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  1. HDA

    2004 Porsche Turbo

    I really like those tips, I’ve been looking for a set but refuse to pay $300 for them. report back after the first ride!
  2. HDA

    2004 Porsche Turbo

    Looking at the exhaust tips it seems like it has the x50 package. Am I wrong?
  3. HDA

    2004 Porsche Turbo

    You will love it my friend. make sure you get it aligned “the right way” otherwise the experience is underwhelming (under steering). Enjoy in good health!
  4. HDA

    Penis extension car

    I should have not googled that
  5. HDA

    Penis extension car

    Waaaat?!? Was this the one in houston? I think I saw it posted on the LSR PCA group on facebook congrats my friend!! @Max
  6. Looks like a very nice car. I have a friend with many Hondas who could be interested
  7. No need. Leave early AM, out of the cities, always moving... who wants to repeat on 4th July weekend?
  8. A friend of mine is (was) selling a 2004 GT3 I thought I would pass it along. Pinned coolant lines and updated LSD are a big plus. Let me know if interested. Cheers
  9. Also the Helmet was out of spec in 2013. It was a cool helmet though
  10. They probably became better than new after your ownership. shared on FB
  11. HDA

    Lost in translation

    Thank you let me check the width of what I have
  12. HDA

    Lost in translation

    That would be great. I really don’t need the rails. My rails are recaro
  13. Hello, I need one of these (see picture) for my Recaro sliders. It serves the purpose of unlocking the slider for the seat to...slide. What is their name in the language of English? and do you have one or recommend a place where to get it?
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