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  1. Less than 2 hours to go. Is this how it ends. Speedracer alone online?
  2. A few hours left. I have a strong sense of loss.
  3. Where can I talk to my tj friends. You can’t just cut me off. I am addicted. thanks. I found it.
  4. Where can I talk to my tj friends. You can’t just cut me off. I am addicted.
  5. I am finding difficult to let it go.
  6. It seems like you have been enjoying your new car. I am glad you found it.
  7. I will miss this forum. Thank you for the great discussions and shared memories.
  8. These are great cars. I am trying to finish my project 944
  9. There was a fire at TWS in July 2022.
  10. Lavatoad achieved balance in the force. I explored the outer limits of my new suspension. The highlight of my weekend was having a Miata guy do a few laps to confirm my car was set up properly. He came back to the pits and confirmed my car is setup perfectly and have a great learning platform. I can relax about the car and just focus on learning to drive
  11. Good day for me. More tire rubber left to my ongoing contributions at MSRH
  12. New stickers have been applied. Car started after sitting a month. Ready to go.
  13. Perhaps we are addicted to fun.
  14. I do not have an ac so I am fully committed.
  15. We will be able to tell who is truly committed because they will turn off the ac to get that little bit of extra horsepower.
  16. New update. Saturday 104. Sunday 105.
  17. Slight revision. High of 102 with 50% chance of rain.
  18. New forecast is 79 low 84 high cloudy with light rain. So I am hearing it is going to be in the 70,s
  19. I checked the forecast. Low of 80 high of 94 with a 25%!chance of rain. My previous expectation of a cold front may have been off. I expect folks are waiting to see about the rain before they sign up.
  20. We will be going ccw. I need to continue to watch the Caper vid ccw. Very inspirational.
  21. I have noticed that over the years all of my mechanics seem to be moving closer to my house. I believe I am what is called a profit center…..
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