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  1. HDA

    Recaros needing love

    Send me piiiiics!
  2. HDA

    Recaros needing love

    I am still here
  3. HDA

    German Beetle car

    It’s faster than a 997 S on a straight line in 2nd, 3rd, 4rd. Happy.
  4. Y’all are entertaining Buy the car you like the most. That’s all it matters. Especially when it breaks down.
  5. That’s crazy. Maybe open up the rear alignment a bit to make it rotate easily I have no idea what I am saying
  6. Pffff 6/10 @@Hollywood drives FLAT OUT
  7. Not sure why I am here.
  8. Congrats! Looks fancy. What color is it? Slate grey?
  9. HDA

    German Beetle car

    It makes too much power my ass. So the main shaft in the gearbox has a rough surface that does not allow the seal to...well, seal. Hence trans fluid leaks. a lot. Where? on the clutch disk => slipping. We pushed a bit back the seal and now it seals but clutch disk has been soaked for too long => new clutch disk on the way. Of course it's 2 engine out processes the whole thing. Maybe I should go back to an S2000?
  10. Missing an "S" for me but very, very nice color.
  11. Thanks for having me Robert! Great day!
  12. HDA

    German Beetle car

    Major indicted: the pressure plate is not strong enough. IT MAKES TOO MUCH POWER!! Love it. Still doesnt change that we gotta take everything apart :(
  13. HDA

    German Beetle car

    Clutch slips, she’s going back to the doctor
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