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  1. SOLD! Congratulations to the new owner who I know will love this car!
  2. Posting for a good friend. Please contact him for any info. Car was originally bought and registered in CA. Currently registered in TX. Email: [email protected] at the google mail service that you might know as g mail. Details: Ford 3.0 liter Duratec with twin turbos (450hp), Getrag six speed, Front and rear independent double arms with Koni coil overs, weighs in at 2500lbs. Car has been track prepped (only approx. 100 track miles) with the following: 1) Front tow hook has been installed,2) Tillet B5 composite seats made for the car and installed on sliders. These sea
  3. Yeah I was joking about being affordable. It is why I hope they offer non-member days. I have heard that this place was going to get started a few times, the email now seems to say funding is in place and dirt will move. Either way more tracks the better in my opinion!
  4. I received this today: "g2motorsportspark.com Just north of Dallas On 180 acres. All funding is in place — all city approvals In place -engineering being completed by Kimley Horn. Looks like this time next year we will be on track. - it’s taken a while but it’s come to fruition - anyone interested in early sign-ups can contact me direct at 214-679-8907. Track was designed originally by German Formula One engineering firm, Herman Tilke then completed by Bob Barnard, Motorsports services. This will be a first class Motorsports facility thanks Lou Gigliotti" Looks pre
  5. Can someone post the GPS location for the start/finish line? I know its in the latest file but its easier I think just for me to punch in the GPS numbers in the map I already have. The start/finish line is not yet in the Googlemaps pictures which is where I sometimes go to get GPS coordinates. I think it is strange that every race track doesn't have that info posted on their websites. Thanks in advance!
  6. Anyone tried it or know of a real-world review (vs paid or influencer review)? https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/690726#additional Apparently it speaks to you real-time and provides coaching to improve your laps. I am very curious but skeptical. Seems cool would love to know what someone in the know thinks about it. I've been a Smartycam/AiM user thus far.
  7. Edited, saved, fixed when displaying my profile! However, when you display the lap ... like a regular user... the car modifications are cut off.
  8. Using lap edit the config direction saved now, and so did the date. Car mods still cuts off. I will PM you my example.
  9. Sorry if this is known and already mentioned, I didn't read this whole thread. I put a few laps in today. Noticed the lap date did not keep (or doesn't display). Also the modification section.. must be small? I have hardly any mods but when displayed the text is cut off. Great work on the site!
  10. RUQWIKR - nope that Mark who is a buddy of mine. Got his car running so he got 3 out of 4 sessions (1st, 2nd, and 4th)!
  11. I was there 11/24/19 for four 15min HPDE sessions with TDE on the 2.7CCW - a lot to learn with this new config. Hint - Do not assume the corners that still look like the old config are 100% unchanged. ;) Wow, I love the track. Night and day difference from when I drove it last in 2012 when it was already falling apart. Back then they tried valiantly to patch it but concrete was coming up so bad in chunks that it would have totaled my car so I quit going. Now the track is glass smooth and beautiful again and I like the new config much better than the original one. Everyone needs to get out
  12. Badda-bing! The .gpk file did the trick! Thanks for hooking me up!
  13. Thanks! I tried it. The .MP file is not recognized by RS3 or GPS Mgr. I also renamed the extension to every option (.kml, .kmb, .gpk) and tried it. No go. ? Sry not sure what or if I am doing wrong. I was able to select map in RS2, and I see the shape. Not sure how to export to another format so I can read it to Smartycam. Normally I take my data, create a map (perhaps it creates more files), then I can import it to Smartycam. Maybe I just need sample data of a lap? I've searched internet for .mp files... doesn't really say what to do with them other than use with data to see where
  14. Anyone have a track map yet? My laptop batt died, it is now plug in only... so when/if I go Sunday I can't create a map after my first session for my Smartycam display. :(
  15. This. Finding time to review data and video is hard enough. I don't have time to do syncing also or fiddle with my cell phone overheating or flying out the window haha Racekeeper also seemed well sorted but was more $. This thread might also help with your decision. Check out the video's description and comments for some more insight. https://www.trackjunkies.org/topic/5666-aim-smartycam-original-and-hd-v21-review-and-compare/?view=findpost&p=91667
  16. Car: 2008 Lotus Exige-S 240 Track: MSRC 3.1 Weight with driver: ~2300lbs RWHP: 238 (ha, only if IAT <100degF) Tires: Hoosier R7 F: 205/45-16 R:225/45-17 Timer: AiM SOLO DL with Smartycam v2.1 Car Modifications: Wheels - F:16x7 R:17x8 Additional ~-1deg camber in front Ohlin coil overs with Lotus Cup car valving and springs BWR Sway bar Homemade front splitter (simply got tired of replacing factory one) Traction control off. No stability control available. ABS on. UPDATE: MSR-C 3.1 - Date: Decem
  17. Date: 2017 Car: 2008 Lotus Exige-S 240 Track: MSRC 1.7 CCW and CW Weight with driver: ~2300lbs RWHP: 238 (ha, only if IAT <100degF) Tires: Hoosier R7 F: 205/45-16 R:225/45-17 Timer: AiM SOLO DL with Smartycam v2.1 Car Modifications: Wheels - F:16x7 R:17x8 Additional ~-1deg camber in front Ohlin coil overs with Lotus Cup car valving and springs BWR Sway bar Homemade front splitter (simply got tired of replacing factory one) Traction control off. No stability control. ABS on. MSR-C 1.7 CC
  18. I was at the track last weekend and I got to test out a new (to me) idea. I installed a Micro Windjammer over the built in microphone. Perfect! I now have the full fidelity of the internal microphone without the loud wind noise.
  19. I was comparing videos from my old and new camera and was learning the differences between them. After a while I decided to write it up, hoping it might be helpful to others. -> https://www.trackjunkies.org/topic/5666-aim-smartycam-original-and-hd-v21-review-and-compare
  20. This video is to review the features of the Smartycam by highlighting some of the primary differences between the original and the newer 2.1 version. Hopefully this will help you decide on your purchase of a Smartycam or help with your decision of whether or not to upgrade from the Smartycam Original to v2.1. I did not touch on any included PC software differences between the two cameras, just the actual camera hardware. First is a display of example footage from each camera, followed by a list of pros and cons that I thought were important to know. I tried to keep the
  21. HDA you were #6 actually. ;) Thank you all for the interest! The camera is sold and was picked up tonight. Thank you also to Trackjunkies! Love the place and the folks here!
  22. Thanks Almighty you are #3 backup.
  23. Pending local sale with two back ups (saranar is #2). I checked PM and posting time stamps. I should know by Tuesday night if this works out or not. I will update this thread. Thanks all! Sorry Sarenar it would have been cool to give this to someone I know but a local person PMed me just after I posted the ad and I agreed to meet him already.
  24. I am selling my original Smartycam, and will include a 16GB memory card (instead of the 4GB card it came with). A 16GB card easily allows more than the sixteen 20+min sessions of video and data that I used to have when both my wife and I were at a weekend event. This Smartycam can be used totally independently. Just put it in your car and press record (or set it to start when it detects movement). Its own GPS antenna is included and the camera runs off its own rechargeable battery which lasts 3+hours of run time. The Smartycam has Auto turn off and on based on custom settings for movement
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