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  1. Any update here? Curious since i have these calipers on a new car. Thanks
  2. Sure. Hit me up end of the year. I've got a Bronco that needs to be built and a 240z that needs refreshing...who knows
  3. Battery went in. Just waiting on AC and a finishing touches before getting ready for rear cage and safety stuff. Penskes wont be here until March.
  4. Denver. I like to build so need a project every year.
  5. That's fair and yeah i know all the do's and don'ts with cages and street driving so let's not unearth that topic here. Frankly i'll only come out to Cresson, ECR and maybe COTA and i'm fine with the potential dangers...i have a huge life insurance policy and amazing health insurance.
  6. thanks but i already race W2W just not in this car. Ok, i know Terry but not Chase so i'l reach out to him. Thanks
  7. TJers....i recently sold my Spec E46 to build something new and will likely try my hand at TT with it. As some of you know from my build thread i'm working on an RX8 LFX swap that was intended to be a weekend fun car. Well i'm now thinking i should TT it but know next to nothing about classing cars and the requirements. I'll eventually get around to reading the reqs but i'm thinking it's ST3/TT3 just based on rough calculations. I have run through the classification form but it gets tricky past that. I'm planning to install a rear cage only for harnesses along with a fixed back seat and wheel. I'd love to pick someone's brain over coffee or a beer one day, i'm trying to learn all i can before making any additional changes to the car that might missclass it. I'm in Dallas and happy to buy.
  8. Latest update: Just sent an order into Penske for some custom 7500DA shocks. Keisler is speccing 3 sets uniquely made for the RX. He will be machining all shock ends to fit them perfectly to the chassis. The RX has an unusual rear top shock mount so these will be inverted and provide around 7" of travel. Most off the shelf solutions provide 3" give or take. The math says these will be a slam dunk...we'll see.
  9. I love the AIM stuff but there's a learning curve. If anyone wants to sell a dash let me know
  10. Great post and thread. I was in this same spot a few months ago. I have owned maybe 8 cars i did DEs in, things like an Elise and several M3s. I built a spec e46 and raced for 3 years but grew tired of the sprint racing and like the strategy involved with endurance. While the spec e46 was fantastic for WRL a rebuilt motor was around $8k and diffs are expensive, not to mention suspension. I decided in 2019 to sell and buy me a track car that was half the price. I wanted something unique but that was cheap and fast, those 3 really don't exist. I landed on an RX8 with a Camaro v6. Chassis's are everywhere for under $1500 and motors are $600-800. PWR is around 11-1 and the rx's chassis is fantastically balanced. I can add a blower later if the power proves to be too little. I have one being built now and another that's caged being built for WRL. I like motor swapped cars for the uniqueness factor so long as it's an easy to find motor that can take a beating.
  11. Diff going in today. 3.91 ratio with an Eaton true trak. Keisler made the cover. Whole thing was $600 which is about 1/5 of what i normally pay in the BMW world, if not more.
  12. Radiator mounting and intake
  13. Here's an interesting read, the owner of the shop who makes the swap kit put this little document together. Full of great details. LFX+Car+Comparison+Brochure.pdf
  14. The 2.5 is a lot of fun and you'll enjoy. Calipers and bracket are coming from Keisler Automation, he designed and machined the bracket and did the engineering. I'm merely his guinea pig. See his Facebook site and there's a post about this, you can ask him there. Yeah i noticed that too. I didn't design or engineer the solution and am merely a test subject....well I'm the first car at least. We'll be testing them this spring but the math says these will provide more stopping force. I agree that the stock brakes are good and if this doesn't work i'm not out much money. No sir, these are Wilwood. I'd stick with the stock calipers unless these work as we hope they do.
  15. And a few more about the brakes. Wilwood Superlite 4 piston calipers Custom front stainless steel brake lines CNC machined adapter brackets and hardware. Why a caliper upgrade? Why not a complete big brake kit? Economically priced @ $600.00 vs. typical "BBKs" $1800+ The most inexpensive Rx8 unsprung weight reduction on the market. OEM floating caliper assembly weight- 11 lbs Superlite caliper + adapter bracket weight- 4.95 lbs Over 12 lbs of total unsprung weight reduction Upgrading to a larger 2 piece rotor will show minor improvements compared to the caliper upgrade. 2 piece rotors are approximately 2-3 lbs lighter than OEM and cost $700.00+ compared to $20.00 OEM centric rotors. When it comes time to replace the disc on the 2 piece rotor, the cost will still be upwards of $400. That money is better spent elsewhere for most applications. The caliper upgrade kit is designed around the Front Mazda Rx8 SPORT rotor. At 12.7" diameter, the rotor is sized sufficiently for competition use. Superlite calipers utilize a quick change brake pad design for track-side modularity. Superlite calipers house THICK brake pads at .63" for drastically extended pad life. Decreased brake fluid temperatures due to the Superlite calipers large aluminum composition. Fixed caliper design eliminates additional moving parts and potential failures found with floating calipers under extreme temperatures. 9% increased front braking force. The added front braking force is optimal when utilizing aggressive 200tw, R-comp, and slicks which shift increased mass to the front axle. The caliper adapter brackets were engineered and FEA simulated to withstand infinite braking cycle loads of 1650 foot pounds of torque. In other words, they will never fail.
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