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  1. Picked up a BUNCH of rocks Saturday. And believe or not, a few of hours in the heat was worth it to see the track at eye level (think of it as a track walk with work). Also got to see "the boot" under construction and to chat with Brad and Livio. Its gonna be good. I'll get my first crack at it on Labor Day weekend.
  2. I definitely fight this with the heavyweight. 1st session of the day the tires go up 10-14 psi!! I'm a hot mess and am trying to protect the tires for a couple of laps, especially in the cold. Much less between sessions, and in the summer temps, but still significant. E.g. coming back from extended break for lunch means I better be extra careful for a lap or two. Ideal M.O. is to let them normalize while you are finding your rhythm. But if playing TT game, you may have to adjust starting pressure and play for early flyer lap. Tough part is to guess out what the other cars are doing and traffic management. Lots of moving pieces keeps this game
  3. I think it would apply mostly to of your standard car with sloppy suspension and weak sidewalled tires. In that scenario, adding pressure results in less tire/tread rollover for more grip. But that's putting salve on an open wound, and limited relevance. E.g. stock class rules and/or SEVERE budget limits. Better MO is to adjust tire pressures to make tire happiest in conjuction with suspension adjustments for grip and balance.
  4. I made similar piece for my Mustang's gas pedal our of black plastic cutting board. Works perfect and disappears against black carpet.
  5. I'd welcome a four letter word day this time of year. Oct-Apr, not so much.
  6. Attaboy. Cars are made to be driven.
  7. "new" ARPs wear out too, just takes a lot longer. Popped one of my stockers after 15 events (4 DE/11 AX) and 18 months of daily driving. ARPs went 66 events (43 DE/23 AX) and at much higher loads, and 3.5 years of daily driving before I popped one. Both were classic fatigue failures.
  8. Pretty close to this. 80 ft-lb torque stick and use torque wrench to final 100. I don't retorque (never seen any loosening) every session but visual check tires, pads/rotors, and (usually) wheel spokes after every session. I always change tires at track, if running multiple days I re-torque the next morning. Good advice on the laminated checklist.
  9. Dodged a bullet - could have significant consequences. Time for new ARP studs all the way around.
  10. Will let Scottish Joe know. He has been planning on taking another vehicle just to carry 2nd set of wheels for his Corvette
  11. “Listen for subtext ...” 😂😂😂
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