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  1. Hmmm... I might try to make this.
  2. Nice driving Jason. You and Eric did a great job of representing FRS.
  3. I bought an 8.5 x 22 Diamond Cargo for 6k plus transport fee. It's actually 26' with the 4' V nose. It has front ramp door and side door to help when getting out of the car. It came wired for 30a hookup with two outlets on the interior.
  4. I got my car back from the magician John Wallace!! I can't wait for this event to try out the car and win a DE Championship:-)
  5. Lol!! I will be adding some lead to keep the top:-) I hope you get a chance to play.
  6. Noooooo!!!!! It's a great car and will hate to see it gone.
  7. No!! The kids would love to see Daddy drive. Can you bring them. We can help you out.
  8. Come on!! We need some Austin representation:-)
  9. In for - Tnt - Camping - Instructing - TT5 - Leaving on Thursday morning
  10. I was trying to be nice:-) They are good beginner coils.
  11. I ran BC on my S2000 for the longest. They are some of the better over the counter budget coilovers. I generally had to run them at around 15 clicks from full soft to avoid jacking. They don't do well with bumpy tracks. Enjoy!
  12. Definitely a Trigger Word that I love to hear:-) Thanks for sharing.
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