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  1. My goal is to make it to the track this year. There are too many distractions and excuses. I continue to remember a pretty day in May when a took a Friday off to spend a day at the track with a friend. He told me that he let somebody else run the exhibit so he could treat himself. A few weeks later he found out he had cancer and a few months later he passed away. It seems too easy to find reasons not to go and enjoy a few laps in my cheap crappy little Miata. No more excuses. Get to the track, purge the cobwebs out of my brain, hear the desperate buzz of a 1.6 liter and song of track tires whistling against the pavement in corner. That is my goal!
  2. Sadly my personal experience turned me against turbos. I will be NA the rest of my life. Seems like you are getting some good advice hear on some additional ideas.
  3. Cooling issues with after market turbos is clearly a problem with track cars. I solved a similar problem on my s2000 by removing the turbo. I did this after installing a bigger radiator , oil cooler, vented hood, special radiator ducting. probably not what you wanted to hear. my track Miata is na.....
  4. Crank and pistons installed. It only has taken me 6 months. Did I mention I dropped the crank on my toe......
  5. New windows and it stArted with a little help from a jump.
  6. New windows installed and fit perfect.
  7. I see the Porsche cars are dominating. I need to get my 944 finished.
  8. Hastrock scheduled the tour on top of a Jeep trip that has been scheduled since January . Sadly speedracer will not be able to participate in the drive this time.
  9. My current list 1 a set of fuel lines. Mine are stitched together. 2 a removable steering wheel . 3 a HANS device 4 power steering delete. 5 new struts 6 a fuel door latch kit 7 fire extinguisher kit 8 new struts 9 fuel jugs 10 sway bars that is it for now but I am always ready to look at NA parts leaving garages. I previously picked up an engine And tranny. The tranny is already in the car .
  10. These are now mine. I am so happy! Back to web surfing to find more Miata parts on my wish list.
  11. I need to give up my day job so I can just stay on the forum and pick up Miata parts when the appear on the for sale forum.
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