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  1. Thanks for posting. I'm a member and eagerly waiting. It's been a long way for everyone involved.
  2. There spots past the race ports by the "shop" that they count as RV spots. I personally prefer all the way down to hill, there's plenty of power poles if you get there by Friday lunch or so.
  3. Not yet. They are slow with updates. Waiting on a week of sun with highs at. Ugh this in the 70s I think. Some high end final surface apparently
  4. XLR8

    MSRC Expansion

    Yeah i'd have rather some extra configs or at least a resurface before a kart track but oh well. Should be fun either way. They need some additional paved paddock as well for busy weekends and covering. Track really is lacking in creature comforts.
  5. Oops, gone....a long time ago
  6. Fresh Update! Another update is certainly overdue, but we were (and are) in a frustrating window where we wait for temperature. Filling your inbox with ’still waiting’ e-mails did not seem so constructive. Yes – I am tearing my hair out too !! We are told daily by our partners that we need 6 hours of 80 degrees ground temp for 4 days for paving, plus several days before to apply our special tack and ensure the track is dry. Since we are paving in echelon (Paver side by side and the full width – we shared some pictures, see below) – the flow of trucks is a major production (we need some 35 trucks..) and can’t be improvised. Bottom line – we can’t plan for a reliable temperature and weather window until Mid to End May. The good news is this time we are going into heat so things may move around by a week but not much longer. We hope to catch a break given that we already paid our dues with the weather gods. In the meantime – the good news/bad news element of waiting is we got to observe the track over the winter, prep for paving, and chase down some water gremlins – to make sure we don’t have to disturb the surface coat once it’s done. We’re working hard to make any final changes before our paving window since we only really get to do this once. We have also: · Begun construction on the back section… so progress continues. · Enclosed a new 36 Car Garage bay. 2/3 are spoken for so if you interested in a garage – please contact us as we will give current members priority. We will plan to provide updates every couple of weeks from now on. We appreciate the support and enthusiasm – we’re getting closer to ‘go time’. Feels like the tail end of an Endurance race … we are fighting, weary and can taste the finish line. A little more patience and focus required before some celebration. Should be a fun summer !!! Your Friends at ECR 
  7. Brad - any more updates? I haven't seen an email in awhile but the weather has been super nice.
  8. Awe shucks thanks. It's only gonna get better. Putting in a rear cage next and then moving onto a stroker 408.
  9. Here ya go man. This thing is a money pit. Got some Kings on order and fiberglass fenders.
  10. So I have a 28 foot enclosed for weekends where i stay at the track. I recently bought a full size Bronco for offroading and need an open trailer to haul it. I also want to use it to haul my car around town or to close races with my golf cart. This means i need about a 22 foot steel with a dove tail and decent ramps. Since i'll park my golf cart sideways i need a 102". Long shot but if anyone sees a used one for sale let me know. It will sit outside doing nothing most of the time so it doesn't have to look very nice.
  11. Same here, 70 mins give or take to either for me. After driving Cresson for 6+ years i was tired of it and decided to join ECR last year and be part of this journey. I'm going to get a garage to share with another member and also look forward to the updated off road course to take my Bronco on.
  12. I pay $150 a month for storage off 35e and it's super secure and paved. I have a 30 foot enclosed though so yours would be cheaper.
  13. Nope. Members got an email yesterday and they're doing rides today. Still waiting on several warm days for the top coat.
  14. Yeah missed that one. Haven't been there in awhile.
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