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  1. Stilo....go visit their HQ just down the road from you (ie - Simpson HQ).
  2. And I'm trying to decide what series / races to do this year...in a perfect world I'd run all of the SCCA and TA2 races...but that bag of racing money isn't really a bag anymore...more like a little coin purse....so....might just do some "bucket list" tracks with Trans Am this year....will see! This is also my first year in Trans Am to actually OWN #13 - the actual number, as in, it's on the official list of numbers with my name / company next to it - it took me a few years to finally get it....to keep it I've just got to get my Vehicle Declaration Form in by January 15th....all for the low, l
  3. Thank you, Matt!! I'm gonna miss Dale - it was especially sweet because I had two of them at one point....but I do like this one quite a bit! Dani was bellyaching that "I can't tell which one is yours, there's so many black liveries out there" - in Trans Am. It stood out just fine in SCCA...usually because it was at the front or at least the pointy end most of the time!! LOL!!!! Now it should be MUCH easier for her to spot!!
  4. I've got this, works very well: https://www.simpsonraceproducts.com/products/simpson-helmet-and-fhr-bag
  5. Just to offer a comparison, obviously separated by a LOT of distance....pricing for MSRH is very similar to ECR (which is a FANCY / AMAZING track): Eagle - $5,000 Initiation / $250 Monthly Dues Platinum - $10,000 Initiation / $500 Monthly Dues
  6. I appreciate your candor on the track surface - that truly sucks!! I hope for your sake - and for all enthusiasts - that Cresson will do it RIGHT! I know that it was painful when ECR did it right....there was MASSIVE engineering / testing done *before* any work on the track....and then it was ALL torn up....and started FRESH, from the ground up! I witnessed a LOT of it first-hand...it was CRAZY!!! But totally WORTH it!
  7. DO IT!! I'll even vouch for you! You know that we have an approval committee...right? I barely got in...LOL...no, there's not an approval committee...and I KNOW that you'd be a GREAT member to have at ECR!!!
  8. FANTASTIC day at ECR!!! Official debut of the 2.2 mile #off-road track at #eaglescanyonraceway - we spent a few hours giving taxi rides to members and showing them the thrill of the dirt!!! I cut a tire on the last trip out there, no worries, new tires on the way!! Tim Williams running the 2.2 mile ECR off-road track. Drone pilot / footage by “Dozer” Paul…he also BUILT the track and maintains it to a high standard! It’s AWESOME!! The video goes through two full laps of excitement!!
  9. The Autocross / Roadrace subforum is legit though....the rest of it....a LOT of stupid....and such.
  10. Nice! Now get those bushy eyebrows out!! And get ready to run from the lads.....Zeuss.....Apollo!!!!
  11. Interesting stuff...so...you've torn it down...the fun part is ahead...putting it back together...correctly...better you than me! Curious if you'll need more tools...or is this a case of "tighten it all to torque spec and it's all good?" (since you're not putting in a new R & P?).
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