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  1. So the 2nd Annual Final Forever Never To Happen Again PDS Weekend at TWS (this weekend) is going to have at least a 3rd Final event. Sweet. More time for cookouts and moonshine at the track!!!!!!
  2. The Nismo is in for the 2nd Annual Final Forever Never To Happen Again PDS Weekend at TWS. Anyone bringing Moonshine?????
  3. I am in to help bring meats and such. We can call it "The Second Annual TWS Closing Celebration". But it sure will be hard to beat the "First Annual Closing" party. That was good times had by all!!!!
  4. I am in - both days. I need some speed for the holidays. Any thoughts for a little cookout/drinking/whatever works when the track goes cold Saturday at 5?????
  5. Questionably???? Nope you are spot on. Joey did his best but it was what it was. Always appreciate someone trying. You were missed my friend. Too bad the party trailer is unavailable for the Sept. event. That thing definitely helps the MOJO! ;-)
  6. I am in for the Sept event. Should be hot!!!!!!!! ;-)
  7. Never too late to post something....... glad to see I was the only one sitting on my ass drinking heavily!!!!!! At least I had Kent and Denise next to me. ;-)
  8. I am in for the July event. 1 student - wow that makes taking the heat a lot easier in the summer. ;-)
  9. I hear you wrongway - I feel the same way. The good news is that we get to have another "Blow Out" party (man can we even come close to the last one - one must aspire) when the track goes cold the "final" time in December and this time I am bringing the bolt cutters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Live and learn. You know what I mean!!!! ;-) Who knows, this might be the type of "Close Out Sale" we do every 6 months for the foreseeable future. Works for me if she stays open. ;-)
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