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  1. Nice! Now get those bushy eyebrows out!! And get ready to run from the lads.....Zeuss.....Apollo!!!!
  2. Interesting stuff...so...you've torn it down...the fun part is ahead...putting it back together...correctly...better you than me! Curious if you'll need more tools...or is this a case of "tighten it all to torque spec and it's all good?" (since you're not putting in a new R & P?).
  3. Very pretty! I've been wearing my aloha shirts lately....
  4. If you every come run at ECR I'm more than willing to help you - in the paddock or on pit lane! So...with bias ply's on our 2,830 lb tube frames we'd start at 17-18 cold with a target of 26-28 hot - really 27-28 hot. An idea: start out with a little higher pressure and go make a few laps...bring the car into hot pit...have your helper take pyro readings across all 4 tires...then drop 2 psi and repeat...several times.
  5. Resisting as much as I can! LOL The shop where my car is at is also a full-blown CVAR / SVRA shop...must say no!! LOL! As you can imagine, there is all kinds of cool vintage eye-candy (and speed) there!
  6. Very nice!! What size tires? I used to run bias ply on my GTA and my previous TA2...they were 27/10-15 though...probably more of a balloon than you've got...we still run very similar cold/hot pressures in our similar sized Pirelli Radials though....what are you starting at? It almost looks like you might be running too little of pressure (wear on the outside edges). I'm no tire expert though...it'd be worth it to get pyro readings across the tread though.
  7. I've put donuts on Porches...free of charge!!! 🤪
  8. Heading to Simpson to get it from the HQ? You probably know this but Simpson owns HANS, Stilo, etc....and probably more LOL! Or Winding Road? Both are great!
  9. I get sound out of both my helmet speaker cups and my ear molds, both sides.
  10. Welcome! Nice Vettes! I used to have a Centennial GS, a beauty of a car!
  11. So, I actually find this stuff HUGELY funny! Some of the comments from folks that will NEVER ever see a racetrack, let alone get a racing license or a pro license...they make some of the stupidest comments...pretty funny stuff...I actually thought about replying...but, why feed the trolls? I mean, I've got Matt here as it is! LOL! Love ya Matt!! BTW - I followed up with Andy Lally ---> "That's wasn't me being brave...that was me losing brakes..."
  12. I could show you the pic, but for your eyeball's sake...I won't...my wife took a pic of me after my day was done...I was BRUISED from top to BOTTOM on my back / backside...they've now turned from Black/Blue to dark red...it seriously looks like I've been whipped for being naughty...LOL...the real culprit was the top / halo of my seat...if it wasn't for that...it would've been MUCH better....that and the little plastic window on the front of the window....one of the NASCAR tech officials looked at me and said "better you than me! I'm not knocking you, because I know I couldn't do it...but wow,
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