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  1. Iracing Simulator- Full Motion Sold
  2. I am selling my full motion Sim Xperience rig. Turn key. Ill even set everything up for you https://dallas.craigslist.org/mdf/vgm/d/grapevine-iracing-simulator-full-motion/7159887840.html
  3. Iracing Simulator - Full Motion- Get Ready to Race. This is a turn key Racing Simulator You can be racing NASCAR, Dirt Track, Road racing, Off ROAD Dirt ! Closest thing to a real racecar. I will deliver it and set it up in your Man Cave, Shop, or Business. Race Ready Sim Xperience- Full motion Stage 4 Accuforce 2 Steering Professionally built PC with all the latest fastest hardware Runs 4 monitors ( Asus Gaming Monitors) or Virtual Reality ( Samsung Odyssey Plus ) 80/20 Monitor stands and construction $10,000 Might be interested in serious trade. Stan 214-Two Four Four-7826
  4. You live right around the corner from me. I eat at Manny's Tex Mex for lunch several times a week, Meet me for lunch next week If you get hooked up with TDE you will probably drop the others; many instructors do. TDE is a very polished HPDE. I raced all kinds of stuff over the years and after I retired racing I started coaching. TDE made me a much better driver, racer, instructor than I ever was when I was racing and thought I knew it all. If you can get on with TDE you will be surprised how much you learn. Its a whole different level than sitting in the right seat and keeping someone saf
  5. TDE is not going to let you instruct if they do not know you. You have to do things their way, It's their show. Where do you live in Grapevine? I live at Kimball and Dove.
  6. Ricky, I do not have any information on it or know much about the car. I bought it thinking I was going to be driving it a lot at ECR and since I was told they no longer need me I have no where to drive it like I thought I was going to. I have driven it a few times Once at MSR and once at ECR. Once around my neighborhood. Runs and drives great. It did great at MSR3.1 but when I tried to drive it full speed at ECR I found out it needs a new oil separator as it smoked when really transferring the weight in the turns. Driving around the neighborhood and out on the highway there is no smoke. I w
  7. Wow Brad that is way cool ! Everyday I think man Brad is living the dream Congratulations ! We will be eating lunch at Mannys Tex Mex Tomorrow if your interested.
  8. I thought for sure someone on here would be interested. Make an offer ! Might trade
  9. I have one I've been thinking of selling. Want to trade for the enclosed?
  10. I'll be at the event. ! Can't wait to be back at ECR ! Track Freak where do you live in Grapevine?
  11. 2003 Porsche Boxster S Daily driver/Track car you choose ! 95,000 miles New Tires and wheels $8500 Stan 214-244-7826
  12. I have some digital scales with cargo box, and the platforms and misc other set up equipment. I basically have everything to sit up a race car $1500 for the scales, cargo box and the Intercomp platform for the scales Stan 214-244-7826
  13. No Two cars will not fit in a single garage unless you install a lift which you are welcome to do. Stan
  14. I thought I would post some photos of last week at the track ( before the rain) ECR has decided to change the track to a full time off road course and save the expense of removing all the bumps. With Market Research it was discovered there is a need for such a course. Now Jeeps, off road vehicle and side by sides will have a place to call home.
  15. I will know more later tonight or tomorrow. The pavers are wanting to start before July28th to allow the hot weather to help smooth out the seams between loads of asphalt when paving the new track. We are trying to determine when the last day is going to be. Hold Tight I will post ASAP. I will need to let the ECR instructors know and then the forums once I find out if we are still on for July 28th or need to change the date.
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