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  1. Having a blast!! 7B5E9940-14F0-4184-B324-F82A2C3F8BA5.mov
  2. Thank you! That is the plan...move forward!! The WX looks great, high in the 70s, low in the 60s...maybe a little bit of rain...but I've racing in the rain, even with that monster!!
  3. Um...guess I have to explain it to you then...no matter what body type you have...Stand 21 can build you a prefect suit. Is that clear enough for you?
  4. Stand 21 - literally the end all, be all, of racing suits...you can buy off the rack - or get custom fitted - trust me - it gets very invasive...but the results are literally magic! The upcoming PRI Show (December) is the place - Stand 21 will be there, or you can go to their USA HQ in the Los Angeles area. I had a bespoke Simpson and it’s OK...the Stand 21...WOW!!! My body is DEFINITELY custom LOL...long torso, short legs, Buddha belly, 6’ 300+ pounds, linebacker legs, etc...they take measurements of you in all kinds of positions...and photos...it’s worth the $$$$!
  5. Love the Bronco! I foresee a lot of body damage on that beauty though...just speaking from experience. Prove me wrong, please!
  6. Thank you! In Milwaukee. Daytona next week.
  7. Wish I was! But racing at Daytona...y’all will have a BLAST!!
  8. Interesting stuff... Penske Just Bought IndyCar Hulman & Company has sold the series, as well as Indianapolis Motor Speedway, to Penske Entertainment Corporation. https://www.roadandtrack.com/motorsports/a29683690/penske-buys-indycar/
  9. Car is looking sharp! First time to do a NASCAR sponsorship, pumped!!
  10. Silky....smooth.....Sam likes to touch the track, we've had to warn him a few times...when the grid marshall isn't looking Sam gets out there and rolls around on it, yes, it's that smooth! Smooth to the point of no graining on my slicks - they came off looking like brand new... LOL!
  11. Always fun when idiots try to flex their imagined muscle...and then they get back-handed LOL!!
  12. BTW - he's one of "us" - started off in karts, grassroots racing, SCCA, SM, GT2, TA2, etc...his NASCAR debut was at Road America a few years back - he went out and approached teams that didn't have a driver lined up for RA...next thing you know...he's racing!
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