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  1. So you drove your chumpcar race car from Austin to Dallas? Still have plates? I used to drove my from Austin to HArris Hill, but stopped. Felt like everyone was reporting me to the police.
  2. Seems like you dont want a cool car but a good car. So what about Kia Stinger? 365hp. Cheap. I used to have a kia SUV, awesome warranty and ok quality. Cost $0 in repairs for the 3 years I had it, bought it used.
  3. If you want to start with W2W why don't you do a chump? Much cheaper, it's typically between $200-$400 an hour racing including everything but food. Maybe you can find a Miata team at H2R, those races are usually packed so lots of racing and and competing. Sure it's 100hp car instead of 400hp..:)
  4. Do you have more pictures of this car? Is it GP1 in WRL? I think I have seen it once, I said something like "Nice corvette!", someone answered "it's an opel"....
  5. CRX! Cool looking car and can be fast. Is this for track or just street? The only Datsuns you can find are 280zx, the 240/260/280z are crazy expensive. Even for a rusted shell.
  6. If you know how to wrench (or has money) the 996 could be an option. They are cheap now a days and have a back seat. Very track capable and fun at track.
  7. Hi, Looking for any thing that matches any of the below. 4x114.3, 15x9 max ET-17, 4x114.3, 15x10 max ET-30 4x100, 15x9 max ET13 4x100, 15x10 max ET0 The offsets is a max, so a 4x100 15x9 ET10 works but not ET20. Thanks
  8. Impressive! That chart is helpful, I am being way to slow into turn 1. Scared I guess...:)
  9. Hi, I am looking for a race capture pro either mk2 or mk3. Thanks
  10. Hi, The race capture pro Mk2 and Mk3 seems popular, has anyone had experience with mk1?
  11. Hi, Looking for a set of 18" wheels for my 996. Stock will do but also interested in aftermarket with local pickup. For the rear I can do 8x11 and offset down to ET55 maybe. Front is more for giving.
  12. I have a set of Traklite Burn 15x8 with 225/45/15 RS4 on them. The RS4 still have life in them but have seen some track use. If you are interested you can get the wheels and tires for $800.
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