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  1. This is so freaking cool. I'm jealous.
  2. vchengap

    Goals 2020

    Do you have access to a sim? That helped a ton with my LFB. Using it daily on the street also helps you build the sensitivity/resolution of your left foot. Although your current technique is interesting - I've never heard of anyone doing that before. Do you ever completely move your right foot over to the throttle or is it always straddling both brake and throttle?
  3. vchengap

    Goals 2020

    In 2019, I somehow managed to spend more money on my track car than any previous year while doing fewer track days than any previous year (only 2). Hoping to flip that trend in 2020.
  4. I used to get my custom alignments done at Growler Motor Labs (formerly Cobb Tuning) in Plano. They always had good service and fair pricing. Unfortunately, it looks like the owner abruptly closed the shop a few months ago and went on the run. Don't know the details but I know a lot of customers' cars were abandoned outside the shop. In any case, does anyone know of a decent performance-oriented alignment shop in the Dallas area? I'd rather not have to drive all the way to Texas Track Works just for an alignment.
  5. Dang. And here I am bitching about replacing a busted pilot bearing.
  6. I converted my potentiometer T3PA (non-Pro model) to a load cell using the Bodin Solutions add on. Super easy to install and a complete game changer in terms of brake feel. The load cell behaves much more like a real brake pedal. Here's the one for the T3PA Pro: https://www.bodin-solutions.com/BLCT500/p1644578_7713861.aspx Not cheap at $150, but I would highly recommend if you want to improve your setup without paying a small fortune. The only problem is they frequently get sold out and you have to get on Bodin's waitlist to buy one.
  7. Yeah - there's definitely a lot of play in the plastic alignment tool. Need to see if I can track down an actual input shaft instead. Good idea - I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the suggestions!
  8. After a full day at Hallett, my car wouldn’t go into gear and I had to have it towed back home to Dallas from Tulsa (thanks for the help @Spaceman Spiff). I incurred a rather painful towing fee even with AAA membership. Some background: About 5,000 miles ago, I replaced the factory clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, flywheel, and pilot bearing (all with the Flyin’ Miata Happy Meal Kit). The service went smoothly for the most part, except I had a difficult time mating the transmission to the engine. I wrestled with it for a while before I grew frustrated and jammed it in a bit roughly and buttoned everything back up. The car ran fine with no suspicious noises until it wouldn't go into gear a few weeks ago at Hallett. My observations upon dropping the transmission: The throwout bearing is clearly not centering on the pressure plate diaphragm/fingers (see Exhibit A below). The pilot bearing is severely damaged with about half its roller bearings missing/torn off (see Exhibit B below). My diagnosis: I believe I may have screwed something up when I impatiently strong-armed the transmission while mating it to the engine. The clutch may have not been perfectly centered (even though I used the alignment tool) which made the transmission/engine mating more difficult. This may have caused the TOB to be off-center on the pressure plate diaphragm and eventually led to the pilot bearing failure. I have little experience with this sort of thing, so I'm hoping someone here can confirm or deny my diagnosis. Exhibit A - throwout bearing not centering on pressure plate Exhibit B - pilot bearing failure
  9. Twinsies! Solid car at a solid price. GLWS The rotting stock antenna can be replaced with the reliable Stubby for $25: https://www.amazon.com/CravenSpeed-Stubby-Antenna-Replacement-2006-2019/dp/B00846HT38/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=stubby+antenna+miata+nc&qid=1566957952&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  10. Thanks - that worked for me. Looks like a really fun configuration. Night and day from the old ECR. Loving the elevation changes.
  11. If it does happen, I'm posting the video here first 🤣
  12. From watching YouTube videos, it seems like a really fun track with a good flow. Runoff area seems decent but probably less room for error compared to MSRC. I don't plan on hitting any tire walls though.
  13. Cool. I’m working a full day on Thursday so I’ll be getting in late Thursday night. Will definitely come say hi at the event.
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