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  1. Adding to the above - question for the OP...where were your eyes? Meaning, where were you looking? We (as humans) have a strong tendency to go where we look...our body will do all kinds of things instinctively to make that happen...even in a car, on a motorcycle, bike, etc...
  2. Looking at the OPs video (thank goodness you are OK! And, next time, once you know you've gone past saving it, let go of the wheel and grab your harnesses - high chance of breaking your wrist...I've tried to be a "hero" before and it REALLY hurt...no break, but a bad sprain, courtesy of The Bitch)...it's almost like he was vectored / aimed to the left....I don't know...it's like he just hooks it left...I've been through there that far over in bad conditions at the start of a rain race, trying to get past a fellow competitor....around the same speed (I think I was higher on entry), I'm off the brakes, on the brakes, on the gas, off the gas, riding his bumper...so a HUGE amount of weight transfer...I was vectored correctly though...at least in my mind...video of what I'm talking about...
  3. @Matt93SE @BobKid Y'all check this out, might be helpful: https://eaglescanyon.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Turn-by-Turn-ITALIAN-CANYON.pdf Also, if you go here you can see each turn with more info...just mouse over each one: https://eaglescanyon.com/track/
  4. Bob - I saw you changing your marks between laps....that's good though...I watched a lap and a half...you need a better phone mount LOL!! That's all I could take...I felt like I was at Sebring LOL!! Just a few little corrections will have huge improvements...this is only based on the first 1.5 laps...tidy up your lines in a few spots, get on the gas a tad earlier if you can...happy to ride with you next time you're out...
  5. Matt - you will be faster!! And get even faster! I seriously cannot stress enough how important fresh brake pads and race fluid are at ECR...I run Pagid pads with Alcon rotors and calipers and Castrol SRF fluid. I've also got a butt-ton of cooling...remember that my TA2 car has to run a 15" wheel...there's not a lot of room for brakes...we have it maximized to the TA2 ruleset for what we can run. I also do a lot of trail braking and use the brakes to balance the car...so...during the Chin Happy Hour I ran a straight full hour with no issues, granted, this was not at race pace but I made respectable laps and stayed out there the whole time...27 straight laps.
  6. So will T14!! On the old layout I used changes in pavement, cracks, squiggles, etc. as reference points...this time, it's ALL fresh, so it will be a learning experience! Matt: ts was dropping down into the Canyon (the old T10) that was the PUCKER factor! And coming up blind for the back straight. ECR is still HARD on brakes...You might run the front pads for just one session, I'd recommend full pads though...and spares!
  7. Bob - wanted to come out and spectate on Saturday but the day got away from us...so, glad you had fun at ECR!! This Saturday....we are running the full course BACKWARDS!! Going to be epic! You should come out! I plan on running it. I haven't ran backwards here since the old layout...and I LOVED it!
  8. I like how car yahoos "screws" you buy labeling your car "overpriced"...sheesh! I noticed that all P cars were labeled that way....I have no comment either way as I know nothing of P car values...just an observation.
  9. LOL at myself!! Robert - I just now, as in right now, realized that this thread was for NOVEMBER...not the Chin ECR event this past weekend...LOL...so, the info I gave you about food trucks, etc...well, that applied to last weekend...LOL!! I might make the November Chin ECR event...it's the weekend after I'm running Trans Am at COTA...so, gotta see how that all goes...
  10. Matt - it has CHANGED! And for the better! As we discussed, same weekend as Trans Am...so, that's where I'm going...already committed to that long before this ECR SCCA date came out...really sucks though...same sanctioning organization...I really wanted to race there and kick some tail in GT2! Oh well, next time...
  11. Robert - I don't think I saw you or your car out there, did some looking around for ya! Had a blast out there! Ended up just running Saturday. The Happy Hour was EPIC! I think I was the only one (may have been another) that ran the full hour...27 laps...car was strong the whole way! After that, I flopped out of the car...I was BEAT!! It was hot and I was whipped! So glad we put the hydration system in...having the wifey give the "minutes left" countdown helped too...it was good to be in the car that long though...prepping for COTA Trans Am in November.
  12. Boom! Looks like an overachiever to me! I’d be happy with a beer drinking skunk! LOL!!
  13. Yeah, just walked in on the tail of it, my wife gave me the play by play....now Pardus is off to NASCAR land - crazy weekend for him!!
  14. On a qualifying (or any out lap, except a race pace lap) out lap you GO FOR IT! On the pace lap I go full throttle to the extent I can, spike the brakes, repeat until it's time for formation...build all the heat in the tires and brakes that is possible! But that's just me.
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