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  1. I wholeheartedly endorse these weekday events. Tons of track time, open space, and two way opportunities = mega fun. Beats the snot out of working.
  2. This ain't your daddies or grand-dads oil. Full Syn 5w-50 FTW. I mostly keep mine on the 280 deg gauge and I don't vaporize off any appreciable amount. 8-10 track days plus daily duty per change. >7K track miles to date. Also change trans and diff fluids every 12(ish) track hours. All 3 look really good at these intervals.
  3. Cmon. I'm at almost all the PCA and SCCA and Park Place events (ECR and MSRC), most of the APEX (MSRC), and a handful of others. His Terminator had all the soft bushings removed for sphericals and Delrin so it felt really great. I'm very curious to see what it would do. He claimed that my S197 had a LOT more grip when I took him for a demo, but I'm skeptical. Seat time FTW. ;)
  4. Good deal. By mid-morning we could only do a couple of quickish laps before he was hitting 250 water temperature and triggering cutoff. He was overboosted for the size/style of SC, running about 15 psi of boost. Wished he would have put the bigger pulley back on so we could have worked on driving more. ECR (even new Canyon / short config) is tough on the car (yo FLATOUT 2/3 of lap). Even on my naturally aspirated/higher revving Coyote I have to manage oil temps @ 280F by short - shifting @ 6K after a few flyers. Water temp isn't typically a problem per se, but it certainly moved the gauge up at last event. Closest I've been to triggering limp mode @ 250F. A buddy with nearly identical car runs hotter than mine (but I'm faster ;) LOL). I'm soooo ready for cooler (faster) temps.
  5. Is your hood vented? I had a student with a Terminator a week ago @ ECR. Pretty great ride, but he couldn't keep water temps down enough to stay out of limp mode. Good deal to funnel the air in, but it needs a path out too.
  6. Thanks. I only found pace in first session when it was coolest and overcast. The Mustang is VERY temperature dependent. I ran 3 low 23s and pushed one really hard for this lap. I dorked the 2nd session, apparently didn't get the sub belts latched in right. Weird. I noticed it immediately on track but could not get it clicked in on the warmup lap and had to pit out. I tried to come on track clear of the pack, but I swallowed up the backmarkers when temps and pressures were right. By the time I got clear, temps and pressures were too high and it was a greasy slow drive. Ran 3 laps on top of each other but only in the low 24s. Had my shit together after lunch, but it was waaaaaay too hot at that point to do any good.
  7. MSR-C 1.7 CCW Date: 9/21/19 Lap time: 1:22.46 (AIM) & Transponder loop Car: 2014 Mustang GT, daily driver mild Total vehicle weight with driver: 3935 lbs Wheel horsepower: 365-385 est Tire size and model: 305/30/18 Hankook RS-4s Estimated ambient temperature: 81 degrees, sunny I was pleasantly surprised to set a PB this morning. Bodes well for cooler weather. I am pretty proud of this lap. A few bobbles, but its kind of how that goes when you are really hustling the car. I'm still fighting going one-handed when its fast hands time catching the car and could be smoother, but am super happy to be making progress in Ricochet. As always, a work in progress.
  8. Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway 2.0 "The Canyon" 1.65 - Sept 15th, 2019 Lap Time: 1:19.9 (Aim Solo) Ambient temperature: 85 degrees Car: 2014 Mustang GT Estimated weight with driver: 3935 lbs Estimated whp: 365-385 HP Tires: Hankook RS-4s 305/30/19 Making a little headway. This surface is so nice and smooth. Cant wait to run in cooler weather.
  9. True dat. But I'm definitely down to run some more, and especially for some chalk talk amongst instructors to compare notes to 1) speed up the learning process and 2) teach more or less the same approach. Last I heard was 1PM, but that was the initial input (like a month ago). I think I have your number, sent you a test text. If either of us hears anything, we can make sure we've both got the info.
  10. I don't know exactly. I traded notes with Craig Monday with the promise of schedule to be sent out by Tuesday (nothing yet)
  11. FIFY. I'm "in" and planning on being there for the coaching orientation/practice on Friday PM.
  12. Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway 2.0 "The Canyon" 1.65 - Sept 2nd, 2019 Lap Time: 1:22.1 (Aim Solo) Ambient temperature: 98 degrees = Scorching hot Car: 2014 Mustang GT Estimated weight with driver: 3935 lbs Estimated whp: 365-385 HP Tires: Hankook RS-4s 305/30/19 (Day 23, > 850 laps) Had great fun, but its a new learning curve with the crossover section. I never really felt 100% comfortable with the old course, the track plays as a very similar but MUCH improved surface and camber. Well EXCEPT for the Canyon section from turn 4 to 5 to (new) 13 (old 9). Surface is kind of slick, and really easy on the tires. It will surely get grippier as the track rubbers in. I'm thinking this is a starting point only. Their is so much more to access from 4-13 (and everywhere really). Its going to be really fast.
  13. El_Tortuga


    Congrats on your station in life, but weren't you the one Facebook posting about P-car vs tube frame snobbery? I'm just happy I can scrape together enough to keep my Ford flying.
  14. El_Tortuga


    Not sure how brake fluid question got off into discussion of shoes and gloves. LOL Thanks for the help. For some reason amazon searches had put me off in the ditch or had really long arrival estimates. I must have checked 8 or 10"normal" race shops online and were all showing out. My normal brake pad supplier showed "in stock" until I had ordered then 6 wk delay plus. $89/bottle is a big jump, but I ordered 2. I have limited ability to cycle the ABS unit so it will be a 2 step flush. Once normal, then heavy braking on slick surface to cycle pump/fluid. Reflush. Hope to go forth and prosper. With new ECR open I'm expecting to be feeding my girl a lot of brakes. Looks like it will flow a lot better than the point and shoot aspect of 1.0 version, but its going to be REALLY fast.
  15. El_Tortuga


    Anybody got a line on SRF? I am finally ready to upgrade and when I went looking it seems to be sold out all over the place. And my google-fu shows that happened about 4-5 years ago? I'm assuming its a quirk of their supply chain, not an abandonment?
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