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  1. I’d be in to do a Saturday - Sunday around the twin sisters with my TJs brothers. if not Brookshire to Waller to Carlos, TX ha some nice roads
  2. HDA

    Penis extension car

    So they seem to be reliable cars....
  3. I don’t think so. If it was I’d probably want to mention it if i were the organizer
  4. Here’s the link. If the 964 is ready I may give it a go. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2019-porsche-festival-tickets-63679296490
  5. Anyone going? $150 for I think 4/5 sessions with German beetles. Says 9am to 4pm - rather unusual time for a trackday
  6. ANd you say 7,800rpms? That’s heaven.
  7. Just yesterday I was thinking about the new Spyder, then I configured one and saw it was $109k and I stopped thinking about it. I think they are great cars, especially the pre turbo cars. I drove the GtS at the porsche experience center and the handling is just spot on, much easier to have fun with it compared to a 911. At the same price and same years I would pick the 911, that’s my preference because of the shape, iconic, and the memories. But because they are NOT the same price for the same type of equipment or year, the Cayman is the better car. for example between a 997 S and your Cayman S, man I would be confused on what to pick as the Cayman is the more fun, faster and reliable than a 14years old car... And especially after the 997, the Cayman interprets better the “nimble and simple” feeling of Porsche than a 991. so all this to say congrats! She’s a beauty and great choice!
  8. Ewww what is THAT ? Is that a Fiero? #911snob
  9. HDA

    Penis extension car

    Well it is extremely capable. The breadth of STUFF it can do very well makes it super-capable. it just does not EXCEL at any of them in stock form. But how usable it is makes it a fantastic car! I can’t think of a better car that I could buy at this stage of my life (kid, fewer track days, bored of loud exhausts and rocksolid suspensions for a road legal car, etc).
  10. HDA

    Penis extension car

    Dino wasn’t there but yes, that’s Thanassis
  11. HDA

    Penis extension car

    It’s not the fastest car. And I am Ok with it.
  12. HDA

    Penis extension car

    I really like this car, even after this weekend: let me tell you a story. Saturday I went for a drive up FM362 to FM3090 with 4 friends with C6 Z06s. That’s right, the 505hp ones, not the hairdressers types. I learned that those engines with free exhaust, a set of “baby cams” and a tune can put down 580 to the wheels. (!!!!) Anyhow it completely blew me away by how fast they go. I was WOT in a “taller gear” and Thanassis in his “baby cam Z06” passed me as if I was parked. Unbelievable. My penis is not that long even after extension. I also explored the limits of the 996TT, how she still behaves like a 911 even if AWD and how it more of a GT than a sports car. And brakes. We definitely need brakes. Yep. Sunday instead I test drove a 997 GT3 for sale (please do not ask questions OK?) and man, oh man. Pure eargasm, a driving experience that maybe only my S2000 could give me. Everything is there and you feel it. What a car, still in my bucket list. Both the GT3 and the Z06 destroyed my poor Penis extension car this past weekend. From performance to sounds to looks. Destroyed. yet today, as I drove my daughter to daycare and then went off to work, hitting the boost I giggled and thought: what a great car is the 996TT
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