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  1. Oh yes!! Quite the unforgettable experience!! Ready to do it again!! It wore me out though...actually went to bed before 10 pm last night lol!!
  2. A fantastic first Trans Am Series Racing weekend at COTA! My pro racing debut! It was like drinking from a firehose! Finished P21 out of 32 in the #59 Manufacturing News Chevy Camaro, there’s a LOT of room for improvement...will be working on that for the next race...Daytona!! Thank you to Troy and Ed and Rick and Rick, Andy and Emrah of TRB Autosport and Cameron Lawrence for all the coaching!
  3. Sacrilege! The track gods will not take kindly to this! You must pay homage to the tune of monthly pilgrimages...don't mess with the track gods...just saying! 😜
  4. Tomorrow / Tuesday night: Cigars n Racecars at Tap In on Main St in Grapevine (October 1). Come awwwwwwn! I'll be there at around 6:30 pm - have an errand to run first. For those of you that know my buddy Mike, we are having a remembrance of sorts to celebrate his life (ie - toasting him and telling stories...), so pretty much like any other time...
  5. Latest update (some member-specific stuff deleted - let's just say that you'd be REALLY happy with what it says!!).... There are so many things to update you on! We’ll have to stick to the urgent ones and work our way through a few more in the next newsletters. · People: Brad Flack has joined ECR as General Manager. Brad has a been a thoughtful, passionate leader in the DFW Motorsports community for decades. He has driven, instructed, championed and organized more events and people than seems possible. We are so very excited for Brad work with the team to define ECR 2.0. Please… be nice to him – he has no idea what he has gotten himself into, and he will need all our support to make the place insanely great! · Track: Paving of the Italian Canyon is half way done (see picture); three more paving days to go. It will bring the track to a total 2.7 Miles, with a sweeping fast section, a very long back straight – and the new turn 5 and 11 geometry. It will be much more than the sum of its parts. We can’t wait!!! The gods get angry when we give exact dates, so we are just going to keep moving – and keep you posted. We have a million initiatives in the pipeline – and we are stretched a little thin as we manage construction and operations at the same time. Thank you for your support and patience while we fight on !! Best, Your Friends at ECR
  6. Vinnie - headed there for Trans Am, November 12 - 17!
  7. A LOT of folks love to go to COTA...me included - I like to go where the racing is! The entry fee is really one of the cheapest parts about racing...trust me when I say this...I'll be there this weekend competing in the Trans Am Series in the TA2 Class. 165 at Road America is easy/breezy....and fun....that's the easy part....it's the stopping and turning part....and then doing it again and again, lap after lap....fortunately there are a lot of long straights to help cool the brakes! What class / body did your uncle race in?
  8. CONGRATS Jose!!!!! Finishing, driving in the rain....AND....WINNING!!! Awesome!!
  9. That's why it's called testing! Trust me when I say this - I found the limit of every corner! I had to back it off for the last session or two...track temp was 131...my corner minimums were faster than the tires could handle!
  10. Sacrifice 1 to get a run out of 2! Rocking on!
  11. Thank you! I’m EXTREMELY blessed to have a very supportive wife!!!
  12. T1 to T14....the Rollercoaster is a BLAST!! The car tends to weight / unweight there so it can make for an interesting ride! I got a little wiggly there a few times...some changes to the car definitely helped! T1-to-T14.MOV
  13. Start / Finish Flyby... Start-Finish.MOV
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