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  1. Just paid over $1,300 to get these tires from DT. how hard is it to set the tire pressure?
  2. Indy Cars at CoTA, Mar 22 - 24 First time Indy teams will meet the F1 track. Could be interesting. I know at least 3 TJs are interested. Who’s going?
  3. I’m not embarrassed about the track. Like you said, it’s a race track. It’s more about the structural damage, notably roofs and canopies, that have not been repaired since last year’s storm. The roof pieces over the spectator area and over race control are absolutely hideous, and I really don’t understand why the damaged canopy fabric can’t be at least taken down, insurance claim or not. I’ll probably regret I said that, but meanwhile, I’m not bringing guests.
  4. Aha hahahahaMany years ago, I joined a group doing exactly that! We were all re-grooving worn autocross tires, and if the new groove exposed cords, we colored them to pass tech!
  5. So down to the really important stuff — who’s leaving the old track sticker on the car ?
  6. You need this car. It would simplify your life.
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