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    928 S4

    I owned an early one for a couple of years. Repainted Cobalt Blue it looked amazing. It was an automatic, which for some reason never bothered me at all in that car. In fact it seemed suited to the car's nature. Amazingly comfortable, effortlessly fast. Hell, dangerously fast. I would find myself going 20 mph faster than I thought I was, and had to resist the urge to pour on another 20. I would love to drive one out IH10 now that the speed limit's 85. I sold mine when the transaxle started making funny noises and a couple of mechanic friends scared the crap out of me with stories of
  2. That may be the single greatest statement ever made on this forum. There must be a punchline, or at least a t-shirt, in there somewhere.
  3. I received a warning from DPS for no front plate on my Miata about 4 months ago. I rigged up a front bracket using a thin piece of sheet metal, bent into a 90, and 3 zip ties. It mounts to the side of the grille opening and attaches to the tie-down hook and an existing hole in the grille mouth. It doesn't obstruct airflow, involves no holes drilled, and probably weighs 3 ounces + the plate itself.
  4. What's the curb weight of an LS-powered Miata? John, I don't know if you've had yours on a scale. I'm curious as to how it compares to a stock NB or an SM car.
  5. Jeez, where's the multi-millionaire TJs when you need one? Sounds like I may need to put this on the to-do short list before it's another Riverside.
  6. It's very true. I don't know what his speed was at the point of impact but they were lapping at 225 mph in practice. At those velocities when you get airborne it's no longer a car crash; it's a plane crash. All the harnesses and crush zones on the planet aren't going to do much, especially when the car rolls over before touching down like his appeared to. Sad, sad day.
  7. I use Corey Henderson at Henderson Performance in New Braunfels for my dyno tuning, but it may not be practical for you if you're in Houston. At any rate I like Corey a lot and think highly of his tuning methods, which focus on the "area under the curve" and not just a peak HP number. Edit: Sorry, I just read the full title of your post and saw that you're definitely looking for a dyno guy in Houston. Sorry as I'm no help there. I'm wondering, though, how well a dyno is going to be able to accurately display any gains from your airbox, which may not manifest themselves until the c
  8. I don't think their m/b pricing is specific to a certain locale. I believe DT service writers have carte blanche to reduce or even waive the mount/balance fee completely. I took three sets in as many weeks to one of the SA stores for mounting and balancing a couple of years back. The first time the guy quoted me an extortionate rate, which I got him to cut down some by having him look up my name in their system to see how much business I've given them over the years. The second time the counter guys recognized me and charged me $7 per tire. The third time it was a different, but similarly re
  9. My guess is (surprise) based on the state of the economy. I think a lot of "fringe" enthusiasts who might otherwise decide to sign up for a DE simply don't have the spare change right now.
  10. That sounds liike a worsening of the bump that's been there for at least the last couple of years. I wonder if the recent rains in the area have made the ground underneath there go crazy. I was already apexing a couple of feet out from the spot where I felt I should be. Always seems weird to go through there offline, but on the occasions when I didn't do it I was rewarded with the car stepping sideways just before transitioning from hard on the throttle to hard on the brakes, an eye-opening experience
  11. Thanks, Chris. Those are fast times and make for a great car vs. bike comparison.
  12. Hayabusa-powered TR at Spring Mountain: http://www.youtube.com/user/tootallbob
  13. That's actually a totally different body sold on the TRs that leave 600 Racing in road-race configuration. What I need to do is fab some fenders that bridge the gap between sidepods and the nose and tail sections. Probably not that hard if I had any focus whatsoever. Item #342 on the to-do list.
  14. The Birkin has fenders. Vestigal, but fenders. My car's tires are fully exposed. I talked to Eric about it a couple of times and he ixnayed the idea. I'll have to run it by someone out there again.
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