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  1. Umm. To quote Eminem, camera shakes like "a donkey with Parkinsons". Fix that and we are looking forward to more of that brake ALL the way in and big power out 'Murica! goodness.
  2. woah. Cayman re-entry was pretty sketch. Not much you can do until the scrub slows you down enough to be able to maneuver (brake, or tighten up). Always enjoy your comparisons. Most of the time, I get it. e.g. slightly different line for the different hp/handling ratio. But sometimes I see "I should try that" variations. Hopefully the reworked repave will sort out the new surface.
  3. Nick is good people. Mostly works but drives some too. Mini if I'm not mistaken. Glad all are safe, hope car is repairable.
  4. What the heck? No reports on the new surface? Inquiring minds want to know.
  5. Coming around nicely. Now paint that valve cover lettering!!!
  6. I've looked at them, considered fabbing something similar, but am happy with using jackstands and strings. And measurements with strings are plenty precise. E.g. when doing a buddies Mustang we were able to identify the small thrust angle in one side of his solid rear axle. He later had it checked on a fancy machine and matched our results. Only word of caution is to be aware if front and rear track widths are different. Other than that it doesn't take much more than a 4 level spots for the tires to rest on.
  7. 2020 was such a crazy year. Work went nuts first, then Covid hit, managed to keep my oilfield job, then the wife spent 4 months caring for her mom. With Covid and living as a bachelor I went nuts. 28 track days. Most of those instructing too. With lead-follow I ended up with 1582 laps/3456 miles on track in 2020. Needless to say, I'm kinda burnt out, especially with coaching. Did a bunch of free data analysis for friends and others. Lead-follow has its plusses, but its minuses too. Either bored to death turning endless slow laps for novices, or costing myself considerable money with wear
  8. Thanks Brad. Good seeing you too. Fronts are non-adjustable unfortunately. I'm gonna have to be better at dragging brake more to the apex.
  9. Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway 2.0 2.7 mile full course CCW - Dec 26,, 2020 Lap Time: 2.11.585 (Aim Solo) Ambient temperature: 51, Sunny, Calm Car: 2014 Mustang GT Estimated weight with driver: 3935 lbs Estimated whp: 365-385 HP Tires: Hankook RS-4s 305/30/19 Decent drive, but really its more about ideal conditions with relatively fresh tires that allow me to drop a full second on PB. Theoretical was a 2:10.2, confirming that 10s are within range. I went back to my old rear spring setup (softer springs and
  10. Some claim that its faster for low hp cars to straight line 8-9 but to my way of thinking that just means you overslowed for 8. My pig uses ALL of the exit. Super common for the low HP folks to try and carry too much in 8-9 and early 10 trying too overcompensate for the big straightaway coming up. Biggest thing is to not overcook 9 as the impact of T10 is mega. Exit of 10 can get hairy as you lose that beautiful 6 degrees of camber at the very end. If you are wide at that ppoint, it gets a bit sketch. Or you might be like my friend who had to phone the clubhouse, he went so far off (on m
  11. Good point on tapping brakes in straightaways. I had gotten away from that and I'm definitely into using the apex curbs to straighten out the course. T13, T8, T2 especially. And I can't seem to keep from being too greedy on T1 exit so I'll hit that exit curb some. Doh!
  12. Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway 2.0 2.7 mile full course CW - Oct 25,, 2020 Lap Time: 2.15.126 (Aim Solo) Ambient temperature: 57, Sunny, Calm Car: 2014 Mustang GT Estimated weight with driver: 3935 lbs Estimated whp: 365-385 HP Tires: Hankook RS-4s 305/30/19 (1000-1200 laps) Social Distancing Done Right!!! I got to drive the Eagles Canyon full 2.7 mile course backwards (clockwise) for the first time. Fun stuff to learn new courses. Its such a different animal in the other direction. The elevation changes are more
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