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  1. Same here, 70 mins give or take to either for me. After driving Cresson for 6+ years i was tired of it and decided to join ECR last year and be part of this journey. I'm going to get a garage to share with another member and also look forward to the updated off road course to take my Bronco on.
  2. I pay $150 a month for storage off 35e and it's super secure and paved. I have a 30 foot enclosed though so yours would be cheaper.
  3. Nope. Members got an email yesterday and they're doing rides today. Still waiting on several warm days for the top coat.
  4. Yeah missed that one. Haven't been there in awhile.
  5. Not that i'm aware of. There has been drone footage taken back in December but not sure where all the footage is. I'm hoping the garage builds start soon because i need one, bad.
  6. Ok all here's the latest.... I’ll say it for you – waiting sucks. You folks are much smarter and more patient than I am. We get all these notes of encouragement: “Hang in there”.., “We’re with you all the way”, “do it right”, “good things come to those who wait”, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” Yes -- It’s built to last, and it will be world class. Every inch of the track is reconstructed from scratch. My Bank Account is very angry at me – it’s taken longer and been a much bigger investment than planned. And Yes… I know, “It’s worth it” (hopefully that doesn’t end up being the copy on my pan-handling sign) But we do it for the joy of driving… so we, too, want the driving part !! Our second asphalt base course on Roller Coaster (our new name for the 1.65 Mile track) is done. So we have a full loop with fresh surface; not the final surface… but a very good surface (a million times better than what we had). As you will recall, we need to wait ([email protected]#$%^!!!) for warmer weather for the swanky final 2” coat. We will install a few curbings (turn 11 and turn 3) in the next weeks to test the structure and length. They are FIA spec, smooth, 8 inches of concrete. Since they will be 2 inches higher than the current track… (waiting for the surface coat) we have to install the balance after the final asphalt lift. We are continuing endless backfill and drainage work – to protect our baby. And now for the fun part…. The time has come to give our patient members a taste of what we will get. We have mixed feelings, because it will be significantly better in the end… but its sooo dang good we have to give you a taste. So – we will be hosting some Taxi rides. Because several elements are not final, we cannot yet allow folks to ‘beta-test’ their own cars. We will evaluate that option in the next months. But for now you get to ride with us. It’s just a taste, and we will have to alternate groups and individuals depending on the day.. We will set up invitations to all of you for that to happen. So – stand by… and pray for lots of warm weather. Your Friends at ECR
  7. Finish wife's Bronco and get it back on the road. Install new diff in SpecE46 and try not to break this one. Enjoy ECR once it re-opens Go drive more WRL races
  8. Well damn, liked the August date and just assumed....thanks for the heads up
  9. Hmmmm looks boring unless you have a ton of HP. And in August no less. Ugh WRL is at HPR that same weekend so likely be there.
  10. Ah gotcha. In a year i can get around any emissions since it will be 25 years old and then i'll redo the exhaust. Sounds wimpy now. Seems like no shops around here work on these trucks. I had one Raptor shop help me with the steering but they don't do anything motor related. I'm going to install the suspension myself in Jan and then begin small repairs to get it ready for the spring.
  11. I know what a SC is but are you talking heads? I know almost zero about these motors. I think edelbrock makes some cool kits like one https://www.edelbrock.com/pro-flo-4-efi-kit-for-ford-351w-c-i-d-engines-35950.html?find=1995-ford-bronco-xl-351cid--5-8l--v8-164928
  12. Thanks! Cool! This one was a former Sheriff vehicle and pulled their rescue boat. The jokes never end!
  13. That's a great question. she has an FJ Cruiser as well. I think she has female Napoleon's syndrome. I'm building the truck for camping and just general around town use. Nothing crazy like jumping and shit unless we're being chased.
  14. So i bought my wife an early Christmas gift. It's white and has some notoriety. Anyway, i'm looking for a shop to help get all i can out this 5.8 (351W). It's the 2nd Ford i've owned and i'm working on the suspension and steering myself but need help on the motor side of things. Does anyone reccomend a shop in Dallas that works on these older engines? Here's one more photo to enjoy. I'll get some action shots soon.
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