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  1. Super cool!! Excellent find, can’t wait to see it in action!
  2. Thanks to Jack and Austin for managing this event! Another good weekend with LOTS of track time and small run groups. My son learned a lot this weekend.
  3. Lotus killer for sure. ☹️ Why buy an Evora 400 for $85k when you can get almost 100hp more for $25k less?
  4. I'll be there instructing. Bringing my son with me,..it'll be his first DE. ? ?
  5. Hello all! Wanting to get some advice from the TJ's about attending this weekends F1 race for those who have been. Haven't been to a race before and wanted to see if buying General Admission tickets is fine for the first time experience or would bleacher seating be worth the price upgrade. Any advice on the best viewing areas would be appreciated as well. Also what would be recommended for parking?
  6. I'll be there, but probably in my DD (BMW 320i) as it will probably be faster in the wet than my Lotus which pretty much hydroplanes on the water.
  7. You guys are hilarious, LOL!!! No gators that I've heard of, but the mosquitoes/bugs are BAD as soon as the sun goes down. Best to bring insect repellent. On site security is present and frequently make their way around.
  8. Seriously, I frequent NOLA a lot and never have had a problem in the area. Uber should be fine to use to and from the airport as it does not go through any "bad" areas. But if you want to bring your G43, they do have a shooting range on site and you may actually hear gunshots in the distance.
  9. Looks like it's going to be HOT, HOT, HOT! If anybody needs to get out of the heat, I'll be in garage 2. Come by and say hi!
  10. Way cool!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product.
  11. (In)structing. Anyone have a garage spot available and willing to share?
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