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  1. I've been using Centric 120 from either Tire Rack or Rock Auto sometimes Rock Auto has them for $22 each for fronts Was looking for something better (longer lasting) and saw the Talon ads Also thought about the cyro treated Centrics Good to know that the Talons aren't worth the money I've gone to a different pad that is more rotor friendly And I have an NC so NA rotors won't work :)
  2. I've heard the Bridgestone RE71R is out of production and there isn't a replacement in the pipeline for USA Question on the new Falken 660. As compared to the RE71R, are they as good for autocross? How about track? I’ve heard they are faster on track but don’t know other characteristics like do they last as long, are they good to the cord or not, do they like heat, etc Any input from those who have run them?
  3. Yes, I got ST43 for OEM calipers from Porterfield. If you are SCCA member, 10% discount Haven't installed them yet, still going thru some DTC60 I had stockpiled
  4. No I haven't. I have ducting so not much more I can do. Depending on which track(s) I run, I get between 400-600 track only miles per set. I've gone to the thicker ones as used in Playboy Cup to cut down on the labor part.
  5. I'm using Hawk DTC60 front and 30 rear, mainly because that's what the Playboy Cup cars ran Like the stopping and other characteristics but hate the dust. And they don't last very long as compared to PF97 I ran on my NA Do get the GWR brake duct kit. I have it and so does Skip, but he now has Wilwood front brakes At the recommendation of a couple of people, I'm soon going to try the Raybestos ST43. Skip has them now. One user calls them the "magic pad" At the recommendation of MER, I'm using Centric blanks. Sign up with Rock Auto for their "closeout" sales emails. Rec
  6. Saw the Hawk Talon is advertising G3000 metallurgy. Called Centric tech and they said their 120 and 125 series rotors and 99.9% of all rotors out there are that same spec.
  7. My main desire is longer rotor life using DTC60 pads. Altho I'm going to try some Raybestos ST43 at the recommendation of Porterfield A friend runs the same pad/rotor setup and running ECR and MSR, we average about 500 track miles and a small amount of street miles on a set of pads. And at that point the rotor heat stress lines/cracks are very obvious. No fingernail-catching cracks, but afraid to continue using the rotors with a new set of pads Both cars have front brake air ducting. several of the "premium? versions of major rotor companies do not make somethng f
  8. posted this in the Miata section too, hope that's ok for doubling up Has anyone used Hawk Talon rotors on a track car? I've been using Centric 120 series and looking for something better that won't break the bank The Talon advertising looks like they are supposed to be better, but am looking for real world experience
  9. Been using Centric 120 series and looking for something better that won't break the bank The Talon advertising looks like they are supposed to be better, but am looking for real world experience
  10. did you try them on? I put size 10 shoes on my Christmas list last year and they were waaaay too big Sizing assumes several layers of socks including nomex, is what I was told
  11. Did the Park Place event last weekend and we got to walk and be driven in pickups/golf karts/etc (slowly) around the new section Really Miata friendly, lots more elevation change than imagined, and the straight into 11 will be really fast since you enter carrying more speed. Can't wait to run the whole track and especially going CW Tire wear is very minimal. Surprised everyone. Grip isn't there yet, but lots of fun.
  12. Four Bridgestone Pole Position S04 tires for an NC MX-5 Miata. Date code is 0716. Size 215/45 x 17 (original size was 205). https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires...PPXL&tab=Specs Two of the tires have 8/32” (out of 10/32”) and two of them have 5/32.” They are all evenly worn, no cupping or more wear on inside or outside. They are mounted on OEM 17 x 7 55mm wheels. The wheels have been black PlastiDipped including the centercaps. The PlastiDip is coming off here and there. The wheels don’t have curb rash or other problems. The wheels have functioning TPMS for an NC mi
  13. nealb

    New Spec NC

    Madza Speed is at it again https://www.mazdamotorsports.com/2019/08/21/spec-mx-5-the-kit-and-the-why/
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