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  1. MER shop at Cresson has a running Ecotech swapped car they started with a track toy NA I guess it is for sale
  2. There will be a bunch of DFW people there. Track Dog always brings a contingent. And several of us will be in "Race Port" #12. Stop by and say Hi http://www.hallettracing.net/track/rent-a-raceport/ We try to do a group dinner (for DFW folks, open to all) Thurs and Fri nites and several of us trailer up Thursday afternoon meet in Ardmore if you are interested
  3. yes, but we all hope that once they open, they're open for good call Brad and talk to him about schedule
  4. PCA has two scheduled http://mav.pca.org/Events/DE/ and a new organization just popped up, Park Place Experience Academy, Sept 2 and Oct 5-6 https://www.parkplaceexperience.com/ and SCCA TT in Nov https://www.texasscca.org/trials/ probably others I don't know about yet
  5. I think that dates back several years to when the Arkansas Miata club hosted the event. For the last several years, Friday has been CW and Saturday CCW. Call Connie and talk to her about your experience level. Offer up that you'll do a check ride with someone she knows. But enter. It is a fun event. Last year there were a few Minis, but almost all were in Novice group. The one seriously prepared Mini broke early
  6. several events scheduled there in Sept and Oct PCA for one
  7. I haven't put the toll tag on the car yet and don't think I will. If I drive it through a toll reader, my plate will trigger the lower price toll. And I'll just cover the tag when trailering. Just stupid to get charged for a vehicle that isn't touching the road.
  8. So here’s another thing (of many) that doesn’t make sense. I got a toll tag for my new to me street legal Miata but haven’t put in on yet. Called NTTA and asked if I have the Miata on my open car hauler trailer and go through a toll booth, do I get charged for all three? Meaning truck, trailer and Miata. Answer was yes. They claim state law says any vehicle going thru a toll reader must pay. I said even if not on its own power or touching the road? Answer was yes. I trailered my previous track only Miata often. It never had a license tag or a toll tag. Never got anything saying I owed for the mystery car on the trailer. I’ve googled some trying to research the state law thing but so far haven't found anything Saw this on NTTA site and it doesn't mention what is on a trailer just that presence of a towed trailer doubles the normal rate https://www.texpresslanes.com/pricing/vehicle-classification-shapes Going to cover the license tag when towing and see how that works. Anyone ever been charged for a licensed car on a trailer? Three times for one pass thru a toll reader?
  9. I think Matt93SE is correct about how much Mueller will do. Don't think their contractor will do the interior walls etc but ask them. I'd bet one of their approved metal contractor guys has someone else who would do the inside. Or you could get a "normal" residential contractor who would sub out the metal building stuff and do all the rest. One thing to note is my building has eaves and residential gutters because my wife insisted on that look rather than the normal metal building. If you care about that it would likely be a special deal for Mueller. I'll PM you my "normal" builder buddy who does high end stuff in Roanoak and surrounding areas and whose wife did the layout. Talk to Mueller about whether they only have standard size buildings or will custom size something.
  10. https://photos.app.goo.gl/npM4urEYaod7s7BM8 I had it built by a guy who is no longer in the area. Talked to Mueller buildings but at the time they only sold metal and you were on your own for construction. Now they have builders as part of a package. The wife of an autocross buddy (who is a builder in DFW area) did the design. Can give their info. All welded construction. Thicker choice of exterior panels. Lantham super windows. SEER 15. I’m 25 miles SW of MSR-C in a development where everyone has 20 acres. Hydromulched yard with native flowers and grasses. Mow 2X a year when everything goes to seed or is dead. Property taxes are based on a barn. I’m over 65 so frozen at $2270 per year for it all. Pro is much cheaper to build than conventional, energy efficiency, no exterior maintenance. Con is must find the right person to sell to. The living area is stud walls with drywall and blown in insulation. Exterior walls wind up being 7.5” thick. Spray foam sealed it so much (including top of ceiling drywall and wall between living and garage) that had to do a commercial style AC that will introduce fresh air into the system. Garage is split into a 3 car and 2 car with smaller heated/cooled by a thru the wall unit. Room for at least 5 cars, especially if Miatas. Only have 4 right now. Garage ceiling is 11-3, house 10. Stained concrete floors, crown molding, granite kitchen. 400’ of concrete driveway down a steep hill. Long view to the West.
  11. yes, Hornetball's shop is AWESOME I second the previous suggestion of insulation and ventilation I live in a "barn-domium" steel building with one end small garage (53 x 35) and the rest three bedroom, two bath house-inside-a-barn spray foam it to death and use both gable vents and a ridge vent to get air thru the very top of it foam adds a lot of rigidity and makes a huge difference in interior comfort I combined foam everywhere with convention blown in stuff in all the walls (drywall inside) my average electric bill (100% electric and aerobic septic and well) for 10 years is $135 a month, including two $10 meter charges not related to usage
  12. Like this one http://www.racingbeat.com/Miata-1990...ars/54101.htmlSold my NA$60 cash face to face. Do not want to ship due to awkward size. I'm near MSR-C
  13. used Eibach # 0700.250.0325 as used in NA6 Spec Miata rearLike this https://www.summitracing.com/parts/eib-07002500325Two for $80 shipped
  14. Wilwood apparently has grown too much too fast and has some quality problems I had the Wilwood 4 piston kit on the front brakes of my NA bought new slotted Wilwood rotor rings from Summit installed them and went to bed the new pads got a horrible shudder each time I touched the brakes apparently the machining of the slots caused the pad to grab the edge of the slot returned them to Summit without a problem bought blanks and no problem called Wilwood and they had "never heard of that" my buddy Hornet Ball had exactly the same experience
  15. Thanks Eric I looked harder and found a spot in the wheel well that I think will clear the tire
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