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  1. HDA

    German Beetle car

    Epoxy 0 : Porsche 1 I ordered the new part.
  2. HDA

    German Beetle car

    I have driven the Porker which now has an official name: MEINER. Meiner means in German “mine, as absolute pronoun, almost expressed in a childish manner”. Exactly. I took it on a drive in the Hillcountry, just 1 day (we need to do a trip guys!) and this thing in the back roads is a blast. Torquey, light, killing instinct- 600 miles in 2 days of pure raw. i have been having issues with the idling, searching on forums it looked like I had to send my ECU to a specialist, get a tune that may have not been right for my engine, go full independent ECU etc... first rule: check the engine and get your hands dirty - a pipe in the intake manifold broke and being rubber, as the engine heated up it would leak air thus making the idle impossible. Porsche wanted $140 for the pipe so I followed @thanasis11 advice which was “Epoxy that shit” and I glued it together. Solved. Now she idles fine where she is supposed to. Yay 😁 oh I also went back to a set of 17” wheels as I think it’s even more lethal that way. As the video shows, she definitely is. #meiner IMG_0744.MP4
  3. You may need this in the near future fantastic buy. *googles Valedictorian*
  4. I want to come, likely 22nd for me. May try to sneak a 21st morning maybe... if y’all are not going on the 22nd then I will take the bike
  5. Hey TJs, I am looking for a shop that can fabricate a custom muffler or connect an existing muffler to my headers. Does anyone know of a shop? meineke won’t cut it 🙂 it will probably need to be a race shop. thanks!
  6. Forgot the size - it doesn’t say but figure large - good for 5’9” to 6’0”
  7. I figure that many of us Drivers also work on body condition. If you want to start biking here is a great chance to buy an iconic Italian bicycle, in carbon fiber, that weights in total 14 pounds. Colnago ACE 150 Asking $850 if you like to negotiate, otherwise send me a PM to talk for TJ price.
  8. HDA

    Penis extension car

    Coming from you it really makes me think 🤔
  9. HDA

    Penis extension car

    The car was actually very stable. I think it could have gone up another 5/6 mph at least judging by how it was still gaining speed at 180. crazy.
  10. HDA

    Penis extension car

    Yeah It’s annoying to stay on the gas for so long.
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