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  1. Local sale in Houston would be great
  2. Sparco Evo Plus and Sparco Circuit Plus, good-great condition, no tears, minor scratches during fitting. Also have two seat mounting brackets and one slider that are negotiable. From a BMW E36.
  3. I have done one track day with my 1LE and had a blast (bone stock). The big girl can dance. It’s a 4500# car so it will consume brakes and tires (especially if you don’t max out camber). My 987.1 Cayman S was more fun on the street, but was never going to be a track monster. Throw in a warranty and cheap Chevy parts (compared to Porsche or BMW) and its a no brainer. I never once thought I needed another 200hp in the ZL1. I was amazed at how fun and exploitable the 1LE was on track. I will be at MSRH with Chin on 6/9 if you want a ride.
  4. Mike, can you give us a review on the IC200?
  5. Planted side mounts (uprights) and recaro sliders with 987 Cayman seat base. Both Driver and Passenger side.
  6. Front pads for 987 Caymans. Used for two sessions (one dry, one wet). Already sold rears. Selling car.
  7. Basically brand new Aim Solo DL. Bought Feb 12, 2018. Includes RAM mount and extra long CAN harness. I used it for one track event. Great for recording oil psi, oil temp and engine coolant temp (among other signals) without installing gauges. Customizable displays. Also liked having predicted lap times.
  8. I would like to join in too as a guest if that's possible
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