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  1. Damn. Missed all the fun. And I thought this site was dead.
  2. Rob Brad. Sell his house...buy another house with a proper garage/trailer storage....by the C5Z and a truck, trailer....don't look back....thank me later! FIFY
  3. Nice idea. My neighbor used to store his Corvette at storage place. The game he played was 6-month move-in specials that they usually entice people in were way cheaper than full price. He was happy to jump from facility to facility every 6 months as it was no effort to relocate. Eventually found one who he told them about his game and offered to stay if the rate would stay cheap. Worked for him until he moved to the country
  4. Nope. Black S197 (previous platform - stick axle car), just a GT/Track Pack - stock powered coyote motor. Mostly stayed down near clubhouse, but did park in grass a couple of times. Pretty sure they will add Team # to car and to name badges for next event. Red BRZ is Sam Graff (BRZ4Science), and new addition to PCA coaching staff after coaching with other folks. He's a teacher by trade, so coaching is natural fit. Super nice, and really fast. Its embarrassingly close for the hp he's got to work with. Sometimes ;)
  5. You are not thinking clearly. In my mind, if I'm faster by any margin at all then I'm "way faster". Now I can be trailing someone "by only 2-3 seconds" and we are virtually heads up. :)
  6. Yes I'm Joe. Good to meet you Corey. Shouldn't blame yourself, just that obnoxious lumping and bumping fume spewing monster of a Corvette. ;) Pcar guys are generally really good folks. They buy a P car because they love to drive on the twisty's so its been easy to relate. A touch of snobbery of course, but I always had fun with the different approach. Had lots of fun BS sessions with fellow drivers. My favorites when they'd check out the fatass black Ford and shake their head and shake their head about how it gets around the track so well. Fun stuff. You were parked right next to the Bobkid (gray Mcoupe/clowshoe) and Mrs K (blue cayman). Good folks, hopefully you met. And Silvio in the blue 86 (BRZ?) is really fast and now part of the coaching team. Good addition. Maverick Porsche club is justifiably proud of their driving program. Its a really strong in a lot of aspects. I'm super happy that I broke-in with them and can now contribute as a coach.I'm so much better off than if I would have had to fumble my way through. Since you are in yellow, you can access the Advanced Coaches. Take full advantage of that, its really powerful. Facility was packed, but track seemed good to me, even with Green/blue students. Great weekend.
  7. Date: 2/24/19 Car: 2014 Ford Mustang Track name: MotorSport Ranch 3.1 Track location: Cresson, TX Lap time: 2:26.988 (Aim Solo) Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 3935 With Driver Estimated wheel horsepower: 365-385 Tire size and model: 305/30/18 Hankook RS-4s Estimated ambient temperature: 39 Was cool this weekend so definitely go-fast weather. Reset PB on both days, best being this lap @ a high 2:26. So hard to get a really clean lap on the 3.1. Too many opportunities to miss by a corner here or there. On reviewing data Saturday night, I was kinda pleased that I narrowed the gap to theoretical down to about 1.5 seconds. But on Sunday, I reset theoretical down to 2:24.0. I've got more work to do. :) As always, a work in progress.
  8. Should be OK since you are just a Corvette guy and we know how slow their drivers are. ;) Or maybe you are the exception to the usual jorts/satin jacket/gold chain crowd. But seriously, should somewhat OK in blue-solo as the 3.1 will hold a lot of cars. Blue has a very wide spectrum unfortunately (just out of green folks to almost ready for yellow). Sign up for an Advance Instructor early Saturday (books are on the table in Grid) and/or check ride to yellow. Safety/flags/courtesy and demonstrate consistently pretty lines are what is judged, even with your car handicap. PCA tends to be conservative on promotions, their yellow may or may not line up with other groups you've run with. If you do go yellow, then see if you can buy-in to the bonus time on the 1.3 while the green group is running the 1.7. So much fun, and the # of repetitions you get on that side will help you a bunch on the 3.1. Otherwise the 1.3 side of the 3.1 is tough to learn with only 6-8 laps per session.
  9. Instructor only for a couple laps in 1st session in green, then hot pit and switch. Remainder of the session is helmets off and no passing. 2nd session and the rest of the weekend are helmets-on and with passing by point.
  10. You boys are close. 1st green session after lunch majority of green will be running on 1.7. Green students deemed ready for check ride to blue will run the 1.3 (not mixed session yellow/white on the 1.3). Check ride to blue would be on full 3.1 track in second blue afternoon session.
  11. Love the tire rack!!! That's greatness
  12. Similar experiences on Falkens and RS4s. I'd only differ in that I felt the Falkens would have grip in them down to the end, but were trickier to deal with. I had to get them hot to get grip, they were pretty challenging and tricky when cold or wet. Terrifying when old and cold and wet but yet were very fast if you got them hot. Set PBs right up until death if weather conditions agreed. VERY happy with the RS-4s. Great wear rate for the grip and excellent manners/feedback.
  13. Sounds like you are getting the 1 day version. I guess I'm a slow learner, they made me do a full weekend but I was the only one out of three that got the nod. Sounds like they've lowered the bar and let any old riffraff in nowadays. ;) J/K of course. Wally is really passionate about instructor competence and his training program, and he's got some very experienced folks working as trainers for the in-car scenarios.
  14. Coaching (and driving) both days. Will be similar event to Sept. I.e. Green on 1.7 only opens up extra sessions for yellow/white/red on the 1.3.
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