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  1. I tried a motion platform at a shop here in Houston - it's a much more expensive setup than what is shown above - The motion does help quite a bit making it feel more real. The thing I struggle with most on sims is feeling/sensing slip angle and I could sense that much better in the motion rig. My current rig is insufficient for the new direct drive wheel I just got. Motion platform is probably closer on the horizon than I originally anticipated (no need to buy a new rig and it not be motion). May be able to give real feedback on one of these sooner than later.
  2. Agreed - the pricing is finally not astronomical
  3. Check this guy's review out for the H3 (he also did an H2 review). I am strongly considering an H3 or H6:
  4. Skimming through and oh my, just about lost it here: "Which then leads to not being allowed to work in the basement anymore and building a new DETACHED shop" What a beast! Dude is definitely not human
  5. Just_Hayes


    Sorry, should have asked that question better (was actually thinking about the battery comment). How much weight do you need to gain? Are you tens or hundreds of pound off your goal?
  6. Just_Hayes


    Wow, love this project. I really like what you did with the front dam and ducting. When I did a splitter for the GTI it was always a concern on clearance and ripping stuff up when going off track. I decided to go the 'consumable' route (thanks Lotus) and make the mounting 'sacrificial' (aluminum). Something with a built in escape path is a better idea and more livable. I am sure it has been asked before...how big of a concern is weight?
  7. Nice, that makes sense. Sounds like the perfect daily
  8. This is super cool! Hopefully I'll get lucky enough to catch it in person some time. Is the car particularly sporty/fast?
  9. I'll plan on being there. Robert, probably a dark grey either xl or xxl should work.
  10. As long as I can make it I'll be there...what is this about shirts? Can I have one? Mondays are bad for me but every other day that week I should be able to make work.
  11. Thanks dotframe! If you or anyone you know would like to try it out let me know. To borrow a prototype for a period of time is not a problem (well, for a TJ); we just want feedback in return.
  12. I have a plx circa 2011 with the dm6 gauge and the narrow/wideband in the garage. Never used If anyone is interested let me know, would be happy to get it out of the garage.
  13. Came to PRI for some meetings about GhostDash....Sat inside chassis number one today and talked to the engineers behind it. I like the vision quite a bit! Supposedly 2-3 are already planned to come to TX.
  14. For a prototype this is a steal...interested to see where this goes.
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