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  1. Haha, yeah I hear ya! There is a extra big bump for tires on 19" wheels for some reason. 20" tires are usually cheaper. I would never have 19 wheels because the tires cost too damn much. And you can run a 18"X10" wheel all the way around on the 350Z.
  2. Dave

    1993 NSX

    Ouch, isn't neglect against the law?
  3. Ah ok. Well I'm not sure what people are paying for tires right now, but I was getting a set of RC1s for like $700. As @Matt93SE was saying, I had smaller wheels than most people simply to save some money on tires. I think it made me a better driver in the end and the throttle steer on exit with 255s in the back is a giggle factory. But the 18X35X275 tires were about double that cost, so I'd agree with you if you run wide tires.
  4. Mine never had fueling issues or oil pressure issues fwiw. That motor was a rock sold work horse. You sold the S14?!?!?!?!?!? 😲 lol
  5. I'm gonna say that most people are going to shit on this car, but mine was setup pretty well. I feel like my lap times were pretty respectable. 350Zs are much more popular in the east from what I understand. The guy that bought mine says alot of people track them over there (He's in Atlanta). If you set it up right, the consumables aren't that much more than a miata. Its an underrated car in my opinion. I had the last gen HR version with a little more hp than older versions. I'm not sure how hard it'd be to find a clean one used, as I bought mine new in 08. Don't do the 370Z, thats a nightmare. lol. They have problems that are a little more expensive to fix. Anyway, they are nothing like Camaros or Mustangs, that just ignorant to say. Its a little more refined than a stick axle in back. (no offense to Stang/ Camaro drivers) lol. If I still had mine I'd toss ya the keys. It was a hoot to drive.
  6. The exahust manifold integrated into the block saves alot of room. I've seen toyota do this with their turbo cars, but I haven't seen it yet on a NA car. It also has 3 too many cams 🤣. Looks like it'll be a fun car. There use to be a TDE instructor with a similar swap in a RX8. It was pretty fast.
  7. What are you looking to get out of the change? BRZ will have a similar driving experience. The only way to feel a change is find a car that drives differently. IE, more power. For example, I have to drive tracks differently when I drove my 350Z vs an NB miata. You will change braking zones and having to brake more. Throttle steer on corner exit will need to be managed too. So finding a car that is a few seconds faster will change the driving experience. I wouldn't change cars unless the driving experience changes. Otherwise, the miata is the smartest option and you'll just be throwing away money for no reason. My 2 cents. Sorry, I didn't suggest a car other than it has more power. Edit: I learned Hallett in a NB miata and I tried to apply what I learned in my 350Z when I returned. It was awful. I had to throw everything away and start over fresh. It was a completely different experience.
  8. I really like the corvette sticker on the windshield, because I didn't know otherwise. 😂 Cool car, again.
  9. Thanks! Well I didn't know they weren't giving rides this weekend. Doh. Oh well. I did the parade laps and chatted with some folks I hadn't seen in a while, so that was fun. That was the furthest I've been from home in the datsun. If you didn't know, the car was super unreliable most of the time I've had it so that was a leap of faith for me. lol. But the car did great. No problems at all. This is the first time I've even roughly calculated the mpg. So this trip I was at 3500 rpm @ 60 mph most of the time and that got me 20 mpg. Anyway, the track looks fantastic. Very smooth. We did parade laps "backwards" on the 2.7. There were so many blind corners that it reminded me of Hallett backwards. Good to see the few people I still know out there.
  10. Howdy y'all. My plan is to bring the Datsun out Sunday. Seems like it shouldn't be that challenging of a drive for me. I just have to get up I35 to Denton and then it should be an easy drive from there. Hope I can catch some rides and do parade laps in the Datsun.
  11. Woot! And you drove the datsun, what a good weekend! 😂
  12. Dave

    2009 BMW E90 M3

    I've read its because of tight tolerances between the rod bearings and the crankshaft. The superfucking thick oil doesn't help matters.
  13. While doing some highway testing in the spring (very late to update this thread) I pulled over to richen up the mix for driving at 70-75. As I was making the adjustment I noticed this. Almost all the screws to the fuel bowl had rattled loose and fell out. the last one was barely on by a few threads. I tightened that one down and limped home. Now they all have blue loctite on them and I will definitely be keeping an eye on them constantly. Almost burned the car to the ground. I got very lucky on this one.
  14. Dave

    2009 BMW E90 M3

    I would of attempted it myself, but I didn't have the tools needed to do this and it would of taken me forever. The bearings are really bad. He had them in a baggy for me. There is alot of material gone. The new OEM bearings have that WPC coating added to them.
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