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  1. I'd call it the handle or lever. Maybe the release handle? I'd be surprised if you could get it without buying the while slider assembly. Call a vendor that carries Recaro or maybe ebay?
  2. What part of town you in? I'm going to be using my engine hoist in 3-4 weeks when I get my engine back. But you're welcome to borrow it in the meantime. I'm in the Seabrook area.
  3. The Saturn has plastic fenders. Last year, I stitched a crack closed with safety wire and fiberglassed over it. Fenders aren't super easy to find at the wrecking yard, but I scored two pairs back in December.
  4. I put it at two weekends before it's at a point I feel the need to touch it up.
  5. All right, looks like the season might finally kick off June 20. In preparation, I gave the car a new livery. There's several practice days scheduled before the first race; I'll hit at least one of them.
  6. I just bought a set of decals from him a week or two ago. 😀 But these metal ones are only about 8" long/wide.
  7. Not exactly a car project, but I knocked out these this weekend. All the tracks I've raced on except Barber, which is ordered and will be added when it arrives. The track cutouts are from https://www.plasma-tracks.com/ . Shadow boxes from Michaels.
  8. Yep. Or a different car. Here's a link to the rules: https://www.texasshorttrackracingseries.com/rules/ I made it to my first race for about $2700. Including a seat, belts, etc. I already had all my safety gear.
  9. The 2020 schedule is out. I'm down for another season in the Eco Stock class. Rain outs, transmission problems, and real life conspired to only allow me to make it into two feature races last year. But I finished 3rd and 2nd in my mighty 2001 Saturn SL2. It would have been 3 features, but in the final race of the season, I let the season points leader race my car in the feature. We got tangled up in the heat race, and he went into the wall. His car was not racing again without major repairs; front and rear right side tires were pointing different directions. I felt bad about it, since he was only 1 point ahead of 2nd place in the points. So I let him use my car in the feature, and he won the damn race. So on the season, my car made it to three features, and finished 3rd, 2nd, and 1st. I have no excuses this year... If anyone wants to try it out, there might be a car or two available. Or you might be able to talk me into letting you run some laps in practice before a race. No license or experience needed. Its like going to the dragstrip. Buy a pit pass, get in the car, and race. You do need safety gear, of course. HANS not mandatory; a neck roll is still allowed. And I've seen at least one driver using a dirt bike helmet. Let's just say you need to take responsibility for your own safety. I made it to the practice day last weekend. Car ran great. First race is in April; I'll post updates as the season progresses.
  10. Tractor Supply sells nuts and bolts and washers by the pound, by the way. I can't remember if they have grade 5; I stocked up on various grade 8 sizes a while back.
  11. Tobey

    Go Kart

    Your kid is obviously cheating.
  12. I've used them several times also. Turnaround was usually a couple of days. And the price was competitive to other places the last time I used them.
  13. This. ^ When I used to string my car, I built 4 wooden stands for the wheels, about a foot high. Made getting to the suspension super easy. And I had plastic pieces to serve as turn plates. Once I got the system down, I could align the car in an hour or so, including all the setup and putting it on/off the stands.
  14. Bastard! I got my gloves, but they refunded my money for the socks.
  15. It told me one item was out of stock when I went to checkout. So you may be in luck...
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