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  1. Spoken like a true champ!!
  2. Sounds like a normal recovery from the party the night before...sounds like you should've drank just a tad more...so you would actually expel the demons...trust me...I've been doing this for awhile... LOL!!
  3. Waiting for comments on #2...must not make comments (the voice in my head)...LOL #3 - LOVE HPR!!!!
  4. Copy that - yeah, Austin would be a perfect place to call home, I'm sure! Will keep my eyes/ears open, as I'm sure our fellow TJ'ers will do too! Regarding instructing - I still like to do it to give back and help folks get interested in the sport, but I don't like to use my own equipment to do it. And I don't like to mix instructing and dealing with race car on the same day...too much / overload - from both a physical and mental perspective - at least for me.
  5. For the folks on the hunt for new opportunities...can you give a quick summary of what you're looking for / current skillsets, location (or desired location), etc? You'd be surprised at how small of a world it is and a connection may pan out...
  6. Excellent!! ECR will be starting its own...soon...very soon...!!
  7. BTW: the track has been shortened a bit...now it's 2.5 miles or something similar. It's VERY physical to drive...and FUN!!
  8. The off-road track is *close*...very close...I ran it a few months ago when it was just a rough / slightly-mowed down area....now it's been dozed / graded with some jumps, banking, etc...sill some more work to do, but I hit it pretty good this past Saturday...there's a nice table-top...needs to be extended...I've over jumped it a few times (sure, I could slow down...but why?? LOL!!)... RZR-ECR-Dec2020-1.mov
  9. You could also try a tad softer front spring...that might upset the overall balance too much though. My TA2 car is sprung very soft, there is a lot of movement on the platform, it's all about the weight transfer...
  10. Joe: good seeing you on Saturday, what a beauty of a day!! You keep on looking better and better out there! What adjustments do you have on your shocks? Reason I ask - any way to go with a little less rebound on the front? ie - once the front is set, that should help keep the weight on the nose a little better for trailing in.
  11. There's only one way to find out...case of beer, high heels and Matt!!! 😂
  12. I agree y'all....I just asked more from a perspective of "wonder if folks could take that car straight to the track"....back when the 427 C6 convertible came out I was in a quandary...as I LOVE drop tops...and this had the Z06 motor...ultimately I decided on a true Z06 (the '13)...oh man...so glad I did! And that's what really got me into this mess!! I've seen pics of a flattened C6 vert before...I truly love a cage...I absolutely hate tracking a street car...especially MY street car...
  13. Quick question - I see what appear to be two roll-hoop style structures, one behind each seat - does this meet the requirements for track use for a convertible around here? And...the color - very cool / interesting...I like colors that tend to "shift" depending on how the light hits it...
  14. Some things just can't be unread... LOL!!
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