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  1. If you have the time, focus, dedication, skills, tools, patience, friends and space to do this build, then yeah go for it, if not pass.
  2. @Thundermoose Denis great interview you gave to NASA speed news! https://nasaspeed.news/columns/driver-instruction/time-trial-techniques-2019-nasa-champs-part-2/ thanks for sharing.
  3. Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway 1.67 Rollercoaster -September 2, 2019 Lap Time: 1:16.4 (RaceChrono) Ambient temperature: 94 degrees Car: 2002 E46 M3 Estimated weight with driver: 3076 lbs Whp: 262 AVG NASA Tires: Continental Challenge 265/40ZR18 2nd session on new configuration, tires 22 HC, and corded after this sprint. With cooler weather, fresh tires, and data analysis, 1:14 or better should be attainable.
  4. Not sure if applicable but here is an off the shelf bypass from the uk when switching to a race steering wheel https://www.demon-tweeks.com/us/simoni-racing-airbag-warning-canceller-kit-sra1212/
  5. Adding 200tw (participation trophies) does not dilute classes at all, but by adding extra drivers increases the likelihood that the class is eligible for contingency. So please sign up scca drivers!
  6. The top drivers in TX TT4 will likely have better times than the top drivers TT3 this season...unless you and Ken come back...
  7. Actually this looks to be a configuration like tws. So not super crazy speeds...
  8. MSRH NASA Registration Open https://www.nasaproracing.com/events/2996
  9. SM race at tms. Think about them being 4,5,or 6 wide and then funneling into the chicane and infield...amazing chaos
  10. August, not my favorite time to be on track in Texas, so where is this going to be and why this venue? Here is my completely speculative list of possible destinations. 1) Texas Motor Speedway 2.83M circuit (includes infield). Why – Would likely be the fastest circuit in NASA and make TWS slow in comparison. This is a 1.5M oval (chicane layout) and 1.33M infield. Expect average lap times in the 1:30’s, best times possibly in the teens (gulp) and miata’s in the 1:40 to 1:50’s (sorry). Big American muscle would have a field day and event likely to also attract Exotics. Would attr
  11. Also mine is a narrow unit which allows me to store 4 cars in my 3 car garage with no squeezing by.
  12. I have used my 4 post for both storage and maintenance for the past 6 years. Love it. However if I’m doing work that requires wheels off or don’t need underneath access will do that on floor with jack stands. Very solid platform and zero hesitation doing forceful work. Not anchored. Bought used and can’t recall mfg but it is American made and is more than 15 years old. No problems. Recommend aluminum ramps.
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