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  1. Hi, Looking to buy a Race Capture / PodiumConnect, any make and version is of interest. Currently moving my RCP2 between my race cars, pain in the butt. Thanks
  2. Brooks Elliot for cylinderheads South Austin machine shop does other stuff, heard mixed reviews.
  3. Forgot about soulspeed, he used to race a boxster so I guess he knows his way around M96 engines. Someone told me they don't open up engines.
  4. Hi, Anyone has a good recommendation for a shop to do some engine work? Need to replace my chain wear pads on a 1999 996. So far I have reached out to: Morespeed ATX tpwsinc Jones autowerks (SA) Thanks
  5. What is the target weight? Would 2500 lbs full of fuel no driver be possible?
  6. Does anyone know of a good race shop in San Antonio that could do a race car PPI? Ideally someone that is mobile and could come to the guys house. Also what should be covered? Some ideas: 1. Cage is OK for chump /wrl? (Some rule changes coming up for 2020) 2. Other safety equipment is ok for chump? (firebottle install, seat, etc) 3. Not crashed 4. Suspension components are OK 5. Brake system is OK 6. No obvious drivetrain problems (oil leaks etc) thanks
  7. Hi, Has anyone installed a ~15 gallon fuel cell into a NC Miata? Looks like a huge pain due to how the exhaust is routed? If we get a Miata for chump we need a fuel cell to increase our fuel capactiy, the 12.7 gal is on the low side.
  8. The IMS is overblown, there is a long term well working fix for it. Can be fixed for about $1000 if you do it you self or a little more for a shop to do it. They even have a permanent fix for, but it's a little more costly.
  9. Is the 5spd better than 6spd? They are reasonable "valued" in Chump now, they even allow S2000. Speed creep as been crazy last 3 years. Only issue might be the tiny 12 gallon fuel tank. I want something reliable that is easy to drive the crap out of it. Seems like this fits the bill!
  10. Hi, What do you think about buying a former playboy cup for chump or WRL? Seems like they could be a good base to build from? Typical car, https://www.racingjunk.com/Road-Club-Racing/183199584/2006-MX-5-T4-Car.html?category_id=&search=mx-5&quickSearch=1&np_offset=1&from=search
  11. So stock sway? Curious how it would handle on only stiffer springs and bilstein "oem". The spec nc mx-5 seems to be about 2300 ready to race without driver and ballast.
  12. You can, fuel might be an issue but you would manage it. You don't have any points for anything else so it would be: 400 pts base 60 pts 2.5 Swap 25 pts Header 20 pts oil cooler 0 pts ECU tune 0 pts stiff lowerings springs with Bilstein B6/B8 0 pts better radiator So 1 penalty lap. I think you have to have the oil cooler, the 2.5 seem to run hot. Other option is (2.0 NC engine): 400 pts the car 40 pts non adjustable coilovers (GC) 25 pts header 20 pts swaybar 0 pts ECU tune 0 pts better radiator 10 pts Wing or Airdam or Hubs or some extra suspension gadget For reference a 190hp E46 2.8 (m52tub28) is 500pts. So the BMW would have better PWR, they also seem to handle ok with just lowering springs. I think the challenge Miatas do 1.35s. Last chumpcar race 1.27 was the record (NA miata non ecotec) But remember that some of these chumpcar teams has awesome drivers, way out of their league 🙂 I have figured out how to go fast at H2R. Close you eyes and go WOT at turn1, turn6, turn8. At least that is where I am going 10mph slower than everyone else.
  13. I am asking 🙂 I am a crap driver, so I probably couldn't. At the last chumpcar race two NA Miatas managed to get 1.27s. They might have been VVT swapped but not Ecotec swapped. But they could have been on RE71, who knows.
  14. Hi What do you think about NC miatas in chump? They are 400pts so you could do: 40 pts gc coil overs (non adjust) 20 pts sway 25 pts header At Harris Hill it would have to do 1.28-1.29 to be competitive. Not sure about COTA, maybe 2.45? (Fastest chump was a frsnkenstein civic doing 2.42) This would be on RS4 or similar 200tw tire. (Dont think the re71 would last a race) And a good driver.
  15. Very nice! Why not use the stock harness?
  16. So you drove your chumpcar race car from Austin to Dallas? Still have plates? I used to drove my from Austin to HArris Hill, but stopped. Felt like everyone was reporting me to the police.
  17. Seems like you dont want a cool car but a good car. So what about Kia Stinger? 365hp. Cheap. I used to have a kia SUV, awesome warranty and ok quality. Cost $0 in repairs for the 3 years I had it, bought it used.
  18. If you want to start with W2W why don't you do a chump? Much cheaper, it's typically between $200-$400 an hour racing including everything but food. Maybe you can find a Miata team at H2R, those races are usually packed so lots of racing and and competing. Sure it's 100hp car instead of 400hp..:)
  19. Do you have more pictures of this car? Is it GP1 in WRL? I think I have seen it once, I said something like "Nice corvette!", someone answered "it's an opel"....
  20. CRX! Cool looking car and can be fast. Is this for track or just street? The only Datsuns you can find are 280zx, the 240/260/280z are crazy expensive. Even for a rusted shell.
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