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  1. going back to vintage in a 914 so selling my '84 944 SP1/Spec. $8500. Includes 2 sets of dries and 1 set of wets. Has new head and current PCA log book. Located in Austin. Won workers choice at 2019 Motorsports Ranch (Cresson,TX) probably due to the dragon paint scheme.
  2. ned911


    Warning this site is addictive. Check out garagejournal.com there is an entire section on build outs of big garages.
  3. I'd love to get some track time before March.
  4. Need to get some laps in the new race car and would like to tag along as a guest.
  5. I've got the 3500# version. No problem throwing it in the back of the pickup for track use.
  6. Is the half day pass still available? I've got an email out to H2H but haven't heard back.
  7. My team uses Tableau a lot and the distribution of dashboards is really easy. For the last 2.5 years I've spent most of time with Oracle Real Time Decision. Big data machine learning tool that helps personalize offer on the web, push important content about a customer into the CRM and eventually help build true 1:1 email.
  8. Marketing Analytics/Data Science type stuff for the last 25+ years. Lot's of statistical models and SQL writing along with marketing technology. I can basically predict if you will say yes when they ask "you want fries with that"
  9. @speedworks - location of new shop and cost?
  10. SW - nice shop. I'm still looking for space up North that will hold at least 2 cars (prefer 3) and my trailers.
  11. Not Austin but there is a great cage builder at MSR Cresson. Know he's done a bunch of 911's but not sure about 996's.
  12. Did anyone find space? I'm in North Austin and need space for 2 cars and preferably trailer parking as well.
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