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  1. I've used them several times also. Turnaround was usually a couple of days. And the price was competitive to other places the last time I used them.
  2. This. ^ When I used to string my car, I built 4 wooden stands for the wheels, about a foot high. Made getting to the suspension super easy. And I had plastic pieces to serve as turn plates. Once I got the system down, I could align the car in an hour or so, including all the setup and putting it on/off the stands.
  3. Bastard! I got my gloves, but they refunded my money for the socks.
  4. It told me one item was out of stock when I went to checkout. So you may be in luck...
  5. Ha! I know Andrew. We should sneak that dyno chart into his WRL file.
  6. When we raced there many years ago with Chumpcar, they pushed us down down onto the apron before we got into T1. With no banking, that seemed to keep the speeds in check. Our top speed was definitely much lower than at Daytona. I've also raced just that infield section. It was more fun than I expected. It actually flows really well.
  7. Correct and mostly correct. It's rear steer, but I THINK the rack mounts to the subframe, not the firewall. The Ecostock rules allow basically no non-stock parts or pieces. It's closed to be a cheap, entry level class.
  8. It took a shot in the heat race too. Maybe the first hit bent it a little, and the second one compounded it. I did have more steering angle on the second hit, so the back of the tire probably took a bigger blow.
  9. Quick update: made my second race last weekend. My starts still suck. Otherwise, the car is pretty good. I finished 4th, but both 2nd and 3rd got DQ'd, so I went home with the 2nd place trophy. Woohoo! It pays $200. I've got some damage to repair, though. Ended up with what looks to be a couple inches of toe out after some contact on the 3rd lap. And I just replaced both outer tie rods... Can I say again how much fun it is? I'd always choose WRL over this, but cheap circle track racing is a good mistress.
  10. Matt, have you priced the used non-subscription transponders? It might be one of the more valuable things on your race car. On our old 240sx, it was mounted inside the front frame rail. But there was plenty of room in that car. On the BMW, it's just in front of the wheel well on a bracket. We drilled a hole in the splitter underneath to make sure it can see the track. On my circle track car, I punched out one of the drain holes in the passenger floor board and made a bracket to mount it there. The rule in that series is that it has to be at least 24" behind the right front ball joint, inside the frame rails. No, I don't know why it matters.
  11. Resurrecting for the final report: 3rd place paid $100. That basically covers my entry fee and gas money for the race. Next race is May 4. The last one was cancelled for rain.
  12. Wasn't IMSA known as the International Marijuana Smugglers Association at one time? (or something along those lines)
  13. That's no lie. I've been 100% sure about what happened, where we both started and ended up, and whose fault it was. The camera can be humbling to those memories.
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