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    Getting on the track for excitement and going sailing for relaxation, although I have not sailed much since the track bug bit!

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  1. It was Danny that did the 1:27 in the Chump race. I had done a 1:29 in my NC 2.0 with 225 RS4's Tein coilovers and exhaust. The conditions were very good. I just bought another set of RS4's and I hope to duplicate the 1:29. Putting a 2.5l will give you torque at lower RPMs, I would go that way for a Chump car. I am 2750#, so if it is lighter, that would help tremendously.
  2. Austin Track Junkies, it has been too long since our group has gotten together. This sounds like a good place to do some bench racing and general carrying on. If you are interested, come join in on the fun! Anyone else interested?
  3. Having some white fiberglass roof panels will give you great natural lighting. I do not typically turn the lights on in the daytime. Depending on the typical wind direction you may want to have louvered attic fans to get large amounts of heat out.
  4. Be sure and tell them it was a HPDE, that it was a High Performance Driver Education event. It may help . . .
  5. What a great camera and datalog display combination! I love the circular display with 5 datasets displayed. What kind of settup is that?
  6. I flat towed my S2000's for years around Texas. The transmission does not get lubricated unless the motor is running. I never went further than 200 miles and was told to run the engine for every fillup and it should be fine. Tow dollies are handy since they are small and can be easily used for other vehicles that cannot be moved under their own power. YMMV!
  7. As Jimmy Buffet says and I often repeat, "indescision may or may not be my problem".
  8. Here is a great video confession of a True Track Junkie. I think @bryanpendalton has taken the first step: ADMISSION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjIMWZYLEVQ
  9. That looks like a blast! No seams between monitors, and when you look around it appears realistic enough to get emersed. The resolution reminds me of older video game graphics which will just get better and better!
  10. Look for a canvas/awning shop. In the lake Travis area I would go see John Bartlett at Bartlett Sails and Canvas. He is very creative and has been doing it for decades. http://www.bartlettsails.com/
  11. Not have to replace any transmission components. For the first 9 years of tracking I never even replaced a clutch. 2018 has seen two clutches, 2 throwout bearings and a transmission replacement will visiting MSRC Do consistant sub 1:30 laps at Harris Hill with 2008 Miata's current 2 liter engine and 200 TW street tires Build a 2.5l Ecotek/MZR to transplant into said Miata with cams & pistons Upgrade NC with 2.5l motor, cooling, intake and exhaust manifolds Go to ECR twice Do 2 NASA event weekends, one at ECR - I really miss those events Rebuild wifes NC Miata that has been back from body shop since June 2017. Use that cash to pay for above
  12. Awesome lap, it would be great to see the data overlayed.
  13. PM me with contact info about going to Harris Hill. Some of us try to go regularly and would be happy to sponsor a fellow junkie!
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