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  1. Good deal!!! Yeah...I hope it's open and folks have access! Heck, it'd be nice if my wife could be there too...hopefully we can have pit passes, etc...not sure how it's going to work for this race.
  2. That Caddy is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pimp!!!
  3. I know Nick, he's a great guy!! Man, it could've been so much worse! Glad that *you* are ok!! In the end, that's what matters! Well, you AND the Nick!!! Yeah...ball joints...even "unbreakable" Howe Ball Joints break...ugh....so yes, replace in pairs!!
  4. Yes, you have guessed correctly! LOL!! Thank you! I'm a huge fan of the NASCAR road races as well - the cars I race/raced have all been stock cars (ASA/GTA and TA2)...a perfect "feeder" for it. Race is supposed to be live broadcast on FS1 on Saturday, May 22, at noon central time, please tune in!
  5. Thank you, Pete!! General Admission, top of the Esses, is where I plan to be for the XFINITY and Cup races!! I actually bought tickets when I was going to be a spectator... LOL!
  6. So pumped!! Making my NASCAR debut at the COTA Truck race in the #49!! A lot of my buddies are also doing this race - it's going to be FUN / CRAZY!! SCCA racer Brad Gross enters COTA Trucks for CMI, NASCAR debut https://www.thecheckeredflag.co.uk/2021/04/scca-racer-brad-gross-enters-cota-trucks-for-cmi-nascar-debut/ Stay tuned for more details, livery reveal, etc...thank you for your support / trash talking!! LOL!!!
  7. 5-7 seconds from what I've seen, on the pointy end.
  8. Sounds good and likewise!! I needed my beauty sleep (more than normal) that morning LOL!!
  9. Max - we waived at each other a few times! LOL!! What a great weekend! I "destructed" (I mean instructed LOL) another instructor's son...got him up to speed very quickly! He did awesome and had a blast! A great weekend at a great track put on by a great group! I took in the Novice classroom sessions as I like to harass (I mean HELP LOL) Marc...I've gotta tell ya, the 3rd classroom session (the one on Sunday) gave out some GREAT knowledge that I have yet to hear from other groups...there was a 15 minute nugget of GOLD there that I bet a LOT of folks still don't know / practice correctly. It took me awhile to figure it out...but once I did....the lightbulb came on STRONG!!
  10. See y'all there! Instructing.
  11. It's awwwwwwwwwn! Sometimes you just have to speak up really loud! LOL!! Oh my, let me tell you the fun you're going to have with that tailbone....I bounced off of mine on hardpack dirt (first time riding my RM250 as a 14 year old...I've never let go of the handlebars since LOL!!)....it was just "bruised".....yeah, ok, sure....either way....welcome to sitting on a hemorrhoid donut!! And don't worry....it won't go away....for decades.....I'm about to hit 50 and it "more or less" stopped being really bothersome a few years ago....kind of....sorry to be the bearer of bad news....but make sure *every* seat / chair you are in is nice and comfy! BTW - WELCOME BACK!!
  12. As an Ed Duh Tor...I find this hilarious!!!
  13. Racetech sells the different cushions for each sit if you need to get a "custom" fit...just throwing that out there - meaning, if your body/frame fits in the seat just fine...there are ways to tweak the fit to get it perfect, for you.
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