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  1. I'm working on final details, but I thought I would throw this out there. ERIC FOSS RACING Driving Clinic Stage 1 (includes Trackside support at MSR Cresson) >>> Must have solo track experience. <<< Recommended for HPDE Solo and inexperienced time-trial/racers with limited adjustment cars Entry is $850/person ONE FULL DAY: Six participants max. (approx. 2.5 hours on track) Trackside support from TOPP Racing (professional race team) 30 minutes of on-track exercises Overview of dat
  2. Michael: Funny I haven't changed my rate in four years. It's $1k/day and I provide a Traqmate and GoPro video during the day of coaching. John: I can assure you one day with me will be much more effective than a new set of tires. Let me know when you are ready. In all honesty I appreciate the interest in my coaching and hope that any you will consider it in the future. Schedule me early as I'm booked most of the next few months and it doesn't matter which track we do the coaching at. What I teach will apply to any track and any car. If anyone needs references on my coaching please
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