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  1. HDA

    Penis extension car

    Note on the 997 (and base 996) cars, especially on track: I am super paranoid on the IMS issue. i think if the car has high mileage and is driven on the street you are ok, but the moment you take it on track... that’s why I went with the TT: no IMS issue and I’ve seen many with 200k plus miles.
  2. HDA

    Penis extension car

    Thanks! in my head I am convinced to keep it stock for as long as possible. I already have the 964 as a suicidal machine. Then there is this little voice in my ear telling me to dump $10k in it and do the following: ECU tune Remove AWD system (it’s mechanical!) add LSD install coilovers and lower control arms from a GT3 The above transforms the car completely into a torquey, 450rwhp tail happy track monster. Like the sister Gt2 basically. fun fact - does 27mpg at 70mph highway speeds.
  3. HDA

    Penis extension car

    I had to modify the title to something more appropriate
  4. I like 911s. It’s the first car I have driven too. out of all the base (or better non GT) 911s that I drove (hard), I found the 70s naturally aspirated Cars somehow irrationally dangerous to drive and relatively low speeds. the 964 (89-94) is my favorite choice because it preserves the irrationally dangerous as above + adds speed. It is the bastard of 911s. I love it. the 993 took away, or toned down the irrationality. Great car but not as fun as they 964. At all. More of a gran turismo. the 996, ah the 996 - what an amazing car it is. Tight, lighter than the 993, modern - I really liked the one that I drove. The water cooled engine is a leap ahead. Too bad they didn’t nail the design. the 997 S is a fantastic car. More power, looks great, very nice handling, still feels compact etc. after the 997 they are not 911s anymore, sort of Aston Martin with the engine on the wrong side. So I bought a 996 Turbo. It happened. Good deal, 67k miles, Manual, sport seats. I always found the Turbos to be the “cars of the reach guy who’s not a 911 purist and just wants to go fast on the straight”. Despising them basically. I have been wrong. I will write more later but, if you are thinking about one: do it.
  5. HDA

    Recaros needing love

    Need one more
  6. HDA

    Go Kart

    Man 4-6 shifters on a good day!?! 😞 sounds like e30 spec
  7. HDA

    Go Kart

    This is very good info. Thanks. i am running out of space at home with “stuff” so I may look into unloading some vehicles.
  8. HDA

    Go Kart

  9. HDA

    Go Kart

    I want the 2 strokes - pissed off - bam bam bam ( gears changing) experience 🙂
  10. HDA

    Go Kart

    Why the LO206? Sounds like a lawn mower. Is that category what it would be a spec miata category? i want a shifter kart.
  11. HDA

    Go Kart

    5 Years later, still thinking about it
  12. Soo when is the next chance we have to show we comply with the rules?
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