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  1. HDA

    Penis extension car

    Found the short shifter. I am always amazed at the interchangeability of parts between Porsches. The bottom end is from a 90s 964, I just bought the short shifter coming from a 2010 GT3. That’s 20years in between models, with the 996 in the middle. here is the part number I got. i like to use OEM racing parts when possible. Make: Porsche Manufacturer Part Number: 9974240109
  2. HDA

    Penis extension car

    Why would you put Japanese wheels on a German car? Tune + Ohlins + wheels done. If stock it makes 420hp and 416 ft/lb, post treatment it should be making 500hp and 510 ft/lb. next will be the short throw shifter from Numeric but at $600 it ain’t cheap! 😅
  3. So you are saying NA engines?
  4. I drove one on a track. white launch edition. it felt very numb but since most of my cars are old it may be that all new cars are like this? The steering was numb, the power was very BMWish. Most of all I could tell that this engine was not made to WOW. The interior felt very cheap for all the franklins they are asking.
  5. HDA

    Penis extension car

    They made the 916sps in 98 then it became 996SPS (same engine). They are wonderful machines.
  6. HDA

    Penis extension car

    Just got her back after the tune + Ohlins. holy shit.
  7. HDA

    Penis extension car

    She is aging but she is coming hard like Shakira at the Super Bowl. Intercoolers are on, Ohlins are on, new rear rotors and pads, fresh juicy oil, tune. I cant wait to drive it next weekend. Meanwhile I am playing with a new bike that I found: 1999 Ducati 996 SPS with 10k miles. Pretty rare as only 56 came to the US. Went through her with some maintenance this past week and she started right up! 😃 Unknowing when was the last time it ran!
  8. HDA

    Penis extension car

    I will keep it stock I said. installing Ohlins and bunch of other straight pieces of steel needed for the suspension stuff. also doing a tune. and spark plugs/coils and short shifter Nd intercoolers. But they shipped the wrong ones. MFs....
  9. HDA

    Go Kart

    I don’t care about racing. I just want to have a kart or 2 with which to have fun
  10. HDA

    Go Kart

    Still on it - I think I want to go the Kart route - shifter. Regardless of how many are racing.
  11. It is - I think 150lbs less than a gt3
  12. HDA

    1993 NSX

    Sent email - no reply
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