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  1. You haven't mentioned goals and price targets. There are some good options already mentioned for each price range. Let me throw in another option for a budget minded person. An NC Miata with a built 2.5 L motor if you want around 220 HP or the Chevy LFX swap for ~325 WHP. You still have the spirit of a Miata, low'ish buy-in cost ($10k - $20k) and Miata consumables.
  2. Are those the calipers that come with the sport suspension like these from RockAuto?
  3. The LFX is the a great swap, I am doing a more standard 2.5 L swap and would like to do an LFX in the future. Where did you get the caliper brackets and hardware? I have the standard BBK on my NC and the pads are tiny in comparison so I am looking for a better solution. And which specific caliper did you get? I am looking at the 120-11128
  4. You might want to consider an updated undertray that has been designed to improve cooling. I am considering this after I do hood vents for my 2.5 L swap. Stainless Steel Engine Shield by Cobalt
  5. The 2.5L swap really transforms the car. Unless you are really handy and have a great memory of where all the bits go, I would pay Dynatronics to do it so you are on the track and not in the shop fixing mistakes like I have been.
  6. Ask Autospec http://www.automotive-specialist.com/
  7. Interested, I am in Austin. Are the shoes too small or what is the issue?
  8. Even though it is too late for this cleanup, I use Ospho to remove rust and prep Ospho Amazon
  9. I do not need the hardtop but do have a new Robbins canvas black soft top mounted on a frame that I can sell if you are interested. The top cost $540 and I will sell the mounted unit for that much if you are interested.
  10. So I watched the video and I am glad that I did. When I am driving there I do not pick up many of the nuances they cover. Before I did not notice how many of the elevation changes were affecting the handling, I just know how the car feels and did not so much translate that to the causes. Most of the lines they discuss I was already doing just because that is what worked best for me. the visual references they used were different than mine, but I am in a NC Miata with stock power. The time they spent on T8 was useful and much appreciated. Last night I carried more speed through that corner than before, largely based on their discussions. They cover a great deal of general tactics during the video and point out where cars go when they miss the apex which I have know too well. The most sophisticated drivers may say it was not worth it but the the rest of us mere mortals, there is always something to pick up from spending that much time with two coaches. Since I am from Austin I drive the track 8-10 days a year and know it well, and even better now. It is a must see for those who are not that familiar with the track and certainly for first timers. YMMV.
  11. Was it the 1200XT impact? If you want to know everything about it here is the scoop from one of my my favorite YouTubers: BOLTR: Harbor Freight Earthquake XT | SKOOKUM?! It was good talking with you at CotA yesterday, hope to see you on the track soon!
  12. Has anyone watched this? For $47 it should hold secrets for a few tenths at least and some tips I can share with my students. I will let you know what it is like. . . https://speedsecrets.com/product/cota-virtual-track-walk-copy/
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