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  1. Seems like it was just Friday night after announcing all the major race series were going to be doing iRacing. Behaves much better on Sunday morning.
  2. iRacing is not doing well tonight. Not sure they have the technical chops to keep their servers up. Constant random technical issues in various areas of the app. As a cloud architect I would say they built this wrong. Looks like they used early 2000s software design principals or they just haven't invested in the the necessary capacity for the age of Covid-19. This is on top of the normal iRacing fails, like black flags for passing a car under yellow when said car is flying over you in the air.
  3. MoonieGT, sorry about the shaky video. It was my first time trying to use my phone for video. http://trackattackapp.com?raceid=547724af-62a7-497b-a543-346b9be7cfe7&lapid=ecb98286-e0a4-4d85-9ad4-60bedb74a80f This was my fastest lap and since we were pretty much in lock-step during this session it is probably one of yours as well. The laps were very consistent though. For reference, this lap was 1:30.885 and the next fastest was well within the margin of error of the GPS at 1:30.990. Paul
  4. I have to be honest, I wish you would get rid of your Exige so that people would stop telling me "Well, Rich is really fast and he drives an NA Exige too... "
  5. I did the one-day school with Dirt Fish. While I was there Dave Higgins was a guest instructor. If I had more time I would have done the three day class (as it was I was playing hooky from a training class for work). It would be an awesome vacation for sure and I plan to go back and do the three day sometime.
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