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  1. Yeah - there's definitely a lot of play in the plastic alignment tool. Need to see if I can track down an actual input shaft instead. Good idea - I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the suggestions!
  2. After a full day at Hallett, my car wouldn’t go into gear and I had to have it towed back home to Dallas from Tulsa (thanks for the help @Spaceman Spiff). I incurred a rather painful towing fee even with AAA membership. Some background: About 5,000 miles ago, I replaced the factory clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, flywheel, and pilot bearing (all with the Flyin’ Miata Happy Meal Kit). The service went smoothly for the most part, except I had a difficult time mating the transmission to the engine. I wrestled with it for a while before I grew frustrated and jammed it in a bit roughly and buttoned everything back up. The car ran fine with no suspicious noises until it wouldn't go into gear a few weeks ago at Hallett. My observations upon dropping the transmission: The throwout bearing is clearly not centering on the pressure plate diaphragm/fingers (see Exhibit A below). The pilot bearing is severely damaged with about half its roller bearings missing/torn off (see Exhibit B below). My diagnosis: I believe I may have screwed something up when I impatiently strong-armed the transmission while mating it to the engine. The clutch may have not been perfectly centered (even though I used the alignment tool) which made the transmission/engine mating more difficult. This may have caused the TOB to be off-center on the pressure plate diaphragm and eventually led to the pilot bearing failure. I have little experience with this sort of thing, so I'm hoping someone here can confirm or deny my diagnosis. Exhibit A - throwout bearing not centering on pressure plate Exhibit B - pilot bearing failure
  3. Twinsies! Solid car at a solid price. GLWS The rotting stock antenna can be replaced with the reliable Stubby for $25: https://www.amazon.com/CravenSpeed-Stubby-Antenna-Replacement-2006-2019/dp/B00846HT38/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=stubby+antenna+miata+nc&qid=1566957952&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  4. Thanks - that worked for me. Looks like a really fun configuration. Night and day from the old ECR. Loving the elevation changes.
  5. If it does happen, I'm posting the video here first 🤣
  6. From watching YouTube videos, it seems like a really fun track with a good flow. Runoff area seems decent but probably less room for error compared to MSRC. I don't plan on hitting any tire walls though.
  7. Cool. I’m working a full day on Thursday so I’ll be getting in late Thursday night. Will definitely come say hi at the event.
  8. Thanks. I’m signed up for both days. Always excited to try a new track.
  9. Dayumm! Dream garage you got there.
  10. $1,200 for the G27 on Amazon - wtf?
  11. Agreed - the layout looks like it'll be a blast. Really hoping they'll have rental karts. I've only done the indoor K1 Speed thing. It was fun but left me wanting more.
  12. Yeah, me too. I think everyone trying to talk Ahmad out of buying the Vette missed this part in his first post: "I've always had my eye on the C5 Corvettes. Love the way it looks and would be awesome to check it off my bucket list." I'm in the same boat as a Miata owner. I often look at the C5 and C6 as a "wonder what it would be like..." daydreaming scenario.
  13. Looks like registration opened today for the Sept 6 - 7 (Friday - Saturday) Miatas @ Hallett event. I've never run at Hallett and would like to go this year. But i noticed that Friday registration is limited only to drivers with previous Hallett experience. Does anyone know if they'll make an exception for people like me with a decent amount of HPDE experience? I'd prefer not to make the drive up there for a one-day-only event.
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