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  1. Agilt

    Tire Trailer - $100

    Thanks Marcus :) Currently on hold for one of my autocross guys. HDA is in line after that
  2. Located in Houston, NW side Tire trailer I've had for a few years, came as a package with my MR2. Taking up space in the garage mostly, so would like to see it gone and put to use. Has been stored inside(washed off the drywall dust for the pics), tires are in good shape tread wise, but a few years old now. Have towed to TWS and eagles canyon with it loaded down with tires, fuel, tools, and ice chest. Tows very nice, still easy to maneuver by hand fully loaded. Completely rewired using heat-shrink sealed terminals and LED lights 3 similar keyed locks Cable for through tires Bolted down box Nice plastic sheet floor Added rack on tongue, sized for 3 VP fuel jugs, but could be used for other stuff. No TX plate, can provide bill of sale (still has the old GA plate from '13) Comes with unused spare (not pictured) 1 7/8" ball $100 bucks
  3. Not exactly "race car" material, but good for sprucing up a daily. Set of four SRT wheels. All straight and true, light daily driver curb rash. 245/45 and 275/40 Yoko parada specX tires, hold air and are driveable, but all are pretty worn. Early model TPMS sensors installed and were working fine (about 6 years old now). All cleaned up and ready to go! $550 obo Also have 3mm (used, to clear RT spindles) and 8mm (new, allow 275's all around for RT) machined aluminum spacers I'll dig out and throw in for another 30 bucks
  4. Have conversed with a few of the gridlife peeps before, seem like good people. It's kind of a party where a track day breaks out more than straight SRS BZNS track time. They have a pretty open time trial ruleset as well. Though the RdATL event this year is primarily the festival. Keep trying to coax them into trying to do one in Texas, think it would do great. TWS would have been perfect
  5. Yeah, mostly that. Pretty incredible that just a taillight was the only damage. Otherwise, brake bulb still work and the its red lens still attached? Break off the rest of the jagged plastic and run it.
  6. I use Westside Upholstery on Brittmoore. Just had them repair/recreate a side bolster on my MR2 driver seat. Had them do headliners and other seat repairs over the years as well. Always had good experiences.
  7. Doubtful on the bearing buddies/ez lube hubs. Cheap to get though and just pop in. Check the wiring especially around where the lights are spliced in. Often trailers come with scotchloks (i.e. vampire splices, quick splices, etc). They're terrible and quickly devolve into poor connections. Worth the bit of time to replace with heat sealed/glue splices. Same with the heavier gauge brake actuation wiring, though that is usually done a bit better. Poor trailer wiring is a pet peeve of mine. Also don't go cheap on the straps. Get actual car tie down straps with snap hooks, not the open j hooks. The vettes also have t bolt holes IIRC to be able to tie down with. I prefer to tie down to the frame to keep the car from bouncing but I know tires vs frame tie downs are a point of discussion. But whichever way make sure to use good straps and anchors.
  8. This is awesome. Very impressed by the homemade fiberglass work. And reinforces my desire for a TIG box
  9. That Honda color is a metallic and pearl (if description is to be believed), which is very sensitive to prep and the quality of what you're shooting onto, i.e. everything has to be super clean, smooth, and flat.
  10. I've never heard of a zero experience wrap attempt coming out well, especially with expensive material. And numbers that I've heard thrown around for a "pro" wrap aren't cheap. And paint comes out looking like what went into it, both prep and money-wise. My opinion would be plasti-dip or hold off until you can afford a proper paint job.
  11. Oh, mines the dopey looking MR2 next to it, the Miata belongs to John @Megahellastylin
  12. My car came with one of the horrible freight trailers converted to tool/tire trailer. Had a box on the front a little cage on the back to hold 4 225/45/15 tires. I added a rack on the front for three fuel jugs and some tie downs so I can strap a full size cooler on top of the box along with a couple of camp chairs. Between that and some various stuff in the trunk of the car I'm pretty much self contained for a track weekend. I also rewired it using heatshrink/glued connectors and LED lights (I hate finicky trailer wiring) and took the load spring out of the packs since it will never carry enough weight to need the short load springs. Rode a lot better after that. I tried finding a full pic of it but best I could do is these from work, can see the fuel jug rack in the first and the box (lid open) and tire cage in the second one. I like the idea of the casters to store it upright, will have to look at that.
  13. Where did these washers come form?
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