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  1. Thanks, we got it all worked out. It was a great weekend!
  2. Is anyone from dfw headed to the Nasa race this weekend? Unfortunately we forgot to pack a set of tires and I was hoping someone could bring them up for us. If you have space and can help us out, I would be happy to compensate with cash, beer or whatever. Just give me a call and we can work out the details Kyle - 281-782-9232
  3. Robert, I hate to be the one to tell you this... you are too fast for a dual purpose brake pad. Its like complaining that an all season tire can't hold up to track use... of course it can't. Sure, I've never seen a glued shim melt off a backing plate, but that's because if you are fast enough to melt it off, it shouldn't be there.
  4. I'm in. Arthur, its good to hear you're getting back out there! We were actually talking about you the other day and wondered where you went. We will have to catch up at some time that weekend!
  5. I spoke to my friend Evan on Monday and he cant wait for the next comp school. He has an E46 M3 that he is putting a LS motor into and plans to run with NASA ST. Anyway, he is ready for comp school, so you can add him to the list of students for any event in Texas. Barber might be tough but if you do a TWS school, he is in.
  6. Yea, that was an interesting experience. Thanks again to everyone for not taking me out. And as for the "greasy" comment, that car was greasy the whole weekend. A better driver probably could have helped the situation too. Regardless of my "greasy" tires, the weekend was AWESOME and I can't thank Bruce, all of the instructors and BMWCCA enough for putting on such a great event. I will echo what others have said here, I don't think I'll ever look at a DE the same again.
  7. Well there's no turning back now... I'm loading the car and will be out there in the morning. Good luck everyone else!!!
  8. Ok so I have officially signed up... I know many of you have been waiting for this day, just know that I'm crazy and I won't be driving my own car so proceed at your own risk... But seriously, thank you Bruce for putting this together, I can't wait for this event!
  9. I know I'm late to this discussion, but it turned out not to be a loose oil filter. The Porsche dropped a wheel over the curbing in toilet bowl and bottomed out on his oil filter. It bent the housing of the filter and blew out the rubber seal which sprayed oil everywhere. I yelled at him numerous times for driving as far as he did like that, but that was just a poor judgement call. Other than that and the other silly delays, it was a great weekend. I had an absolute blast with my students, even if Clifton23 decided to blow his best lap!
  10. I'll see everyone in the morning... But you will all see an E36 going off track. I have not decided where yet but its inevitable... TTWKyle's landscaping company is open for business!!!
  11. +1 for BBQ on the Brazos at the Texaco. The food is outstanding!
  12. I'm sure Will will get back to you, but if you don't have a response by mid day monday, give me a call. He is crazy busy the week of a race so perhaps I can help with this situation.
  13. Aluminum foil! Brilliant!!!
  14. I'll be there running the GTS game as usual.
  15. I do not know of a DE organization that will fail a car for expired harnesses, nets or seats. As long as they are in good physical condition (no fraying, tearing, cracks, etc.) and function properly, they should be good for any DE group.
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