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  1. Was hoping to break into the teens but missed the mark by a couple tenths. Still hit a PB and had an illegal amount of fun in the process. Sorry about the awful sound quality. Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway 2.7 Italian Canyon - September 19, 2020 Lap Time: 2:20.2 (AiM Solo) Ambient temperature: ~80 degrees F Car: 2008 Mazda Miata Estimated weight with driver: ~2700 lbs Estimated whp: ~145 RWHP Tires Front: Federal 595 RSR 215/45-17 Tires Rear: Hankook RS4 215/45-17
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    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/hwPEPy44enk" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    2018 BMW M2

    Hey Chris - welcome! Glad I was able to point a fellow car enthusiast Redditor in the right direction. I’ve learned a ton from the good folks on this forum and I’m sure you will too.
  4. FWIW, I have the same issue with my UltraShield lap belts being too loose. I've been looking for a solution as well.
  5. This is the best description I've read of the MX5 in iRacing. Just feels odd to practice for track days on iRacing and then the real-world feel is so different. Congrats on the win BTW.
  6. I ran the Hawk DTCs a couple years ago and was really disappointed with how quickly I burned through them. Are the Raybestos ST43 available for the stock NC calipers? I don’t have the budget to pony up for Skip’s setup at the moment. Thinking about trying a higher temp pad like GLOC 12 or 14 to see if that helps with the fade issues I’m having. I also run cheapo Centric blanks and never had any issues with them.
  7. Damn. I envy that consistency even more than I envy the lap time.
  8. Track: MSR-C 3.1, 5/2/20 Lap Time: 2:37.89 (AiM Solo) Ambient temperature: 70 degrees F Car: 2008 Mazda Miata Estimated weight with driver: ~2700 lbs Estimated whp: ~145 RWHP Tires Front: Federal 595 RSR 215/45-17 Tires Rear: Hankook RS4 215/45-17 First time running the big track in 4 years. Better tires, suspension, and most importantly, driver improvement helped me knock more than 4 secs off my previous PB. Apologies in advance for the shit video and audio quality.
  9. Wow - really cool to see those torsional rigidity numbers. I knew the RX8 was a solid chassis but seeing the comparison to other popular track vehicles is eye-opening. I'm guessing the NC Miata doesn't have anywhere near the same rigidity even though the chassis closely related to the RX8 (given the whole no roof thing and all).
  10. Awesome! Come back and write a review once you give it a run. I've been tracking more affordable options in the motion simulator space and the DOF lineup is looking really attractive. Might be time to upgrade from my Next Level Racing wheel stand and old dinner chair 😝
  11. Quick update on the peak g-force during braking. I did some testing in an empty parking lot today and may have found my issue. It seems that I may not be braking hard enough. I really put some leg into it after warming up the tires/brakes and was able to get near -1.1g. I crosschecked the g's with the brake pressure readout from my ECU and confirmed that I needed a much higher brake pressure to breach the -1.0g mark. It's definitely an odd feeling to discover something like that after 8 years of HPDE events. Potentially game changing in terms of gaining a couple easy seconds at the track. I'll do some more testing at MSR-C this weekend on the 3.1. Just weird to think that I may have to retrain my brain on braking after all these years. Wish I had noticed this flaw in my technique years ago.
  12. On the topic of brakes, I went back through some of my data and compared with data from Sam (BRZ4Science) and Skip. The peak g-force I'm hitting on deceleration is considerably less than Sam's and Skip's even though they're running similar cars with similar setups. vchengap -0.70g BRZ4Science -1.25g 865 -1.10g I'm consistently peaking at about -0.70g (verified by both AiM GPS and internal accelerometer) whereas Sam and Skip are seeing considerably higher forces (-1.25g and -1.10g respectively). I appear to be losing precious time because I can't shed speed quickly enough. There's only a couple possibilities I can think of: - I'm not braking hard enough. Seems unlikely because I'm pretending it's leg day on the pedal in some corners. - I'm not braking quickly enough. Am I being too smooth with brake application thereby reducing the g forces? Again, seems unlikely. - My tires/brakes are not optimally set up. Not sure about this one. I went back through several years of data across several tracks and my peak deceleration is about -0.8g. Seems low for 200 TW tires, racing pads, and a light car.
  13. Yeah - that could definitely be a contributing factor. There's a story there. When I did my last front brake job, Carbotech sent me pads that were the wrong dimensions. I bedded those per their instructions before realizing they were faulty units. They then sent me the correct pads which I may have half-assed in bedding because I assumed the transfer layer from the first set would work just fine. Who knows. Probably just need to start over to your point.
  14. 200 TW. Federal 595 RSR in front. Hankook RS4 in rear. Will switch to the Hankooks all around once the Federals wear through.
  15. 😆 Seriously though - I do wonder if I'm being overly aggressive with the brakes considering I'm running pretty gnarly pads already.
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