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  1. They includes you and other family members close relatives and significant others. You know. My daddy drives a p car....... it is nothing to be ashamed of it’s a natural reaction. Head growth syndrome associated with p car in the family. I have noticed that the non functioning 944 in the driveway seems to have not impacted jrs head size. I think when he had to push it home when it overheated may have helped with the head size maintenance. I am glad you made your sale !
  2. Alternative theory. Now that they have a p car the heads are getting bigger.
  3. I visited the Miata where I am storing it. I have it on a trickle charger. It started right up and I let it run for some time. I looked under the hood and remembered I have a few items to take care of before my next track day. Tuned it off. Put the cover back on and told myself I needed to get back to the track.
  4. We need to plan a nice little road trip to break it in.
  5. I made it to the track 4 times with the Miata and made good progress towards biting up the tires before the dry rot. As a bonus I was able to take my son for his first track drive at one of the events. I should aim higher in 2019!
  6. I beat back the vines and saved the radiator.
  7. Due to my failed red solo cup Experiment I have a large number of unidentified bolts. This is going to be fun....
  8. I see great wisdom now in the baggie approach because you ca see the part in the bag. I now get to look forward to opening dozens of paper bags looking for the missing bolt.
  9. Nice color! Welcome to the Miata family.
  10. Nice color! Welcome to the Miata family.
  11. I have used baggies for some of the parts. I can write on paper bags .
  12. I am ready to report that my red solo cup holder parts holding system was a failure. I have moved all the parts to paper bags .
  13. Another indication things are taking too long. Vines in the car parts
  14. This is an indication my 944project has stalled . However I am not giving up.
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