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  1. LOL! My wife and I almost got tested after renting one (a garage!) !!!
  2. I would email the track to verify. Flack and I serve on the Texas Region SCCA Board...asked him about it being open for members this weekend...he said yes. You have to remember that it’s been a crazy schedule getting this going...as in busting butt all day...for a looooong time! Patience is a virtue!
  3. Will be out there having some fun this weekend!! Woo hoo!!!
  4. The above is a WEALTH of knowledge from serious track day folks, w2w folks along with the manufacturers of the equipment.
  5. Some team (Manufacturing News Racing) has two days scheduled too....the nerve of those people!! Oh wait...that's me....LOL....but it's on a Tuesday/Wednesday...so LOOKING FORWARD to it!!
  6. Castrol SRF will take care of the soft brakes in the interim. Congrats on the sweet ride! Still miss my '13 Z006 - was such a blast! More power? Your call, of course...as long as you can drive it hard and have dependability! Cooling, cooling and more cooling would be my main focus. Like mentioned above...a good baseline test would be nice....to be able to say that I went from X:XX.XXX to _______, a reduction of _______ seconds at _____ would be good. Sometimes the changes you make may not help....just something to consider.
  7. Was not there but it seems like TMS may have failed to properly plan / design safety barriers for the infield course?
  8. I’ve got the large nitrogen bottle in the trailer, it lasts at least a year for airing up severely leaking bias ply tires. Works well!
  9. I’d like to come watch / root for y’all! But...something about Laguna Seca....LOL!!
  10. Oh Matt....let me tell you...it’s CRAZY...in EVERY way!! But a LOT of FUN!! You should come out for COTA Trans Am...first weekend of October...SVRA too!!
  11. Gotcha...it’s the engine that I bought from Katech when I had the car built. Katech is at all of the Trans Am races, Beau (from Katech) was under our tent a bunch helping us out! As part of Katech’s sponsorship of the TA2 series they provide technical support and engines to the track for each race!
  12. It was race-ending...but I’m rebuilding the motor as insurance for future races...it’s right about time anyway...MUCH cheaper to do a rebuild than have to buy a brand new one...although i was prepared to buy a new one if needed to make Road America but we are going to take a few weeks off...so, next race will be with me piloting....October 4-6 at COTA!! I’m heading to the Rolex Monterrey Reunion at Laguna Seca this weekend to get measured for a new Stand 21 suit...they are there and the timing is tight....so, bonus...get to watch some FANTASTIC vintage racing!!
  13. Max qualified P9 in a very talented field of drivers and moved up to P7 then the following... From Max: It was a long day today at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for the Trans Am Series TA2 Race. I was able to make up a couple spots and we definitely had a shot at running in the top five. Unfortunately another car had an issue and dumped all of its water on the track right in front us in a high speed corner. I was able to get the car back on track but by then, enough grass had gotten in the front duct-work to overheat the motor ending our day. Overall, we showed fast and consistent pace all weekend and proved we could run with some of the very best in Trans Am. I’m very proud of my team and what we were able to accomplish despite the results not reflecting it. A huge thanks to Brad and Dani of Manufacturing News for the trust and opportunity they gave me to race this weekend. The TRB Autosport guys were awesome and worked hard all weekend long to get our chassis set up perfect. Katech once again had fantastic track side support and helped us throughout the weekend. I just want to thank everyone for all their support these last two races. It really means a lot and we’ll be back even stronger for the next race! BTW: The Mid-Ohio race will be televised along with Road America from what I know, found out this weekend.
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