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  1. Just wa I just got into sim racing on Assetto Corsa...thank you for creating this awesome TWS track,....very realistic....can do hot lap and online race (on TWS not on MSR Cresson).
  2. Thanks.. i took it to Car-X and they used hydraulic press to do it.
  3. I need to press fit this KW radial bearing (see picture). Does anyone know a good place to do it in Austin? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Where/how do I find the "chassis" expert for hire? Anyone here ? Does the car dealership service department , do good enough job in used car inspection?
  5. Looking at used cars and everytime there is good deal, it has been in accident. I am not mechanical expert so want to get feedback. Is it safe to buy a repaired frame damage car and make it into a track car? How do you spot the sign of frame damage anyway? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the feedback...I have driven C6 , while they are faster somehow it is not as exciting. Not sure why. How about 135i ? I had loaner 135i before and like the way it drives.
  7. My 2007 Z4M needs replacement. With stock engine, intake, exhaust and full interior but with 3 mods: PF01 pads, AST coilover, NT01 tires , it can clock 1:56 at TWS. Looking to experiment with E46 M3 because it has more aftermarket options and can be faster while maintaining street legal status. Wondering if anyone has advice on what else I should consider in the same price/performance range...370Z ? Thanks.
  8. My Z4M has 66k miles with about 30+ track events. I noticed the rubber seal (brake piston) on one of the front caliper is ripped but there is no leak and no sticky braking. I am about to rebuild it but wondering if I should do all four. Is there guideline on how often brake caliper needs to be rebuild? Thanks
  9. Next time I will sit on the car when they measure the alignment. It will tell me if I should lose a few pounds to reduce the camber.
  10. Alignment machine showed -4 camber on both sides (L & R) ; checked it on two NTB locations/machines.. Ran TWS CCW 2 days and H2R one day , driver side (L) shows more inside tire wear than the passenger side ®. How does this happen? I did experience darting front end during hard braking at TWS Turn 1 ; some people told me that I need to replace front control arm bushing (never replaced for 6 years and 50 track days). I checked the bushing visually, I don't see any cracks but plan to replace them later,,,not sure if this is related?
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brNtbaMadX4 Fast forward to 8:40. Vette bumped the 911, but the 911 rear stay put. Later 911 bumped the Vette and the Vette rear came loose and headed to the wall. Does the rear weight bias on 911 has the stability advantage in the case? or is it driver steering input?
  12. $800/day for Spec Miata is expensive. I rented the MX-5 Cup car for $750/ 2 days , back in early 2012 at http://www.motorsportenterprisesracing.com/ It was a true race car for the Playboy Cup car and had reservoir type suspension. I was contemplating about changing daily driving Z4M into dedicated MX-5 cup track car. It was a very agile and fun car to drive, but not enough power to play with the E46 M3 , C6 and 996 at MSR Cresson 3.1 , and my schedule prevented me from racing more so I stay with just HPDE.
  13. I experimented with running smaller diameter tires (improved acceleration). Mounted 255/55/18 R888 on Rear 10" wheel and Front 8.5" wheel. The rear appears to have 0.5" wider tread for the same tires. Here are the pictures I used them for NASA TT and one TWS PDS track day. R888 seems to wear better than NT01 but It was a bad choice for the Z4M. The smaller 255 tread on rear caused the 3400lb Z4M to be much slower in the corners. Here is what it looks like after 3 track days..noticeably more even wear than NT01 which means the car is not pulling enough g (i am slow). I am getting rid of them now and going back to 275 NT01.
  14. A friend helped me polished the car and applied this Blackfire polymer spray on the paint. I noticed the paint is not as susceptible to the tire marks and was easy to clean. It is also very glossy and mirror like.
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