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  1. I would like to lift the design and install it in the Hempstead, TX area.
  2. Will probably make the trip from Houston on Thursday. Caravan, anyone? Brain fart. Sorry to miss this one, but I’m out.
  3. The Supra sold its soul to BMW. It looks like another Predator from Toyota/Lexus. It yearns for a PDK tranny. There. I said it.
  4. It’s hard to put a price on lodging plus shelter at the track ...
  5. Car haulers are all restricted to 8’ wide. IMHO, 16’ is not nearly long enough for your Vette, sorry. You will probably need a 20’, if nothing else to mount a winch and haul rain tires. All car haulers are dove tail. Tilt usually costs as much or more than enclosed By all means, make sure your open car door clears the open trailer fenders. Enclosed trailer keeps you out of the rain 😎
  6. Oh, please. The check ride was totally meaningless. Obviously, the instructor's mind was made up before he got in, so why did he get in? An instructor who was not so full of himself would stand by the car, tell the driver what he did wrong, and tell him his weekend was over. Done. If his ego really demanded the bravado check ride, a good instructor would require cameras off, lap timer off, nannies off, and temper tantrum off. Oh, and about the nature of the drive -- on video, the driver did not scare me. The instructor scared me. Get a job, buddy.
  7. What a joke. The instructor needs a check ride.
  8. This is quoted from #Speedracer (the Drive Guru on the Lonestar S2KCA forum) So I will take a moment to reflect on a great drive. It starts with “the gathering”. We met at a McDonalds. A place to have a quick cup of coffee, greet old friends with a handshake or a hug. We are not always able to control the weather but on this morning the temps were in the 50s the air was cool and crisp and the sky was blue. We mill about the cars looking at their bright colors polished and gleaming. A few words from the drive leader and then like ducks leaving a pond in unison we are off on a an adventure. Then there is the first part of the drive. It is the distance from the gathering to the first two lane road. We are out on the highway. The cars are warming up the pack is adjusting spacing. The drive leader is changing lanes and the pack is following in various spacing some closer some a little further away. A few turns some traffic and then finally on the first two lane road. It is morning. The road opens in front of us. Sunlight steaks across the road. Wildflower decorate the the edge of the highway. Trees tower on the side of the road creating a green tunnel. It’s a new road one that we have taken before. The drive leader keeps the pace moderate as the road twists and turns over hills. The car engine sings as the cars dance over the turns in a ballet of color. The road changes and opens up to display other scenes of horses and cows that dot the landscape. Problems seem to melt away. Your sharing the moment with your plus one. Then the two lane road arrived at a small town. A slow parade of sports cars move into a sea of mini vans pickup trucks. A few heads may turn. Maybe a small child point his favorite out to his mom. Then we arrive at the lunch spot. Everyone is relaxed happy. Ready to hangout and catch up with old friends or meet new ones. Large quantities of bbq is consumed and enjoyed. A few pics of the row of cars are taken. Then it’s back into the cars. Slowly back out of town. Now back on the road. It is brighter now. The sun is high in sky. After lunch the mood changes. Now there are fewer cars after some have headed back to town. We have been driving for several hours together and the group is sorted and confident in the pace and spacing. More roads are explored. Some long and straight broken up by long sweepers and tighter turns . Then we are off the two lane road and back on the highway headed home. Headed back to town. We are still driving in group formation. As we get closer to town cars begin to break off on various exits. Usually a big wave and smile as we celebrate a great drive we have enjoyed together and without speaking a word acknowledge that we have shared a few hours together enjoying great roads and great food together. That is what happens on a great drive.
  9. The TJ Grand Tour #1, through the Sam Houston State Forest.
  10. Sorry, blk96gt, we didn’t get your beautiful ride in here, but ....
  11. Re-verified route today. Bluebonnets are gone, but the Forest is lush. Let’s roll
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