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  1. Japan? Think they hit our shelves around march. Arrgh
  2. A set of pads didn't last 3 days? Wow. I thought my Mustang had an appetite
  3. Red was combo of both instructors and white entrants. Bad behavior in both. The GTR was the most egregious. example. At least the can am thing was just slow and would point after a couple of passing zones, albeit he also pointed in non-passing zones. Not to the extent of the examples quoted, but I'm the black Mustang at 11. Yep, I missed the P-car for 1 straightaway (thought my student was lined up in grid and I got confused that I might have been out in yellow session).So I promptly gave the pass T2-T3. Not sure that makes me "CLUELESS!! CLUELESS!!!" Who is in the right hand seat here? Not sure anyone is being done a favor to cultivate an immediate rage reaction if you don't get an immediate point-by. Its going to happen in DEs. Might be a better approach to chill out and take a lap to work through traffic.
  4. Same delta for me 2:15 vs 2:04 on the old=11 seconds. I figured we will definitely narrow the gap as we get used to it. I've dropped 5 seconds on the 1.65 since it opened.
  5. Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway 2.0 "Italian Boot" 2.7 - Nov 16th, 2019 Lap Time: 2:15.2 (Aim Solo) Ambient temperature: 60 Mostly Sunny Car: 2014 Mustang GT Estimated weight with driver: 3935 lbs Estimated whp: 365-385 HP Tires: Bridgestone A-0007As 305/30/19 The track is a good as advertised. Fast and smooth, and the back half add a much increased technical content. Pretty much more to be had in EVERY corner on the back half but its a good starting point for me. As always, a work in progress. https://youtu.be/FWcSPZBM940
  6. Never underestimate the value of getting a tow from a Mustang. NEMESIS!!! Good stuff Sam. Interesting seeing you take short lines where I dare not tread. It might mean ECR 2.6 course for Sam, ECR 2.8 for Joe. LOL. Also you are KILLING me in the back half until exit of 10 where we have almost the exact same speed at the end of the rumbles. I've got a whole lot more to get in T11, Should let it sweep to mid-track, plenty of time to get left for T12.
  7. Ummm Sams a thirsty dude. Don't think TDE offers >60 days / year in DFW area. I thought I was doing well at over 25 days/year.
  8. Sorry to hear your pain. My whip is mild, but I can attest to the KISS theory. Bone stock on the power side and being OCD about maintenance intervals has been my M.O. Hope you are logging laps soon again. Seat time FTW.
  9. Sucks. They only do 1 batch per year. Supposedly doubled 2018 order but they ran out about the same time (july). Last batch became available in late March. Guess I'll be order 6 tires this year. I picked up a set of Bridgestone S0007As as they were just over a grand for the set and I'm hoping I can make them last until RS-4 time.
  10. Sam likes touching the runoffs too. A lot. ;) Lack of tire wear is amazing. The tires come off looking polished.
  11. I can't get RS-4s for a while and am in need of big x wide (19x11 rim) tires that will comfortably last 10 track days or so with my heavyweight Mustang. In my preferred size (305/30/19) a couple options would appear to be Michelin PS-4s (300tw) and Goodyear F1 Supercar 3s (220 TW). Thoughts?
  12. This is a great event. Am considering instructing on Monday (3.1)
  13. How do you like the 3s? Buddy had the early (2014?) F1s and didn't like them. Have heard some rumblings that the new stuff is a completely different animal.
  14. Based on my test drive last night "in Mexico" the RS-4s are still very much alive. In any case, I'll be ordering another set as soon as they become available next year. I think I got these in March. The RS-4s are wayyyyyy more durable than comparable tires.
  15. Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway 2.0 "The Canyon" 1.65 - Oct 19th, 2019 Lap Time: 1:18.8 (Aim Solo) Ambient temperature: 80 ? Car: 2014 Mustang GT Estimated weight with driver: 3935 lbs Estimated whp: 365-385 HP Tires: Hankook RS-4s 305/30/19 Making headway, but definitely a work in progress. Gap to Theoretical is still 1.6 seconds (1:16.2). Best rolling lap was 1:18.3, and had a string of low 19s with an 18 going in the heat of the day when I had my lockup issue. I'm ready for cool temps on Sunday's TT.
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