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  1. The car is back at home and I was able to stop it confidently after backing into the driveway at 3 mph.
  2. The Miata is back in the shop this morning for new brakes and some new sway bars. I am looking forward to an additional step forward in confidence with the car during the next HPDE event. Nothing like new brakes to boost your confidence hammering the brakes before a low speed corner.
  3. Looks like we will be going clockwise.
  4. Just to catch everyone up on my Miata . The new quick connect steering wheel was installed and I had the steering rack depowered. That was an excellent modification which allows me in and out of the car with much less pain. The fans would not turn on so it needed a new sensor on top of the thermostat. So far it will not go over 87 mph. My son has a theory that if I hit 88 the flux capacitor will kick in. So if you are following me and suddenly I vanish it is that I have gone back to the future. Efforts to increase top speed discovered that at some point the exhau
  5. I need practice in both directions!
  6. I will be there in the Miata working on enjoying some seat time and lowering my lap times. I have much work to do. My car worked smoothly for 7 sessions last time. I am adding a new set of brakes and will continue my quest to wear out a set of tires before they age out.
  7. The Drivers Edge is hosting and HPDE event on Nov 6 and 7 at MSRH.
  8. I accomplished my goal. Now signed up for a second track day this year.
  9. I had a fun weekend. I certainly was not setting any record lap times but I managed to get all my sessions in without breaking the car and not going off track. I will upload some pictures when they are available. I would like to thank gas head motor works for helping me get the car ready.
  10. I passed tech inspection. Waiting on a fresh set of tires. My current tires are out of date. A sad record of not being able to burn up a set of tires within 4 years. I hope to do better with this set!
  11. The drivers edge will be at msrh. I will be there in the Miata.
  12. Parts have arrived. Ready to install this weekend.
  13. Quick connect and steering wheel are on the way
  14. Hub and steering wheel ordered .
  15. This thread intimidates me. My builds come out looking like the car is headed to a junk yard. Your build comes out looking like a show car.
  16. Thank you. I am in a Father’s Day buying frenzy !
  17. Next I am going to get a hub and removable steering wheel
  18. I purchased an extra large Simpson hybrid s neck restraint. Fit was most important to me. The biggest one in stock was large. I needed one step larger than that so I got extra large . I am currently running a full harness in the Miata but it’s nice to know I can still use it in the s2000!with a three point harness.
  19. I plan to go to winding road .
  20. I installed the battery. The Miata started right up after sitting for wayyyyy to long. Now getting ready for a trip to Austin to pick up a HANS device.
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