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  1. Thanks will do, i'll sell all or in pieces.
  2. Posting on Facebook here  - https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/826919301181767/ Built this Spring, i'm keeping the monitor and stand though. I will split up the P1x and the Fanatec gear though if needed.
  3. Ordered it and decided on a halo seat. Never mounted, new in plastic. I have some side mounts and a slider that i can throw in for the right price. Delivery around DFW included. This is the vinyl version which i think is a little more durable. $750
  4. Sounds good. I'm bringing out a blue RX8 i just did motor swap on for a shake down. Have you taken the RZR to TexPlex? It's a blast
  5. Brad - i'm going out tomorrow morning...are the keys in it?!?!
  6. wide enough for Raptors or just atvs?
  7. So the organization is called OnRamps? Do they accept monetary donations and cars? Thanks for posting
  8. I always buy AIM, if only because it's what everyone uses and data is easy to share. Yeah it's painful to buy new but it lasts and is easy to sell later on if needed. There are ways to save some cash though, especially if you don't need a full dash. I feel like an MXL2 or MXG (large dash) is mainly useful for endurance racing. Something like a SOLO DL can data log and alert to temps if needed. To me a Smartycam is where the money should go and into sensors. My SE46 runs an MXL2 with oil press, temp, brake press, diff temp, fuel press and most importantly a calculated DTE and fuel levels. I ran a data hub to tie everything in. Whole setup was probably $4500 but for 8 hour WRL races it made me feel so much better about the car and finishing. All depends on what your goal is. I have a SOLO2 i use for my weekend car.
  9. Went out with my neighbor in his Spec E46 last Sunday for it's first track day after build. We chased understeer the entire morning and never got it sorted. The rear seems too low and was chewing the outside of the RRs pretty badly. Raising the rear and swapping out the rear bar. The car should turn 2:15s give or take with someone terrible like myself behind the wheel. Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway 2.7 Italian Canyon - May 03, 2020 Lap Time: 2:17.1 AiM Solo 2 Ambient temperature: 80s F Car: 2004 E46 330i SPEC E46 Estimated weight with driver: ~ 2875 lbs Estimated whp: ~218 RWHP Tires 255/17 RRs Didn't run video for some reason.
  10. After a long wait, frankly too long, the coilovers are prepped and shipping to me now. If only UPS would hurry up!
  11. Yeah don't think the NC is even close, for obvious reasons as stated. You can tell just when closing the doors how rigid the car is, it feels like a tank. I'm pretty happy so far but need more budget to get it completely sorted, but as a project guy i need this car to carry me over for awhile.
  12. Here's the charts, not sure how to get them on the same axis's.
  13. It's been long time since i submitted an update but not much was done until the last few weeks. I got the car back to Dallas in March and pulled the sunroof and installed a proper steering wheel. I also took it out to Darin @ MER for tune. We tuned for 93 and came away with some very nice curves....285 whp from 6250 to redline at 7250. Torque came in at 246 from 4500 to 5500. The car was really damn loud, apparently running with no cats and only a few resonators will do that but i couldn't take it. I added a sideways Magnaflow with a turndown exit behind the drivers rear tire (more on that soon). Still too loud. I then added another Magnaflow resonator before the diff and after the Y pipe. It's perfect (almost) now and can be heard on the track but is fine around town. It's tough to make a NA V6 sound good that's for sure. Installed some 17x10 RPF 01s and 275 R888Rs. I'm still waiting on the coilovers from Andrew and Penske. The machined parts are coming from Germany and have taken much more time than normal. On order is a new from bumper which i'll match to a splitter and 9LR rear wing with custom gooseneck uprights. I won't do all that until the Fall though when i'm prepping for the 2021 TT season. I need to sort out safety equipment, cage seats and whatnot...not sure what i'm doing in that regard yet. Lastly, i took it out to ECR yesterday for a member day. Drivetrain performed flawlessly and running on the original struts and springs was awful as you can imagine. I had a few tingling moments when i pushed it a bit too hard. It was my first time there since the rear section opened and I have a ton to learn. Car is still in 4x4 mode so putting 2 off, which happened a few times, wasn't a big deal. Car will sit about 3" lower soon but won't be so damn scary. Now to that exhaust....i had a feeling this would happen but that turndown melted the lower corner of the bumper and i ended up having to rip it off. I'm going to trim the entire lower section of the rear away soon since it's just a damn parachute. Still happy with my choice of build but have a long way to go.
  14. XLR8

    DOF Reality

    Just order a DOFR H3 yesterday. Jumping and building something i should have done years ago. I'm hoping it will translate a bit to the real world but we'll see. Once we get back to more normal circumstances i'm happy to let anyone take it for a spin. I'm in Dallas.
  15. hey can members come on these days too?
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