's something that I always hear though - not a member at either place. Most tracks are more than happy to take your money to come out and run on a members day, just my experience - it may not be your experience. Some tracks (ECR) let a guest run with a member for one time at no charge - other tracks still charge for the guest to run, even if its the first time.
  7. I gave up on the "toolbox shuffle" a few years ago - I was lucky enough that the previous shop owner set up my pit box (which stays in the Full Monte Trailer) with every conceivable tool for an ASA/GTA car...along with spares. Separate box for Garage Mahal, separate box for trailer - makes my life easier. You can never have too many tools! I spend lonesome Saturdays just walking around the tool aisles...
  8. Yeah - that is very nicely done cordless tool storage! So....a few years ago when I moved into the Garage Mahal I got a smoking deal on this, it's got a drawer dedicated just for cordless tools, also has various electrical plugs, etc. It's a nice setup: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Milwaukee-46-in-16-Drawer-Steel-Tool-Chest-and-Rolling-Cabinet-Set-Textured-Red-and-Black-Matte-48-22-8510-8520/306136151
  9. Shuka makes a very good point - so, ask yourself this - if someone else was driving your car and you were behind your car - would you feel safe with the setup? Meaning - is it safe for everyone else?
  10. "Hey, you've been 'VolunTOLD' to do this...."
  11. Very nice, well done!! https://nasaspeed.news/columns/gopro-move-of-the-month/new-track-record-at-nasa-texas-season-opener/
  12. We've got a nice beer fridge, TV, and a bunch of camp chairs...it's nice to have a race on when hanging in the garage...used to have two nice leather recliners but then my crew chief said they "had to go"...my favorite hangout time was watching LeMans for the whole 24 hours...well, except that awkward falling asleep at 4 am and getting up at 8 am...the red bull/vokda worked until a certain point and then it didn't....
  13. Looks fabulous! Nah - just put a cot in the corner, or a recliner or two...sponge bath from the water fountain...you'll be A-OK! Race cars don't mind if you have an "aura"....others may, but race cars don't mind! LOL!
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