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  1. Parts have arrived. Ready to install this weekend.
  2. Quick connect and steering wheel are on the way
  3. Hub and steering wheel ordered .
  4. This thread intimidates me. My builds come out looking like the car is headed to a junk yard. Your build comes out looking like a show car.
  5. Thank you. I am in a Father’s Day buying frenzy !
  6. Next I am going to get a hub and removable steering wheel
  7. I purchased an extra large Simpson hybrid s neck restraint. Fit was most important to me. The biggest one in stock was large. I needed one step larger than that so I got extra large . I am currently running a full harness in the Miata but it’s nice to know I can still use it in the s2000!with a three point harness.
  8. I plan to go to winding road .
  9. I installed the battery. The Miata started right up after sitting for wayyyyy to long. Now getting ready for a trip to Austin to pick up a HANS device.
  10. Auto correct strikes again. HANS device not hands device.
  11. News flash. I purchased a new battery. Next step. Installation. I have been on a track vacation because I needed to upgrade my safety equipment . I have scheduled a trip to Austin to find a hand device and prepare to get back to the track.
  12. This starting to sound like an expensive track toy.
  13. No brakes at 130 mph and you managed to stay out of the wall. That is impressive to me! Thank you for posting your experience.
  14. Please keep us up to date on Casper.
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