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  1. speedracer

    1993 NSX

    I was interested . However I have to finish the Porsche project.
  2. I used the email addressed to the first post.
  3. I am calling the boss !
  4. It has been 24 hrs. Why has Hollywood not attached these Miata parts to my car already?
  5. I sent my wish list. Also need other Miata parts that may fall off of a race car.
  6. It is a challenge to find and develop a good relationship with a mechanic or mechanics to help with your cars. Communication effectiveness and trust develops over time . I usually start with smaller projects and then build on the relationship over time. Rather than pick up the car and look at it when I get home I usually want to see it on the lift, Have them explain what they plan to do and then look the car over while it is still in the shop when I pick it up. They need to be patient w me because I am ...... A car guy.
  7. The engine is back from the machine shop. The pistons and crankshaft are installed. I have another batch of Porsche parts on the way to begin sealing the engine and working toward reinstallation.
  8. Looks great. Another red car in the TJ family.
  9. I am glad you have joined the s2000 track community. There is great joy in driving the s2000 on the street and track.
  10. It comes in red. Check It is a Toyota sports car. Check It has good power and handling. Check It has a manual transmission. Oops Sorry it does not check all the boxes for me. Perhaps Robert will Buy one and sell me his nsx.
  11. I expect you will discover that Porsche maintenance cost on an occasional track car may be expensive relative to other cars. I have had a few rides and own an old 944. Porsche refinement vs my others cars creates a unique and very pleasurable driving experience.
  12. I looks good on paper. However it is getting a little big and heavy for my taste. I am in the camp to wait for the track version to depreciate a little.
  13. Please review page 37 of the red convertible owners manual. It says:, sunburn is a badge of honnor to be displayed proudly on Monday to demonstrate your ability to endure pain for the sake of weekend fun.
  14. Matches the nice red car color. It was quite sunny in the afternoon.
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