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  1. Howdy, been a while since I've been here. I did a small change with large ramifications. When I bought the car I got new metering needles for the SU carbs. They were coded ADQ. There are 16 stations on the needles where you can measure/change the diameter. I read the ADQ was the best on the Datsun Roadster forum and they worked fine while the engine was old and beat up. With the new engine they limited my stroked 2 liter. I had them tuned for about 45 mph anything over that and it would go lean at cruising speeds. WOT was great though so I could gun it up to 80 or 90 but then as soon as I tried to maintain that speed I'd be around 16/1. Way too lean. So I ordered some new needles. I just took an educated guess and bought some ADM needles. They are roughly the same as the ADQ until you get further down the needle. I installed the new needles today and tuned the carbs to them. They worked out pretty darn good. Now that I have the A/F sensor I was able to tune the mixture very easily by just resting my phone on the car and rotating the dial until I got 14.7. I took the car out on its maiden voyage and everything looked ok on city streets so I decided to chance it and hop on the tollway. I got it up to about 65 (that's about 3500 rpm in 4th gear) and cruised there for a few miles. Everything looked pretty good! I was at about 15/1 on average so it was a little lean but not scary. It wasn't stumbling or anything. In fact it was very quiet. I also did a valve job this morning. That seemed to help smooth out the engine too. Anyway, it was all very promising. I will continue to tune it a little more. One thing I was able to do was lower the needle to help the idle not be so rich. I plan on moving the needle up just a nat's ass to see if that helps with the A/F. If not, I will put it back to the lower position and richen the mixture a little bit. If it all goes well, I won't be relegated to just driving on city streets, which means I can get out and do fun drives. I'm getting excited. To be continued....
  2. somewhere between 1 and 2. God I was awful. lol This is blue group.
  3. The brake pads that came with my E90 M3 must of been super thick because the brake pedal barely moved at all. I got nowhere near the gas pedal. I changed out the pads and now the h/t is much easier. I use the side of the foot btw.
  4. I have a E90 M3 6MT and its a fantastic daily driver.
  5. Dave

    New Ride

    Very nice. Love these cars. They sound fantastic.
  6. https://www.trackjunkies.org/topic/706-cresson-notes/?do=findComment&comment=57640 Ton of really good information in the linked thread.
  7. This is a fence post
  8. Everything I mention below is for the C6 Z06 engine. LS-WhateverNumberThatIs Low oil pressure is what my friends have noticed on track. High oil temp for sure plays a part, so just like any other track car an oil cooler or 3 will be needed. They used a little thicker oil to help with pressure. My buddy also had a trans cooler. I think my he got rid of the sodium valves for steel ones because of the head of the valve wanting to separate from the shaft. He just couldn't rev as high but added reliability. But he took a very admittedly conservative approach. I'm trying to remember why the last engine failed, but I'm old and have a bad memory. He's on engine 3 or 4. Engine 2 wasn't his fault because the shop didn't clean out the coolers after engine 1 detonated.
  9. Here is my vette story. I had a 350Z track car that I could get a 2:26 on the MSRC 3.1. It had a low 2:25 or better if I could get all 20 turns right in one lap. Not happening. Anyway, in the twilight of my HPDEs days, my buddy ask me if I wanted to drive his C6 Z06 in the last session of Sunday. I of course didn't pass that up. He asked that I leave TC on in "race mode" or some shit because well he knows how I drive. lol. So on my first full lap I get a 2:24 while passing 3 people. I never improved because I never got a clean lap. And thats the thing, I don't think I would ever get a clean lap. The car easily had a 2:20 or (way) better with some setup changes, TC off, and more seat time. What I can say is that the driving experience wasn't as good as I expected. From what I remember, I didn't like the steering ratio, the pedal placement, and the car felt BIG. But when you were on a straight it hoovered up cars quickly. Having lap times so much lower than everyone is just a problem in a DE format if you are looking for clean laps. But if your thing is passing cars, then this is the tool for that. Also, do you're research on those engines. They seem to want to pop.
  10. I've done stillwater and sand springs. Both ok. Stillwater has Eskimo Joe's. Sand springs has the rib crib (barfs). We drove to Tulsa and got spaghetti warehouse.lol
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