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  1. Good deal. Looking forward to chasing the shoe, and the sam, and Peter's aero S2K. Or being chased once the natural pecking order is established <insert flame emoticon here>, I think this day last year was my biggest personal advancement. No instructor duties and tons of run time available. When I did this event last year, I had a long laundry list of driving needs to get corrected and the 30 minute extended sessions allowed me to move the bar gradually and build little by little. Pretty much knew that its not PB weather, and that I would get lots of laps per sessions. Was able to build that rhythm and flow in a non-rushed manner. Even though my gains and losses are not as big, this year's "to-do" list is just as long. I've been either hustling the car (overdriving) or distracted doing demos, so I'm so keen to work on my game. Still got some techniques that need to be added to my toolbox too. There is always more...
  2. and oh yeah, you will be allowed to drive as fast as you like as long as can do so safely. As a fellow Mustang owner, I can vouch for my girl's appetite for consumables. Buts its so worth it.
  3. Lesson 1: HPDE is NOT racing. Not meaning to be a word Nazi, but its an important distinction. Passing is only in designated area and by invitation (point by) of the leading car, and associated rules/protocols that make DEs a MUCH more controlled (and safer) activity than racing. Nothing is 100% safe, but these limits are what make DEs an attractive option for learning how to drive and experience a track at speed with reduced chance of damaging their car or getting hurt.
  4. Looks good. Send it!
  5. Depends. Most DE orgs have generic "in good condition" or similar language. Some DE (eg PCA) require aftermarket harnesses to be within 5 yrs of mfg date. The obvious inconsistency is that OEM belts don't have similar expiration date. If you are going up the TT/race scale the 5 yr limit is enforced.
  6. Good looking beast. Not enough of us Mustang cretins here, so welcome to the party.
  7. I kept a blown fuse on my office board for a LONNNG time. It was a reminder to check the simple things first. Backstory was my truck was broken into and they clipped the vehicle harness when they stole my stereo. I did a beautiful job of wiring unit and it was painfully slow for the vehicle side plug since I had to work in cramped space/shortened wires. Was confident in my work and I put the dash back together before I checked anything. Went to turn it on and enjoy the fruits of my labor with some killer tunes (even picked out the demo song). Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Checked and rechecked until I was punchy. Spent a lot of time peeling back the bundle and all the individual wires before it finally hit me to check the fuse. Of course the bastards shorted it when they snipped my harness. KISS theory in action. Glad you are back in business, but I don't understand the low running voltage we saw.
  8. Not the right tool for the job with 3-point (Hybrid is right choice) but actually has some positive effect even with 3-pt. With the stig suit on, he might have just come out of a race car. Dunno
  9. Wow. Talk totally didn't match what I saw. Seemed like he had already made up his mind to boot him regardless of what he saw (or didn't see) in this ride.
  10. That's a damn good deal for like 3 hours of drive time on the 3.1.
  11. Oh my. Wrecking your Lotus was all the instructors fault too. Textbook Narcissist DOUCHE.
  12. Weather looking better. Hoping its game on!
  13. the folks that parallel the edge of the parking rather than nosing into the grass.. Arrgh
  14. Painful truth about the heavyweight's appetite for tires and brakes. Good call to bias your choice to # of laps. Check RS-4s now. Ordered a new set a month or two ago and they were delivered last Monday. Have done 16 days/600 laps with current set and have probably 6+ days left on them. Still resetting PBs too so they haven't slowed down much. I've been getting pretty aggressive about sliding the car around but did have maybe 5 or so rain days too. For comparison was getting 8-10 days out of 615K+ and 12ish days out of 615Ks. 4.5 days out of set of Rival-$ and honestly wasn't driving the car near as hard as I currently am. Ouch.
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