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  1. On my phone, I click on the "1 hour ago" link at the bottom left, and it takes me to the unread posts.
  2. Does your car have a procedure to relearn where each wheel is? Don't assume DT did that either...
  3. I've got one Pole Position I can sell you.
  4. I'm down in the Clear Lake/Kemah area.
  5. Are you in Houston? I've got a tongue scale stashed somewhere in my garage. I can dig it out if you want to borrow it.
  6. Tobey

    Oculus Rift

    You're a smart guy. Incorporate a beer hat with the Oculus.
  7. I second Matt's opinion on the HF maintainers. I think my solar charger is only 10 watts, but it keeps the battery topped off. I think the brand is Schumacher; it's an actual battery maintainer. I wired it to a trailer plug receptacle so I just plug the trailer connector to it.
  8. The stock pads on my 2005 Silverado 2500 Duramax lasted 200,000 miles. And it was a lot of towing miles. When I replaced them, they still had life in them, but I needed a new rotor, so new pads went on. I installed stock ceramic replacements. Better initial bit wouldn't hurt, but they last forever.
  9. That model still has leaf springs? Let me recommend the Roadmaster helper springs. They made a huge difference on my 3/4t Chevy with no perceptible changes in ride quality when unloaded. Pretty much all the marketing talk on the website turned out to be true. https://activesuspension.com/
  10. I had to drop the front subframe to install headers once. I replaced the bolts, one at a time, with a piece of all thread. I let the subframe rest on a nut and washer about 8" down. It was pretty easy.
  11. Tobey

    Goals for 2018

    It's a year later, but I have one I'll sell you... :)
  12. I'm going to take a shot in the dark. Infinity Q50s. And with that commute, he really needs an automatic.
  13. I daily drive a 2016 V6 convertible Mustang to the tune of 35k miles a year. I had a 2011 for a few years before this one; I traded it in to get the convertible. I'm up to 85k miles on it now. Base model with cloth seats. It's not a luxury car, but it's a great daily driver. Decent gas mileage (25 overall avg, 30+ on the highway at legal speeds), comfortable seats, and nothing but oil changes and new tires so far.
  14. I think you're being too quick to rule out the V6 Mustangs. But it's your money. :)
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