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  1. Matt, have you priced the used non-subscription transponders? It might be one of the more valuable things on your race car. On our old 240sx, it was mounted inside the front frame rail. But there was plenty of room in that car. On the BMW, it's just in front of the wheel well on a bracket. We drilled a hole in the splitter underneath to make sure it can see the track. On my circle track car, I punched out one of the drain holes in the passenger floor board and made a bracket to mount it there. The rule in that series is that it has to be at least 24" behind the right front ball joint, inside the frame rails. No, I don't know why it matters.
  2. Resurrecting for the final report: 3rd place paid $100. That basically covers my entry fee and gas money for the race. Next race is May 4. The last one was cancelled for rain.
  3. Wasn't IMSA known as the International Marijuana Smugglers Association at one time? (or something along those lines)
  4. That's no lie. I've been 100% sure about what happened, where we both started and ended up, and whose fault it was. The camera can be humbling to those memories.
  5. Pimpin' my sponsors!
  6. Should have mentioned that the huge yellow numbers came from trackdecals.com, and I had help from John at ProAm. I still have some stuff to learn about circle track racing... 🙂
  7. I gave it a try last night. And it was a blast. Houston Motorsports Park is a 3/8 mile paved oval. They run a fwd class called Eco Stock. I decided to take the plunge this year and see what it's like. I picked up a 2001 Saturn SL2, had it caged, slotted the right front strut for camber, changed the oil, mounted new tires, and went racing. Tires were Direzza III's; they cost more than the car. I was third fastest in practice and 4th in the heat race. They inverted the top five, so I started outside first row for the feature. I can't manually select first gear in the Saturn, and I got jumped bad on the start. I need to learn the timing to get a downshift to first. I was in 5th by the back straight. My strategy now was to stick with the guy in front of me and let him do the hard work and then follow him through on passes. About 10 laps in, we got by the 3rd place car. With 4 laps left, he made it to second, but I wasn't able to follow. But 2 laps later, I was able to make the pass into 3rd when the other driver over drove a corner and slid up a little. I finished in 3rd, within sight of the leader. I'm not giving up on WRL and road racing at all. But this circle track stuff is actually fun. It was my first time racing a fwd car, my first time on an oval, and the car's first time on a track, and I got a podium finish, a cheap trophy, and some money will be coming in the mail. $60 to enter the race, and I'm into the car for under $3k, including new tires and a tran$ponder. Circle track, don't knock it until you try it.
  8. On my phone, I click on the "1 hour ago" link at the bottom left, and it takes me to the unread posts.
  9. Does your car have a procedure to relearn where each wheel is? Don't assume DT did that either...
  10. I've got one Pole Position I can sell you.
  11. I'm down in the Clear Lake/Kemah area.
  12. Are you in Houston? I've got a tongue scale stashed somewhere in my garage. I can dig it out if you want to borrow it.
  13. Tobey

    Oculus Rift

    You're a smart guy. Incorporate a beer hat with the Oculus.
  14. I second Matt's opinion on the HF maintainers. I think my solar charger is only 10 watts, but it keeps the battery topped off. I think the brand is Schumacher; it's an actual battery maintainer. I wired it to a trailer plug receptacle so I just plug the trailer connector to it.
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