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  1. @Ryan Schimsk My dad can beat up your dad!
  2. Holy shit! I guess I need to log back on and do gigabytes of updates!!!
  3. So, did you ever get any money back?
  4. Oh, I am able to do that. What I can't do is drink from a glass or can. If you can drink from a glass, or a can that isn't a Red Bull or Michelob can, I am amazed, and I applaud you.
  5. Oh man, if I didn't already know my pumpkin was much larger than yours, I would be ALL over this. This is a smoking deal. GLWS!
  6. Oh shit! BRB, listing my trailer for $6,000.
  7. There are so many apples to bowling balls comparisons here that I do not have time to sit down and tell you why you are wrong. Back to making money and not posting novels on internet forums.
  8. Also, what is to stop someone from shaving down a set of cheater 200tw tires? Is there going to have a tread depth requirement? Then, if there is a tread depth requirement, that makes costs go back up, as now I have to replace the tires before they're truly worn.
  9. So I get the whole "cost cutting" measures that are trying to be implemented, but here's my issue. Almost all "200tw" street tires are cheater tires these days, and are just as good as the RC1 or NT01, and also last just about as long (or short, really). We're also just splitting classes up more and more, to make for even less competition. Yet another point, what about the speed differential between the TT6 guys on street tires, vs the TTU or TT1 drivers on full on slicks. Just seems dangerous to me. All in all, to me it reminds me of the days of racing RC cars when we had a Sportsman, Ope
  10. 1. It's a Mustang. It's deserved. 2. Good luck. 3. It's been there for 3 years now. Send it.
  11. It looks like you still have holes left in the mounting bracket to be able to raise the seat up?
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