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  1. I love the “ it mostly fit” that’s some real TJ talking
  2. HDA

    2004 M3

    Most expensive fuse EVAH. Congrats. That key is a masterpiece
  3. I’m out for Petit lemans that weekend! Have fun!
  4. HDA

    German Beetle car

    Aight so took the beetle to the track at MSRH yesterday and it didn’t break down. I am seeing temps at around 248F which is higher than what I want so I am thinking about putting a second oil cooler on the front driver side, where AC is. Cuz AC ain’t really working much so let’s just take it out. plus the cooler the engine the happier and the longer it will last. I found the Koni+H&R springs so good on the backroads yet too soft on the track (big news!). Looked at Ohlins, priced at $6.4k - the Koni setup is not that soft after all. ran with Kumho PS91 Tires in 18” which, I have to say, for a street tire rated 260 they were not bad at all! Will try with 17” next as I feel I need less grip to learn how to drive the 911. speaking off, if you want to go fast you need to throw away everything you learned with FR or Mid engine cars and start from scratch. Be humble. Try new things. Spin at diamonds edge (ops). A members day, trying these things with friends on track was really the best environment. Thanks again @Hollywood some pics because “feeling cute, may delete later”
  5. Thinking about it as well!
  6. HDA

    1999 SM - Lil Red

    I read OEOE on the pedals wondering what brand was that
  7. Is anybody playing on the 22nd?
  8. Do less research and just buy Robert’s car. AP1 or AP2 - whatever it’s an S2000. Buy one that has been maintained the best, since you plan to take it to the track.
  9. HDA

    German Beetle car

    Yesterday I was off and drove the car around Houston. Then it started raining and I found an open parking lot. Man that rear engine really slaps you when it “goes”. Continues to be a killing machine, pretty fast and incredibly loud. looking for a pain shop that can fix some rusting - any recommendations?
  10. Esatly. It’s a german vehicle
  11. When I ask a shop to do some easy stuff on my 911 (like bleed the brakes, etc) because I do not feel like / have time, the conversation goes like this. Guy: Hey sure we can do that, what kind of car do you have? HDA: ---silence--- Guy: Sir? What's the YMM of the car you will be bringing in so I can give you an estimate HDA: Emmm how much do you think it will cost? Guy: well that depends on the car, what do you drive? HDA: --- sighs--- a Volkswagen Beetle ---said very quickly---.
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