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  1. Hasta, I am interested but alas, I am in Austin. Do they fit you? If so, they likely would fit me. Scott
  2. Stan, How do you attach to the towed car? Are there plates that must be bolted to steel bumper requiring removal of bumper cover? Scott
  3. An OEM diff is a fraction of the OS Giken's cost and it is doubtful you would notice the difference at this point. You can likely get what you paid for it when you wanted to upgrade.
  4. Beat the summer heat with a CoolShirt setup. Tired of your ice melting after a single session? This cooler will keep the water cold for several sessions or even until the next day. I have wraps for the hose to help insulate it too for $22. The cooler is just over 13" deep so it fits in even the smallest trunks. I searched for a long time to find a cooler of this quality that fits into my NC Miata trunk. This is the best trade off between size and R factor that is available. The dimensions are 18" wide x 13" deep x 13 1/2" tall. Unlike the other coolers on the market, this pump
  5. Beat the summer heat with a CoolShirt settup. This is a used cooler in good shape other than marks where it sat in the frame along with some scratches as happens. The cooler is solid and pumps the cold water perfectly. New connectors were just installed to make sure there were no issues when hooking it up. Free local pickup in Austin, or I can ship it for another $20. Call or Text for fastest response 512-four 22- 20 five 2 Scott
  6. You haven't mentioned goals and price targets. There are some good options already mentioned for each price range. Let me throw in another option for a budget minded person. An NC Miata with a built 2.5 L motor if you want around 220 HP or the Chevy LFX swap for ~325 WHP. You still have the spirit of a Miata, low'ish buy-in cost ($10k - $20k) and Miata consumables.
  7. Are those the calipers that come with the sport suspension like these from RockAuto?
  8. The LFX is the a great swap, I am doing a more standard 2.5 L swap and would like to do an LFX in the future. Where did you get the caliper brackets and hardware? I have the standard BBK on my NC and the pads are tiny in comparison so I am looking for a better solution. And which specific caliper did you get? I am looking at the 120-11128
  9. You might want to consider an updated undertray that has been designed to improve cooling. I am considering this after I do hood vents for my 2.5 L swap. Stainless Steel Engine Shield by Cobalt
  10. The 2.5L swap really transforms the car. Unless you are really handy and have a great memory of where all the bits go, I would pay Dynatronics to do it so you are on the track and not in the shop fixing mistakes like I have been.
  11. Ask Autospec http://www.automotive-specialist.com/
  12. Interested, I am in Austin. Are the shoes too small or what is the issue?
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