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  1. Protech body shop on wagon trl used to do a bunch of custom work, maybe stop by to get a quote.
  2. Track: MSR Cresson Date: May 3rd, 2020 Lap Time: 2:38.64 With an instructor Car: 2017 BMW M2 Estimated weight with driver: 37-3800? Tires: stock staggered size, Michelin Pilot Sport 4s Brakes: Stock Except flush with RBF600 Suspension: Bone Stock First time at Cresson and I love this track! Originally I was a bit disappointed to be put back in green group since I told Rick I hadn’t tracked since 2016 which I later realized was wrong since I forgot I did an open track day in 2017. While there was a lot of traffic, I learned a tremendous amount about the track
  3. They should clear most big brake kits on the platform per their website.
  4. Never used, still in box, anthracite colored, located in North Austin $700 obo Please close thread, sold
  5. I didn't find many Frs/brz guys post so here's mine. 2013 FR-S (May 12th, 2017) - 215/45/17 RE-71r - Stock suspension, alignment, and wheels -Corsa Catback (really just a noise maker so I can hear my own car on track) - Cobalt race pads (Front only) Best laptime (HLT): 2:05.12 I wish I had some videos to ask for where I could make up some time but my camera wouldn't stick to my back glass. I also ended up cording my tires due to not enough camber. Turn 1 and 4 seem to be my points where I can make up some time. On turn 1, I feel I'm probably over braking and turn 4 I feel li
  6. I'll pick up both sets this weekend!
  7. [flash=] A focus went off track, dropped some oil before the corner and quite a few people didn't pay attention or enough attention to the corner worker.
  8. if you are open today, i'll come by and pick it up
  9. Sorry to hear that, I would love to have driven it down for you. PM me if you find another one you need driven back, I am currently free for the summer.
  10. So, is the game much better than in GT5 with the steering wheel? I always felt the wheel was still a bit too sensitive, have they improved it? I may have to pull my wheel out of the closet and give it a shot if it is when my copy gets here. I will never preorder another game and have it shipped...
  11. well, you guys get about a week's head start on me, I had it pre-ordered and still won't get it until the 12th or so due to shipping... This is so stupid, I should have just picked it up from Gamestop.
  12. They always release 2 games, usually the last one on the console takes full advantage of the system as when the new system comes out, they work on trying to get it right with coding. I like the demo so far, but with just the ds3 controller, I couldn't get enough fine tuning to turn out a better lap than 2:23 even though I know the places where I could have made up 2-3 seconds just because of the lack of traction. I've already pre-ordered mine and seriously can't wait.
  13. I'm very interested and am sending you my resume tonight.
  14. AsianRacerGT I'm on now and then, I try to make it to an event but so far unsuccessful Oh yeah, and my name's Chris, every now and then I make it out to TWS with my friend Frank, but yeah, I'll try to be on more often.
  15. Originally I was thinking about this car but now that the price and performance numbers have come out, I'm a little disappointed... $25k for a car that does 0-60 in 7.3 seconds, I'm not so sure anymore. I doubt it's cornering is anything that impressive or that much better than many cars that are already out. It looks good but as far as I'm concerned, that's about it.
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