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  1. I'm shooting to try and come Sunday but it might have to wait until later in September. Car sat all summer and now i've found a broken stud and can't seem to get a firm brake pedal. No sense in bringing it out to my new garage only to have to wrench on it right away.
  2. Looks like it's private or something. Thanks though ๐Ÿ˜ž
  3. Gonna beat Brad to this update... Here we go... This is the schedule for Friday and the weekend. And a Map with passing zones. A note of warning: these are our first 'select' sessions -- with all new rules for a whole new track, and special rules for the first sessions. We are still under construction in the back and will be continuing to finish paint on curbings / track and work on the grounds in the next weeks and months. We need to keep everyone safe and manage through it together. Please be patient and carefully follow instructions from our staff. We are soooo excited for it to get loud at ECR again ! Live Faster ! The ECR Crew.
  4. Nice. internet sarcasm is something i still need help with. MSRH garages will give you gonorrhea.
  5. Nope, never been a member there and frankly don't care much for that place. Maggie @ ECR is great and responds well. I'm just used to people being responsive in my line of work and that doesn't often translate to other parts of my life. I'm happy to take over the website updates and will tell them that. I have the free time.
  6. Yeah I get it but itโ€™s a damn email and a website update. We members have been very patient through this process I think
  7. Is there going to be a member's email telling us the track is open? Seems like communication could be a tad better. Once i finish my maintenance i'm going to move it out there, hopefully right after Labor Day.
  8. So excited! Tried to make it there Saturday but after a pit stop at TMS i rolled home. Moving into a garage next month and have a lot of shit to get done on the car before then. Need them to release a damn calendar
  9. But that's on their schedule, not ECRs. Two things we know though, ECR has cancelled a ton of events already and two, they don't keep up with the website. I imagine they won't cancel anything scheduled if they can help it.
  10. If so it's not on their schedule. I for one will be pissed if there are a ton of events when the track re-opens. I've been paying them monthly for a long time and supporting the re-build so hopefully they have lots of member days this fall.
  11. From Facebook. Eagles Canyon Raceway is hosting a Track Walk and Rock Picking party this coming Saturday (8/17) beginning at 7:30 AM. for a couple of hours. This is your chance to tour the changes up close and ensure the track is ready to open. For those who want to come enjoy the Texas morning with us, and help remove some rocks from run off areas as we tour the new track - we promise donuts for breakfast. Come out with your fellow Texas drivers and take a look at all of the improvements going on and get to know us a little better! No email yet as to the member day but i'm waiting until it opens and i get a garage to move my car out there.
  12. did they send an email? I didn't get one...
  13. Thanks for posting. I'm a member and eagerly waiting. It's been a long way for everyone involved.
  14. There spots past the race ports by the "shop" that they count as RV spots. I personally prefer all the way down to hill, there's plenty of power poles if you get there by Friday lunch or so.
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