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  1. Ask Autospec http://www.automotive-specialist.com/
  2. Interested, I am in Austin. Are the shoes too small or what is the issue?
  3. Even though it is too late for this cleanup, I use Ospho to remove rust and prep Ospho Amazon
  4. I do not need the hardtop but do have a new Robbins canvas black soft top mounted on a frame that I can sell if you are interested. The top cost $540 and I will sell the mounted unit for that much if you are interested.
  5. So I watched the video and I am glad that I did. When I am driving there I do not pick up many of the nuances they cover. Before I did not notice how many of the elevation changes were affecting the handling, I just know how the car feels and did not so much translate that to the causes. Most of the lines they discuss I was already doing just because that is what worked best for me. the visual references they used were different than mine, but I am in a NC Miata with stock power. The time they spent on T8 was useful and much appreciated. Last night I carried more speed through that corner than before, largely based on their discussions. They cover a great deal of general tactics during the video and point out where cars go when they miss the apex which I have know too well. The most sophisticated drivers may say it was not worth it but the the rest of us mere mortals, there is always something to pick up from spending that much time with two coaches. Since I am from Austin I drive the track 8-10 days a year and know it well, and even better now. It is a must see for those who are not that familiar with the track and certainly for first timers. YMMV.
  6. Was it the 1200XT impact? If you want to know everything about it here is the scoop from one of my my favorite YouTubers: BOLTR: Harbor Freight Earthquake XT | SKOOKUM?! It was good talking with you at CotA yesterday, hope to see you on the track soon!
  7. Has anyone watched this? For $47 it should hold secrets for a few tenths at least and some tips I can share with my students. I will let you know what it is like. . . https://speedsecrets.com/product/cota-virtual-track-walk-copy/
  8. The car is pretty much set for the track and would love to see it back on track with a fellow TJ'er. My track toy now an NC Miata that I have too much into and plan on doing a 2.5L upgrade to so it will be faster than the S2K at some point. It will never look as good though. The cool stuff includes >Lowered and corner balanced on KW V3 Suspension cost $2500. >Clean Carfax >Drive shaft spacers needed when lowering car >Gendron Small Fortune Racing Front Sway Bar >Hardrace? or some other fancy rear sway bar >Pioneer AVIC-U310BT Bluetooth receiver & upgraded speakers >Maven countersunk shift knob - black anodized - >Larger front calipers from 6 cylinder Accord #45018—SDP-A01, 45019-SDP-A01 , with 1mm offset plate. Reduces consumable cost >EBC Yellow pads >Slotted front rotors >SPC extended ball joints for more camber. >Stainless steel brake lines >Oil catch can >Volk CE28 wheels >New Hankook Ventus RS tires – great for track and street >Hardrace Motor mounts – 150% stronger than stock. Transmission mount available. >K and N Cold Air Intake - >High flow cat >Invidia exhaust Q300 >VIS Racing Carbon Fiber Hood >Redline Transmission and Differential Oil Change >Mobile one oil changes >Setup for brake ducts which were removed when new fender liners were installed. That is over $10,000 in add-ons and upgrades. New paint except for drivers door and rear fender has some rock chips The hood has some blemishes. A new Blue convertible top is on its way, will update this listing when it is here. Seat is headed to the upholstery shop. It is best to text or call, email response may be delayed. 512. four two two. 2052 Other S2000 items I have for sale are: Chase Race Removable Trailer Hitch - $400 Hondata Flashpro - $350 Dashboard - $200 Stock Exhaust -$200 Stock Catalytic converter $150 AC Compressor - $50 Alternator - $50 Red Rear Bumper with some blemishes $150
  9. Do you have the tire specs such as diameter/RPMs, section width, etc?
  10. Nice driving, that car has some scoot! When I use a phone lap timer it seems to have a lower time posted just before I cross S/F and then it goes up by a second or so. I am using a 10HZ external GPS to try and get as accurate a time as possible. With the 1HZ phone GPS, I have seen my laps times show over a second faster on the phone than my TraqDash. On your video I noticed the opposite, it shows 127.6 just before S/F then drops back by a second. Very curious. Either time is blistering compared to the 130's in my NC Miata.
  11. There are still undulations from the substrate which creates a bumpy ride. There is an eminent domain issue that has recently heated up again after being on pause for a couple of years. The upper part of the track will have to be relocated and when that happens, I would expect more work to be done then. Keeping in mind the problems with the substrate cannot be solved reasonalbly so things can never be too smooth for too long. Even COTA has issues and they dug down 14-16 feet IIRC and replaced with layers to help stabilize the substrate. Too bad neither built west of the Balcones fault where things tend to be more stable.
  12. It was Danny that did the 1:27 in the Chump race. I had done a 1:29 in my NC 2.0 with 225 RS4's Tein coilovers and exhaust. The conditions were very good. I just bought another set of RS4's and I hope to duplicate the 1:29. Putting a 2.5l will give you torque at lower RPMs, I would go that way for a Chump car. I am 2750#, so if it is lighter, that would help tremendously.
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