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  1. Good day for me. More tire rubber left to my ongoing contributions at MSRH
  2. New stickers have been applied. Car started after sitting a month. Ready to go.
  3. I do not have an ac so I am fully committed.
  4. We will be able to tell who is truly committed because they will turn off the ac to get that little bit of extra horsepower.
  5. New update. Saturday 104. Sunday 105.
  6. Slight revision. High of 102 with 50% chance of rain.
  7. New forecast is 79 low 84 high cloudy with light rain. So I am hearing it is going to be in the 70,s
  8. I checked the forecast. Low of 80 high of 94 with a 25%!chance of rain. My previous expectation of a cold front may have been off. I expect folks are waiting to see about the rain before they sign up.
  9. We will be going ccw. I need to continue to watch the Caper vid ccw. Very inspirational.
  10. I have noticed that over the years all of my mechanics seem to be moving closer to my house. I believe I am what is called a profit center…..
  11. The mechanic I am using is a 10 minute flat tow from my house . Usually I drop it off before work and pick it up at lunch time. Very easy. As I continue on my Miata journey I will start to make a few adjustments at the track with his recommendations.
  12. Hopefully your wing will come in so you can fly through the corners.
  13. For the time being I have resorted to using a trusted mechanic that knows what he is doing to keep the car on the track. I know this may be considered cheating . However, I have poured enough of my time and sweat into this car . It just needs to run and drive safely so I can have some fun.
  14. It has taken me about 2 years to fix all the problems Hastarock identified in about 10 minutes.
  15. I went back and read the whole thread. I am close to my objective of having a reliable HPDE car. The last several track days I have made all 8 sessions for the weekend. While I am still making adjustments to to the car I have transitioned back to focus on my driving.
  16. I do not remember the exact oil pressure when I range 30 weight but I believe it was under 10
  17. Thank you for the ideas. To be specific, when I put the car together I changed the timing belt. I had difficulty getting the new belt installed correctly. Many years later I finally got around to evaluating why my car seemed to have such low power. I wanted to start with the basics. So I had a compression check done, I had an extra in line fuel filter removed. Then the timing was checked. It was advanced 20 degrees. That could be the reason that I have no top end power. I am glad I have been running super unleaded so that probably kept my engine from self destructing. The timing ha
  18. My car is back from the shop . My timing has been adjusted. My suspension has been adjusted. I am going to put another sticker on the car. I hope these things help me improve.
  19. You must bring balance to the force.
  20. In the world of under powered Miata cars I seem to have a particularly underpowered car. I had a compression test completed and it was fine. Perhaps my Miata needs an emotional support lawn mower to help it feel better about itself.
  21. For some reason my timing was set to far forward. It has been adjusted.
  22. Another trip back to the shop and we decided to set the rear sway bar firmer to help the car rotate.
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