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  1. Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway 2.0 "The Canyon" 1.65 - Jan 18, 2020 Lap Time: 2.13.002 (Aim Solo) Ambient temperature: 45-50, Sunny, Windy Car: 2014 Mustang GT Estimated weight with driver: 3935 lbs Estimated whp: 365-385 HP Tires: Bridgestone S007 305/30/19 Slick, cold, and wet improved all day long. Last session of the day for me. It was good to chase Sam to get a time. Slinky gaps are fun. Where he gains on me and I gain on him make sense for our car types, at least in my head. Making headway, but definitely a work in progress. Gap to Theoretical is1.5 seconds. (2:11.495 matches December runs). Best rolling lap was 2:12.5.
  2. Nice job Sam. I was really happy with the a 23.1 on the S007s. Weather was so fast. Sure was missing my RS-4s
  3. Twice what Sam's BRZ costs and he's mostly within 2 seconds a lap. All work by me except clutch. I know, I know. That's half your cigar and libations budget. But its pretty substantial to me.
  4. Gen6 1LE is pretty legit. Add brakes. My Mustang has consumed 30 pairs of pads, and 11 pairs of rotors. I drove a friends Miata to experience the low power/all handling thing and it was disappointing/boring to not have to lift/drive some corners. E.g. Wagon Wheel-Ricochet and Boot Hill-Tombstone. But I can now say I've driven those corners FLATOUT. With the big girl I'm on eggshells in every corner and that's half of the fun. That has become my defining moment for whatever is down the road. Ideally its got to have enough power /weight that I have to drive ALL the corners.
  5. Nice Sam, the consumables are insidious and can really pile up over time. I'm in for $28.5K over the last 6 yrs (97 trackdays/37 AX), not including gas or entry fees. When you include those, I've spent nearly as much on the cost of the car (less mods). Let me amend my question to OP. Speed costs, how fast do you want to go and how often?
  6. What is your daily cost of consumables? I probably average around $250/d plus a tank and a half of gas for about $75
  7. Pretty sure this kind of thread immediately becomes a justification of our own rides. Best advice I can think of is that speed costs. How fast do you want to go?
  8. In before Matt tries to peddle off his 240Z
  9. Yes. But my PS sim rig video sucks. Single screen got me changing my vision patterns to just in front, rather than looking through corners. So I stopped using. Need to get an ocullus maybe because I put some time into building the rig to EXACTLY match my cars seat/wheel/shifter/pedal positions. Left foot brake 2 different vehicles on the street and some of the Mustang - where situation fits. Just haven't grown comfortable enough. Current technique is just in transition as I back off pure braking and trail braking and start rolling on throttle. I'm fairly comfortable/practiced with rev match side/side version of heel toe so this started organically. It was never intentional technique development but seems to work OK for me. Tried LFB back in the day and liked it at 90% laps. But when I push the pace I keep reverting or get confused.
  10. Had a good 2019. Did 25 track days (7 of those were TT and the rest DEs), Reset PBs 6 times plus 2 new tracks set (ccw ECR 1.65 and 2.7). If I had (4) RS-4s in hand I would be looking at lowering PBs as 2020 goals. Maybe in the 2nd half, or if weather cooperates in April/May. Car is going to stay pretty much the same. I'd like to get off the Carbotechs (XP12/10) so am mulling over Cobalts in X3-X1, Hawk DCT50-70, Raybestos st43-47,et al. I'd like to be in a better TT classification, but I'm not willing (nor able) to invest in a stick axle in a competitive environment. I might buy a set of slightly narrower tires and rims for better fit in SCCA classes (locally and for regional race here). What I'd really like is to find myself in a really competitive environment with equal (or slightly better of course) than my competitors. My best days this year where a couple when I knew I had to run my PB number to beat out some significantly better cars. But it messes with my head when you know that when it clicks a little for the other guy you'll be grossly smoked. Sadly, I won by nearly 9 seconds driving not at my best and lost by over 2 seconds when I drove very well. I'll probably try a NASA TT event for the experience. I'm stuck on some tires I'm not happy with until March (or so). So I should take the time to work on some development tasks: 1) Left Foot Braking. It doesn't feel natural when hustling the car. My current technique is right foot always and roll to throttle in a motion simultaneously much akin to rev matching "heel-toe". I use the wide part of the foot for both pedals. 2) Improve the transitions from braking to cornering. Its magic when you can run on the arc of the friction "circle". I'd like to hit that sweet spot more often, and miss with less magnitude when I don't nail it. ECR really rewards trail braking so should have plenty of opportunities. 3) Use ALL of the track. I feel like I do a pretty good job now, but I want more. Sam (BRZ4Science) turned me in to a new spot, and it got the gears in my head churning. I plan on exploring some inside curbs in a big way in 2020. The big girl has soft ish suspension and its a struggle to get her mass through the twisties especially when in transition but any line straightening will help. Yup, I'm gonna take some bites at being a curb jumper. Maybe not Aussie Supercar crazy, but we gonna learn where it works and where it doesn't. Maybe it won't work that well with the stick axle, but I'm damn sure going exploring. For new growth. I look forward to running the other 4 configurations of ECR as they open them up this year. Spectacular surface in my own backyard. But I want to get back to COTA in 2020, and maybe get to Hallet too. 2020 may be the year I do a race school too. With any luck, I'll have a better plan for W2W in 2021/beyond. When baby girl graduates, it should open up more financial flexibility. As always a work in progress.
  11. 2020 #4 FIFY #3 It may not be much, but there is always more. Always.
  12. I live and breath with AIM solo. Finish corner, check impact on predictive on the straight. Right there, right now. It really helps calibrate your brain and your backside. It also acts as a pseudo rabbit to chase.
  13. Too cool. Keep us posted, I will be following this closely.
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